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LG Bottom Freezer Ice Maker Not Working? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Life’s Good, popularly tagged ‘LG,’ has made life much more incredible with their Craft Ice® technology.

This solution which is now incorporated in many LG refrigerators and freezers, is a unique refrigerator ice maker technology. 

Once the bottom freezer refrigerator ice-maker is switched on, it typically takes about 18 to 30 hours to produce the first batch of ice.

In contrast, subsequent ones take considerably less ice maker dispensing time. 

The LG bottom freezer ice maker in your bottom freezer refrigerator might not be working due to some non-technical factors. Firstly, you might have switched it off, or you might have placed the ice maker’s dispensing tray incorrectly. Otherwise, a technical fault has occurred, e.g., a faulty water inlet valve.

Why is My LG Bottom Freezer not Making ice?

you could ascribe tons of reasons to this bottom freezer refrigerator ice-maker malfunction.

However, from several reviews of customer complaints and the eventual solutions to the ice maker dispensing problem, you can safely conclude that the chief causes of LG bottom freezer and refrigerator ice maker malfunction are:

  • The unsteady temperature in the ice maker compartment (probably due to unstable electric currents or constant opening by owners to monitor the ice making process.
  • A leaking/faulty or blocked water inlet valve
  • A faulty ice maker
  • A faulty control board 
  • Faulty fans in the bottom freezer refrigerator ice-maker section
  • The refrigerator ice maker is not filling with water
  • Damaged ice maker fan

The list could go on and on! Now, let us take a sneak peek at the significant causes of failure in the bottom freezer refrigerator ice maker’s optimal functioning.

#1. Ice Maker Compartment is Switched off

As long as there is no electric power supply to the ice maker compartment, excellent can ever be produced by the bottom freezer refrigerator.

Thus, it is essential to first examine the power switch of the ice maker compartment before trying any other method of fixing this place.

Then, ensure it is switched on and given some time.

#2. Leaking / Faulty Water Inlet Valve 

There are usually two water inlet valves on LG bottom freezer refrigerators.

They are the main valve (usually found at the back of the refrigerating compartment) and the secondary valve (which mainly serves the ice maker).

The secondary valve is typically strapped to the left door of the bottom freezer refrigerator. 

#3. The Control Board has Failed

The control board is the central coordinating system.

Thus, if the control board fails to send power to the ice maker compartment or some of the relays on the control fail to correctly deliver electronically coded messages to appropriate centers in the ice maker, the bottom freezer refrigerator would not produce ice.

Once there is a problem with the proper filling of the ice maker dispensing tray, there is going to be a problem with the ice-making process.

Therefore, to ascertain the appropriate functioning of the ice maker in terms of adequate water supply, it is expedient to examine both the primary and secondary valves.

However, secondary valves have been established to be of significant importance to bottom freezer refrigerators’ ice maker dispensing function.

#4. Faulty Water Hose

The water hose supplies water to the valves highlighted above. Once the water hose’s normal functioning is compromised, there would be a significant drop in the amount of water provided to the water inlet valves.

This, in turn, affects the amount of water in the ice maker dispensing compartment, resulting in low or no ice yield.

#4. Faulty Fan in the Ice Maker Section

This fan is responsible for blowing cold air into the water contained in the ice maker dispensing tray.

The machine would not produce ice once the temperature within this compartment is higher than -53.6°F; it would not make ice.

Hence, the fan is essential to the ice-making process.

At this juncture, however, we need to point out various diagnostic tests by which you could ascertain the exact reason for your LG bottom freezer refrigerator not producing ice.

This specific identification of the root cause of the bottom freezer refrigerator’s ice maker dispensing problem would go a long way in expediting the provision of an adequate solution to this problem.

To be confident of why your LG bottom freezer is not making ice, it is advised that you troubleshoot using the ice maker test mode.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. First, pull the ice maker compartment out via its handle. Next, remove the ice bucket from the ice maker dispensing chamber.
  2. Press the power button and ensure the bottom freezer refrigerator is on and working.
  3. Very close to the power button, you would see another switch. That is the button that launches the test mode. Press the button (if you are unable to find this test button at the described location, consult your LG refrigerator’s user manual for adequate direction).
  4. Place a towel or other absorbent clothing in the ice maker dispensing compartment. This is to absorb water or ice that may fall off during the test.
  5. Press on and hold the test button for about three seconds. Then, the ice maker should start rolling.
  6. If the ice maker dispensing test fails to run, then it is most likely that the ice maker motor has failed. For the ice maker to work, you must replace the engine.

Note: You can only run this test once in two hours. 

How Do I Reset My LG Bottom Freezer Ice Maker?

To reset the ice maker, unplug your LG bottom freezer ice maker from the main supply or turn the breaker off for a minimum of 30 seconds.

This would restore the bottom freezer and its ice maker to the default setting.

Where is the Test Button on LG Ice Maker?

It depends on the model. For some models, it is located very close to the power button, while in some other models, the test button is in a tiny hole at the left side of the ice maker.

How Long Does it Take for an LG Freezer to Make Ice?

Typically it takes about 18 to 30 hours from the start time of the bottom freezer refrigerator. 

For the full functioning of the ice maker component, you must not continually open and close the ice maker dispensing unit.

Every time you open the unit while the ice-making process is going on, there would be a sharp decrease in temperature, which is usually not friendly to the process.

The drop in temperature increases the time to make ice and makes the compressor and fans of the bottom freezer refrigerator work harder than usual.

Therefore, it is advised that you leave the ice maker compartment to work efficiently. Avoid doting on the unit.

However, after about 30 hours, no ice is produced, despite the availability of continuous electric supply with the ice maker compartment properly on and the ice-making trays adequately filled with water.

Then, you need to examine other parts of the bottom freezer refrigerator, just as has been pointed out earlier, to ascertain the root cause of this malfunction.


An LG bottom freezer refrigerator ice maker refrigerator fails to produce ice when the water inlet valve (especially the secondary valve) is faulty.

So, the cooling fan in the ice maker section has malfunctioned, the control board is defective, or the water inlet hose has some issues.

Sometimes, the problem could be that the ice maker compartment is switched off.

You should check all these possible causes of a malfunction one after the other, and you should engage the proper fix to resolve the ice-making problem.

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