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Does Kenmore Still Make Appliances? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

For decades, Kenmore has been in the spotlight for the production of appliances.

With the new names surfacing and the high competition, people are beginning to ask if Kenmore is still making appliances.

Yes! Kenmore still makes appliances and it is also in good shape just as it has been for years. Kenmore is a label of different brands in production companies. So, despite the common misconception, it isn’t into the production of any sort.

Does Kenmore Still Make Refrigerators?

Kenmore still makes different models and sizes of refrigerators, and it is recognized as the best brand in that line.

For over 100 years, it has been on the top of its game in making quality refrigerators.

And, it doesn’t seem to be dropping a bit with the quality of its delivery. 

The 20th century ushered in the technology that greatly improved refrigerators. This was the boost for Kenmore to keep going and improve their brand.

Refrigerators can now make your food cool within a short period; unfortunately, Kenmore is still working on a way to rebrand their products to keep getting better.

Refrigerators were the first household appliance to be manufactured with the seal of Kenmore.

But before then, this seal was seen on sewing machines which date back to 1913.  

Does Kenmore Still Make Washing Machines?

Yes! Kenmore still makes washing machines that are on sale all over the world. It is even making an improved brand that does the laundry faster and better.

Besides, Kenmore will not stop making washing machines as long as the demand stays high.

The initial washing machine made by the Kenmore brand could do laundry within three to seven minutes.

Washing Machine

Since then, it has experienced numerous improvements in its functioning. Since Kenmore decided to continue making appliances.

The modern-day Kenmore washing machine carries out its function faster. And, it is more efficient and reliable which increases the market demand for this product.

Does Kenmore Still Make Microwaves?

Despite not being a manufacturing company, Kenmore still makes microwaves. The compatibility of a Kenmore microwave is equal to none.

It can fit in any size of the kitchen, therefore, conserving space for other appliances in the kitchen. So, it is not a big deal for Kenmore to still make microwaves.

Kenmore has made it easy to move microwaves around the kitchen. And it is made in such a way that it has enough space to contain meals meant for an entire family.

With all of these improvements, the cooking speed is also top-notch. So you have to plug it in and allow it to carry out its work with ease.

It was not part of the plan-making microwave, but Kenmore had no other choice.

This is because the brands involved in the manufacturing of its appliances wanted to make microwaves.

So, since Kenmore is famously known for making household gadgets, it decided to add this to its collection. 

Since Kenmore added microwaves to the list of Kenmore appliances, their market value has risen tremendously.

More so, a microwave is a major piece of kitchen equipment. Hence, it has to be among the collection of kitchen appliances.

Does Kenmore still make Washers and Dryers?

Kenmore still makes washers and dryers. However, different brands handle these tasks based on whether it is a joint or a single washer and dryer.

Some brands manufacture only the dryers and vice versa. Notwithstanding, Kenmore is still making good washers and dryers for consumers.

Washers and dryers may not be on the top list of appliances made by Kenmore.

But, it is quite handy and very affordable, hence the choice of consumers.

Washers and Dryers

Some brands only make a single unit, either a washer or a dryer. Then few companies make both washers and dryers as one.

This is as a result of the low demand for the appliance and the purchase of just a single unit. 

It is not too encouraging for Kenmore to continue with the production but it does anyways. 

The companies are mostly concerned with the profit amassed from the sale of these products.

And, some use it as an avenue to market their appliances. For Kenmore to ensure a smooth relationship with its manufacturer, it has to continue making washers and dryers.

Who Makes Kenmore Appliances?

Kenmore might seem to be a single entity, but it has different manufacturing companies under it. These companies are saddled with the task of making appliances

For more clarity, Kenmore is not a manufacturing or production company.

It is just a label or badge and you will get to know who makes these products as you read further.

The companies responsible for making Kenmore appliances are;

  • Whirlpool
  • Electrolux
  • LG 
  • Frigidaire

These are the four major companies in charge of making Kenmore appliances. 

