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Do Kenmore Refrigerators Have A Reset Button? (Explained)

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Last updated on November 6th, 2022 at 08:22 am

We use the refrigerator daily to keep food or snacks fresh and our drinks chill. Unfortunately, this frequent usage might cause the fridge to misbehave.

It might start having one issue or the other, and it’s natural to want a quick fix to the problem.

Kenmore Elite refrigerators generally don’t have reset buttons. However, there are buttons on different fridge positions that simulate resetting; the positions of these buttons differ from one Kenmore refrigerator to another. However, a model number provides an accurate answer in locating such controls for the Kenmore refrigerator model

Does the Kenmore Refrigerator Have a Reset Button?

Kenmore refrigerator reset buttons reside in different positions on the fridge. As a result, there isn’t a single button responsible for resetting the entire Kenmore refrigerator.

Therefore to reset, one has to use the alarm reset button. You do this by pressing it down for 3 seconds to deactivate the control lock.

Does the Kenmore Refrigerator Have a Reset Button

Then, push the up arrow key three times to display the number one setting. Keep doing so to select your chosen setting.

Where is the Reset Button on the Kenmore Refrigerator?

Your Kenmore refrigerator might be having some issues, which will leave you questioning where the reset button is.

You can find the reset buttons at different positions; also, it depends on the problem you’re facing with your refrigerator.

Below, we’ll look at the different situations where you can reset your Kenmore ice maker refrigerator.

#1. Resetting the thermostat.

There’s a good chance that the issue you have might bear its origin at the thermostat.

To reset the thermostat, you’ll have to unplug the refrigerator; the off switch acts as the thermostat’s reset button. 

Press the switch, and the thermostat will turn off. Plug the refrigerator back into the power supply after a minute, and your thermostat will be reset.

On some occasions, manufacturers will tag the reset button as the refrigerator control reset button.

#2. Resetting the water filter.

In this instance, it might be that the water in the water filter needs replacing. The water filter indicator light glows when the system needs freshwater for the filter.

You can refer to the Kenmore refrigerator reset button as “water filter” for the water filter. Hold down this button for 3 seconds to reset the water filter.

#3. Resetting the air filter.

The Kenmore elite refrigerators carry unique designs that require frequent replacement of the air filters to enable clean air to run through the fridge.

The Kenmore reset button for the air filter is tagged as “air filter.” Like above, press and hold for about 3 seconds to reset the air filter of your Kenmore refrigerator.

How do You Put a Kenmore Refrigerator in Diagnostic Mode?

Are you having trouble diagnosing the cause of your refrigerator’s issue? Well, if you are, here is a simple way to enter diagnostic mode.

To put the refrigerator in diagnostic mode, press the lock button for about 3 seconds.

Next, push and hold down the refrigerator and freezer buttons while pressing the Acela Ice button five times.

On the digital display, the number of minutes is the operating time of the refrigerator.

 Kenmore Refrigerator in Diagnostic Mode

Next, push the freezer button six times to pass through temperature checks by the sensor.

The display will now read the time remaining for replacing the water filter.

Finally, push the freezer button again to check for any error codes.

If an error code displays, pen it down somewhere and press the button for any subsequent error codes.

The operating time will display after you view the last error code. Finally, push down the lock button to close the diagnostic mode.

Next, please search for the error codes and their corresponding repairs, then apply respectively.

Error code descriptions help troubleshoot a problem with your Kenmore refrigerator. Some of the codes and their corresponding repairs are mentioned below.

#1. F1 Lo or F1 Hi

This means freezer compartment temperature sensor failure.


Disconnect the refrigerator and check for damage in the freezer temperature sensor cabling connected to the control board.

Fix any wires that may be broken. Then, using the freezer temperature sensor circuit from the control board, you can take note of the resistance. 

If the resistance of the freezer temperature sensor circuit isn’t between 1,000 and 40 000 ohms, change it. 

#2. R1 Lo or r1 Hi

This means the refrigerator compartment temperature sensor failure.


Disconnect the refrigerator and check any damage to the refrigerator temperature sensor wire connected to the control board.

Fix wires that may incur damage. You can measure the resistance using the temperature sensor circuit from the control board. 

If the resistance doesn’t fall between 8,000 and 40 000 ohms, you should change the refrigerator temperature sensor.

#3. ES

This signals dispenser failure.


Consult the display panel. If there’s an indicator light moving through the water, cubed ice, crushed ice selections, then the water/ice button is jammed.

Push down the water/ice button to lose the jammed button in several spots. When it doesn’t get free, change the user interface.

How do I Reset my Kenmore Refrigerator?

Resetting your Kenmore refrigerator with a single button is not possible, although there’s an alternative process to achieve resetting.

Hold down the Home and Ultra Ice buttons at the same time. Then, press them down for about five seconds to turn off the controls.

Then, unplug the refrigerator from the power supply for about a minute, then plug it back again. 

This procedure will help reset the refrigerator’s control board.

You might also be experiencing malfunctioning timer cycles, and this issue is easily solved by resetting your Kenmore refrigerator compressor.

Let’s take a look at the process below.

#1. Unplugging your refrigerator.

You should remove the refrigerator from its power source. This might create whooshing or clicking noises, but this is no cause for alarm.

Instead, ensure that the fridge remains disconnected for several minutes, or the reset won’t work.

#2. You should turn off the refrigerator and freezer from the control panel.

After disconnecting the refrigerator, switch off the freezer and fridge using the control panel within the fridge.

To achieve this, you have to set the controls to “zero” or turn them off completely. After you complete this, connect the refrigerator to the power supply.

#3. Reset your fridge and freezer temperature.

In this step, you’ll reset your freezer and fridge controls. Furthermore, these controls differ as there are different models and makes.

However, specialists commend maintaining a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If your refrigerator and freezer use settings 1 – 10, the corresponding number is usually around level 4 or 5.

#4. Wait for the refrigerator to become stable.

The least amount of time is allotted to waiting for the refrigerator temperature to stabilize a whole day.

It is always preferable to let this period of twenty-four hours pass.


Kenmore refrigerators do not have reset buttons, although there are various ways to reset different functions in the fridge.

Also, Kenmore refrigerators have buttons on various refrigerator locations that can mimic resetting. 

However, the sites of these buttons depend on the make and model of the fridge.

Well, you can reset your Kenmore refrigerator control board by pressing down the Home and Ultra ice buttons for five seconds.

You can later unplug for a minute before reconnecting.

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