Kitchen Scale Battery Size? (Everything You Must Know)

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Every household needs a kitchen scale. Measuring ingredients during cooking can determine a dish’s outcome and its taste.

Digital kitchen scales are the latest scale used by chefs and cooks. It is quite efficient in showing the measurement of each ingredient which is essential for various dishes. 

In addition to precision, using a kitchen scale helps prevent repeatability. The types of kitchen scales include balance, digital and mechanical.

These are all accurate kitchen scales, but digital scales are most preferred

The preferred Kitchen Scale Battery size is the CR2032, 3V lithium batteries, and AAA 1.5V sizes – these batteries are coin-cells or lithium buttons. Also, kitchen scale batteries are manufactured by several different brands, so you’ll have to choose one based on your preference.

Digital Kitchen Scale Battery Size

Duracell CR2032 3V Lithium Battery, Bitter Coating Discourages Swallowing, 6 Count Pack, Lithium Coin Battery for Key Fob, Car Remote, Glucose Monitor, CR Lithium 3 Volt Cell

Digital kitchen scales use CR2032 3V/2V lithium batteries, CR2025, CR123, and AAA 1.5V battery sizes.

Many of these modern scales require a battery to function, and most of them use coin cell batteries.

However, the coin cell design is hard to find in the general market, so you must order the battery online to use it.

Several battery brands like Panasonic, Duracell, and ArcEin will provide you with the perfect battery for your digital scale.

Consequently, there are plenty of designs and brands of digital kitchen scales in the market. The Starfrit kitchen scale and Mainstays food scale are good examples

StarFrit Kitchen Scale Battery Size

Starfrit 093765-006-0000 Electronic Kitchen Scale, Silver

StarFrit Kitchen Scale is a digital scale, and it also uses the AAA 1.5V and CR2032 2V lithium battery size. The scale is efficient with its compact size and zero tare function.

It’s a standard digital kitchen scale that you can use to measure its precise functioning. 

Batteries are mostly included in the Starfrit kitchen scale pack since they won’t work.

The scale can convert your measurements automatically, measure weights and volumes, and show overload indicators.

The batteries are usually available in any stores selling watches or look for online batteries stores like Duracell.

Mainstays Food Scale Battery Size

MAINSTAYS Digital Glass Scale, Digital Kitchen Food Scale 11lb/5kg Electronic Cooking Scale, RED BALANZA DIGITAL DE VIDRIO

Mainstays Food Scale is a light-weighted digital scale that uses the CR2032 3V lithium battery size. The scale is everything you want in a digital kitchen scale; precision, accuracy, and efficiency.

Mainstays Food Scale has a stylish design that attracts kitchen owners and its amazing features.

Aside from its add and weigh feature, this food scale has an LCD, making it easy to see.

The batteries come with the pack, and you can visit any online store like Pansonic to purchase a replacement.

Nonetheless, these batteries are long-lasting, so you would not have to constantly worry about replacement.

Bottom Line

There are three types of kitchen scales; mechanical, balance, and digital. These types have their specified functions, with the digital kitchen scale being the latest and most precise.

Kitchen scales use a battery, and their sizes are always of the AAA 1.5V battery and the CR2032 3V or 2V lithium battery. You can buy the digital kitchen scale’s battery sizes online or at watch stores. 

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