Kenwood Dishwasher Error Codes E1/ E3/ E4/ F1/ F2/ F5/ F7/ F9/ FF

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Kenwood Dishwashers have high-end technologies, such as auto-wash routines, that regulate the cycle’s temperature and length of time to the dirt on the dishes. 

There is a plethora of both standalone and built-in alternatives. They are up-to-date, fashionable, and ideal for homes with several occupants and a lot of activity.

However, there is always a chance of encountering technical difficulties/ errors. Therefore, even if you cannot solve the issue alone, it is still helpful to have an idea.

Error codes are not random; they come about as a result of one or more underlying circumstances. Various issues, including opening doors, empty detergent dispensers, and drained pipes, can cause these error codes. For example, if your Kenwood dishwasher suddenly stops operating, you must examine the error code to see where things go wrong.

This article will familiarize you with a few error codes you could experience and how to fix them.

What Do Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes E1/ E3/ E4/ F1/ F2/ F5/ F7/ F9/ FF Mean?

Kenwood Dishwasher Error Codes E1/ E3/ E4/ F1/ F2/ F5/ F7/ F9/ FF

Error codes for Kenwood dishwashers are generalized fault codes that point to the specific location of the issue.

Take a look at the following, which are the most popular codes:

#1. Error Code E1

This sign indicates the water tap has been turned off since the position indicated by this sign is off.

Either the flow meter is damaged beyond repair, or the connection terminals to the wire ends have become unattached.

Alternatively, the water pressure needs to be higher. To determine what is causing the problem, a skilled engineer will turn off the main water supply and any water inlets.

#2. Error Code E3

If the error number E3 is shown (on specific models, it may be E6 or E7 instead), this almost always indicates that either the temperature control system or the heating element is faulty.

Weak or damaged wire terminal connections are a common cause of electrical difficulties that can be easily fixed by a trained professional.

#3. Error Code E4

The E4 error number on a Kenwood dishwasher is the flood code, which indicates that water has been stuck in one area and is about to overflow into other areas.

Any water that escapes inside the machine will eventually make its way down beneath the wash zone and into the machine elements.

Error E4 occurs when a sensor detects water in that area, and the machine is subsequently forced to empty.

It is necessary to switch off the electricity, and you must empty any water accumulated above its capacity.

If you have a persistent issue, contact an expert to investigate and fix the cause, which might be anything from a leaky tank or line to a malfunctioning drain pump or a defective float switch.

#4. Error Code F1

The problem may be an overflowing catch basin at the structure’s base. 

There are several causes of flooding, including leakages brought on by broken door seals and hoses that have become clogged.

Additionally, you need to check the electrical components for any signs of dampness.

#5. Error Code F2

Error code F2 indicates an obstruction, most likely in the pipe or the pump. Assemble your gear, and then begin diagnosing the problem with the device. First, examine the water in the device’s sump.

If there are no apparent obstructions, you should concentrate on the filter instead. Be sure to notice the drain pipe.

#6. Error Code F5

Error code F5 indicates that the device’s spray arms are broken or clogged with debris. If your dishwashing spray arms are broken, you won’t get a good enough clean.

#7. Error Code F7

Below are a few issues that the error code F7 can depict.

  • Your device is suffering from a malfunctioning heat sensor.
  •  An improperly functioning control board
  •  wiring that is either loose or corroded.
  • A scorching temperature throughout the cycle of washing

#8. Error Codes F9

Depending on the specifics of the mistake, it may indicate a problem with the flow meter’s controller or sensors.

#9. Error Codes FF

Below are a few issues that the error code FF can depict.

  • Blocked filter
  • Faulty sewage removal pump
  • Defective drain pump impeller
  • Drainage pipe with an improper configuration
  • Flow restriction in the hose
  • The plug that connects the drain and trash disposal is in place.

Other Issues Relating to the Mechanical Components

Below are other issues that can happen to your Kenwood dishwasher:

#1. Inoperable Dishwasher

One of the potential reasons may be a problem with the door’s latching mechanism, which would need the assistance of a carpenter. 

Another possibility is that there is an issue with the primary power connection or the power supply, which would call for the assistance of an electrician.

#2. Noisy Wash Cabinet 

This noise indicates that one spray arm is contacting an item in the basket. Therefore, its spray arms need to reset to stop this from happening.

It’s also possible that the dishwasher’s spray arm mounts are worn out or have become dislodged, which causes the arm to wobble excessively and grab on the basket.

#3. Dishwasher Circuits that Malfunction

The control panel may be broken, which explains these signs. And will need the inspection of a professional engineer.

There may be an issue with the dishwasher’s timer if it’s hushed.

#4. Plumbing Issues

These factors might lead to the accumulation of unclean water in the waste pipe. Additionally, this may result in an unpleasant odor coming from your dishwasher.

