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Do Kenmore Refrigerators Have Wheels? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

It’s not always an easy task to move heavy home appliances such as the refrigerator; it’s not always an easy task.

Also, when you plan to get a new refrigerator, you go for the ones with features that will make life easy.

However, some refrigerators have wheels to ease maneuvering while some don’t have wheels; maintaining a wheel-less fridge won’t be easy.

Do Kenmore refrigerators come with these wheels?.

Kenmore refrigerators usually come with four wheels at the bottom. However, not all Kenmore fridges have four wheels, especially a few old model fridges. Nevertheless, the new models have them.

Do Kenmore Fridges Have Wheels?

Kenmore refrigerators have wheels located at the bottom of the fridge; most, if not all,  have four wheels.

These days, all new models come with this feature and other cool features for customer satisfaction. 

Some of these Kenmore refrigerator wheels are not visible as you expect them to be when you see one.

But of course, they are usually there, behind the grille, sometimes the wheels are locked to avoid rolling.

Do Kenmore Fridges Have Wheels

For refrigerators to have wheels, you must also consider the size.

Most bigger refrigerators come with wheels because of their size and ease of movement.

Notwithstanding, if your Kenmore fridge has no wheel, you can buy rollers to help you move it. 

How Do You Unlock Wheels on Kenmore Refrigerator?

You can unlock the wheels on the Kenmore refrigerator without necessarily using the aid of an expert.

If the wheels are locked,  you just need to loosen the screw holding the wheels tight.

The wheels are mostly locked when you buy a new Kenmore refrigerator, whether side to side door refrigerator or top-mount refrigerator.

You should do this to keep the fridge stationed and not roll away.

To unlock your wheels on Kenmore, you can follow the simple steps below;

#1. Remove the grille at the base.

There is a panel at the bottom of the refrigerator you need to remove.

Screens hold some of these. And you have to remove the screws with your screwdriver. Then, to open the grill, pull open it towards you.

#2. Unlock the wheels by adjusting the leveling legs.

Before adjusting, place a wooden board to protect the body of the refrigerator.

Use your screwdriver or wrench on your refrigerator to turn the screw clockwise.

Also, the only fridge wheel that you can unlock is those with leveling legs and rollers.

You can not unlock some refrigerators because they have non-adjustable wheels.

Contrarily, the Kenmore brand has a lot of different refrigerator models, so it’s ideal for checking your user manual to know where the wheels are locked.

In addition, the manual will help you see if you can adjust the refrigerator wheel rollers or not.

How Do You Adjust the Wheels on a Kenmore Refrigerator?

Before you adjust your fridge, I will always recommend using your user manual as a primary guide.

In other words, the guide contains the model of your fridge and its parts to help you.

For example, it will help you know whether screws hold your grille and know the position of the adjustable screw. 

To adjust the wheels on a Kenmore refrigerator, you have to locate the lower panel/grille to see the adjustable screw.

But, to avoid any household accidents, make sure to unplug the refrigerator from the power outlet/ circuit breaker. 

You can just raise some refrigerators without the grille slightly to adjust.

Adjusting a Kenmore fridge, you will need some simple tools to adjust easily. They are;

  • A screwdriver (flat panel).
  • Pry bar. 
  • A wooden board.

 To adjust the wheels on a Kenmore refrigerator, you can follow the simple steps below.

  • Firstly, to locate the adjustable screw in the front wheels, open the fridge’s door to access the lower panel on the bottom side.
  • Use your two hands to pull the panel towards you. Do this gently to avoid forcefully opening it.
  • You will see the screws on both sides holding the wheels when the panel is out.
  • Now, place the wooden board on the floor, under the open panel area.
  • The adjustable screw is different from other screws there, so you locate it; it’s always the big one.
  • To adjust the wheel, you have to take the wheel’s weight to have a successful adjustment. So, you will use the pry bar to raise the fridge.
  • After that, turn the screw to your desired level while using the pry bar to lift the fridge slightly.
  • Repeat the same process for the other front side.

Most fridges’ back wheels are not adjustable, which makes the front sides the areas to be adjusted.

As earlier said, the user’s manual should guide you to modify some fridges, and you screw it clockwise.

Likewise, others are anti-clockwise. You can figure out the right direction by knowing the model which is in the manual.

If you can’t get a pry bar or don’t have it at home, you can use a second person.

The main purpose of using the pry bar is to take the weight off the wheel to adjust the wheel easily.

Similarly, a second person can help you tilt the fridge backward slightly to avoid stressing yourself.

How Do You Adjust the Rear Wheels on a Kenmore Refrigerator?

Kenmore refrigerators, like other refrigerators, can only be adjusted at the front wheels.

Most rear wheels are free and non-adjustable; you can only use a leveler to stop it from moving.

You can buy wpw sold individually to level the back of the fridge, 

You can get the Wpw leveler from stores according to the one that fits your refrigerator’s model.

Rear Wheels

These wheel adjustments aim to make the refrigerator maintain its position or make the wheels movable.

So if you are not moving the fridge to another place, you can adjust it by using the leveler.

Do Refrigerators Need to Be Level to Work Properly?

Yes, you need to level your refrigerators properly for them to work properly.

Although this doesn’t mean that the fridge won’t work like it is supposed to.

However, with time, if they are not level enough, it will start developing some issues that will affect the fridge’s working.

When your fridge is not level, regularly pushing/pulling the freezers and drawers affects the refrigerator’s working.

Also, periodically opening your French door refrigerator to access your favorite snacks and drinks can distort its balance.

Such an unstable refrigerator is a step to a major problem like difficulty creating ice.

Your refrigerator needs to be level to work properly and avoid waste of energy.

When it is not well level, the door is not properly closed, problems such as cooling and moisture issues will start developing.

On the other hand, it is general knowledge that your stuff won’t get cold as usual when a refrigerator is open.

 A more technical reason is that the freezer frost maker will malfunction when it is not level.

Also, the defrost system will fail to drain properly. If tilted wrongly, the water that is meant to pool in the drain pan stops at the pipe.

Again, this affects the performance of the refrigerator.


While looking for a refrigerator that has adjustable wheels and a good leveling system, the Kenmore refrigerator got you covered.

It should be well level to enable your fridge to last longer. Also, you don’t have to level it perfectly, and the front should be slightly higher than the rear wheels.

This allows the doors to close easily without forcing it.


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