There are also some subsidiary companies like General Electric and Cleva that make a bit of Kenmore products.

They only make ranges, Cooktops, and vacuum cleaners. I know that some people are already saying “what about Sears”. 

I won’t be in any way surprised at that because Sears is a notable name when talking about Kenmore.

It has been the longest partner of Kenmore label and should take part in the production of appliances.

But Sears is a retail store that sells the products and it also plays an important role in warranty. 

Most importantly, Kenmore is a private label of Sears.

The fact that the above-listed companies make Kenmore appliances, does not mean one of them will manufacture all the products.

Each has specific appliances they manufacture and I will discuss that in detail. 

This specification can also be according to the quality of the appliances as some companies are top rated

#1. Whirlpool

This company is only concerned with making washing machines, dishwashers Kenmore, Vacuum Cleaners, and a particular refrigerator design. 

On the splitting rumors between Whirlpool and Sears, Christine Sherman, the senior manager of global media and public relations of Whirlpool said “We will continue to make Kenmore-brand appliances for Sears”. 

Also, it has been confirmed that it is the highest retailer of Whirlpool products.

They have sold over 162 models, which is much compared to other retailers.

#2. Electrolux

Electrolux makes high-quality refrigerators for Kenmore. And it will also interest you to know that it is a parent company to Frigidaire and Kenmore. 

That is why they make top-quality refrigerators. Since it only focuses on making refrigerators, their output is always one of a kind.

#3. LG

This is the top-rated manufacturing brand of Kenmore appliances. This makes the elite line production which consists of the best quality of Kenmore products.

The best quality refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and dryers are made by LG. And it is the company trusted with Kenmore air conditioning. 

Asides from the high-quality output of the Kenmore Elite line, it’s also the brand responsible for mouthwatering designs of appliances. 

#4. Frigidaire

As a subsidiary of Electrolux, it makes some low-end refrigerators and freezers. In addition, it’s’s into the manufacturing of kitchen appliances like Microwaves, Cooktops, and Ovens. 

The low-end used does not mean bad quality products. Rather, it is to distinguish from the appliances manufactured by advanced brands.

How Do You Know Who Made Kenmore Appliances?

You can know the manufacturer of Kenmore appliances by looking at the tag that came with it. Despite having a Kenmore badge, the production company marks the appliance.

This is the way you can tell a company’s product apart from another company.

We should always seek to find out and know the particular brand and company that manufactured the appliance you are using.

Some of these appliances have the name of the company written on them and this is mostly seen in LG. 

Others only have the badge of their brand on them. But is it enough to know just the brand? No, it isn’t.

The trick is that some of these companies partner with Kenmore because of its recognition.

And, as already mentioned, most people never knew Kenmore is not a manufacturing company.

That is the height the name has gone and other companies hide under their shadow to market their brands.

With the rate of partnering, corporate divisions, and different production companies we have, it has become difficult to differentiate. 

Most of Kenmore’s appliances are supplied to retailers like Sears and K-mart. However, it is now available online at Amazon. 

So, telling whether it’s Whirlpool or Frigidaire that supplied these appliances is normally an issue.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure it out now.

For more details to know who made what, follow these steps.

  • The first thing to do is by checking for the tag that came on the appliance. It is mostly found on the door or somewhere around the cabinet. 
  • There is a number that is engraved on the tag. The first four (4) numbers that are mostly separated from the rest by either a dot, space, or letter C is the company’s model number.

Some companies like Whirlpool and Frigidaire only have three (3) model numbers.

These numbers are not specific and vary according to appliances and time. So, you can’t always tag a particular model number to a product.


The first thing you should know about Kenmore is the fact that it is not a manufacturing company. Rather, it’s a label of Sears. 

However, Kenmore is still “making” appliances, but, under different companies like Whirlpool, Electrolux, LG, Frigidaire, e.t.c. 


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