The sink’s waste piping must be raised as high as feasible and secured for maximum efficiency and safety.

Additionally, the air gap that is supposed to prevent backflow should be in check since it may need to be changed.

Drainage issues may also result in unpleasant odors, and your pipes may need to be flushed. Potential maintenance tasks include cleaning or replacing filters and door seals.

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher? Error Code E1?

There is a simple remedy for some of these issues, such as stacking the dishes incorrectly or using excessive amounts of the wrong detergent. 

However, you must contact a professional appliance repair agency for most of these issues. First, try the following troubleshooting procedures. 

They’ll help you determine if there is anything more you can do to remedy the issue with your dishwasher before you seek professional assistance.

Below are the steps.

  • Check that the faucet is open all the way.
  • It would be best if you replaced a defective control board.
  • You should replace a malfunctioning pressure switch.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of the supply line, and smooth out any kinks you find.
  • It is necessary to clear any obstructions from the drain pipe.
  • Pipes and hoses that are leaking require replacing.
  • Replace a faulty impeller

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher? Error Code E3?

Below are recommended ways and steps to fix your Kenwood dishwasher when depicting error code E3

  • The temperature sensor should either be cleaned or replaced.
  • Fix the faulty heating element
  • Changing out a malfunctioning safety thermostat
  • Replace damaged wires
  • Tighten up the loose ends.
  • Check that the pressure switch is working correctly. The component requires repair if it does not make a clicking sound.
  • Get a substitute.

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher? Error Code E4?

When you get the error code E4, you should immediately become alarmed since it indicates that the dishwasher is flooding.

You can find the answer in a relatively straightforward manner. First, unplug the dishwasher from its power supply, then tip it backward at 45 degrees so the water may drain.

Check the appliance’s drain pipe for any obstructions or blockages. In addition to that, you should look for broken seals. 

Finally, only reattach the dishwasher once you have thoroughly dried the appliance.

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher? Error Code F1?

Only go forward once you’ve turned off the appliance. If it is hardwired, you will need to turn off the power at the circuit breaker before reaching the lower tray and emptying it of water.

Turn the tray over by a quarter of a turn. Wait to replace it until this tray has reached the appropriate dryness level.

Restore the electricity and wait for a few minutes. If this error code continues to appear, moisture is likely present in the electrical device’s components.

Find the cause of the leakage if this error code disappears and reappears after being fixed. Repair any door seals or hoses that have any damages. Otherwise, there will be no end to the leaks.

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher? Error Code F2?

Below are recommended ways and steps to fix your Kenwood dishwasher when depicting error code F2

  • Make sure the drain pipe is transparent. If there are any obstacles, they need to be removed.
  • Check your dishwasher’s drain pipe for tangles, and remove any that you find.
  • Examine the filter to see if it has any obstructions. Then, you can decide to clean the filter or replace it, depending on what you see.
  • Remove any obstructions that are in the dishwasher’s sump.
  • To set the dishwasher, turn off the appliance, unplug it, and then wait some minutes before reconnecting it.

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher? Error Code F5?

You should turn the power off before examining its spray arms to identify any obstructions. If you do not remove the device’s spray arms, it will be hard to discover some obstructions.

If you do not possess the necessary knowledge or expertise, you should consult a professional to examine and replace any bearing rings that may be worn out.

Also, check the pipe that leads to the drain. You could trigger the F5 error if the drain pipe becomes clogged.

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher? Error Code F7?

Either the sensor needs repair, or the dishwasher operates at an unsafe temperature. You would have to call a professional

Professionals have the capability of repairing or replacing both the control board and the sensor.

The handyman can also locate and repair a wire that has any damages. This presumes that the problem lies in the wiring.

However, is there a supply of cold water available? If you connected this gadget, the technician should examine it. You likely made a faulty installation. 

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher? Error Code F9?

Below are recommended ways and steps to fix your Kenwood dishwasher when depicting error code F9

  • Check the appliance’s spray arms for damage. It is vital to clean them when required.
  • Examine the drain pipe as well as the pump. If they require cleaning, do so.
  • Instruct a handyman to check for and repair malfunctioning controllers or sensors.

How Do I Fix the Kenwood Dishwasher Error Code FF?

Below are recommended ways and steps to fix your Kenwood dishwasher when depicting error code FF

  • Replace a malfunctioning drain pump
  • It requires that you either clean the filter or replace it.
  • Take out the plug and connect it to the node between the trash disposal and the drain.
  • The hose should be cleaned or replaced.

Kenwood KVWA146SL Washer Error Codes

Error CodeCauseSolution
E1Improperly shut doorThe door should be shut properly
E2The water level in the machine is below the heaterEnsure the water supply is in check.
E3Clogged pump filterThe pump filter must be clean

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