LG Refrigerator Air Filter Stuck? (Reasons & Solutions)

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Since the innovation of air filters in refrigerators, its primary function has been distributing air throughout the freezer.

Aside from water filters, refrigerator air filters are also one of the cleaning components in LG Refrigerator.

However, there could be many problems associated with cooling gadgets, for example, a stuck air filter.

Hence, you need to know why your air filter can get stuck and the proper measures you should take.

LG Refrigerator Air Filter can get stuck if it’s not fixed or removed correctly. Although the air filter cover could also be jammed, you can remove it quickly. First, apply pressure on the cover and hit it slightly in the counterclockwise direction. Meanwhile, you have to hold it in place as you do so to stop it from falling off.

Reasons Why LG Refrigerator Air Filter Can Be Stuck?

The LG refrigerator air filter can be stuck if it’s not fixed correctly or if there is a fault with the filter.

However, all upgraded refrigerators are made with air filters, and LG refrigerators are not an exception.

These air filters help clean the air that comes into the refrigerator to improve air circulation.

Of course, freezers are compact boxes meant to store fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items. 

However, the storage unit does not have sufficient air inflow without the air filter. Thus having a refrigerator with an air filter is indeed a whopping advantage.

How Often Should I Replace My LG Refrigerator Air Filter?

You should replace air filters at least twice a year, that is once in six months. This will help it work properly and not develop any faults.

For LG refrigerators, the air filter is located in the top compartment.

It is positioned particularly at the top to distribute air within the freezer evenly. This is because gravity helps the air to be transported faster from up-down.

Therefore it is doubtful that the filter is positioned at the base of the fridge.

Since replacing the air filter is necessary for your freezer to run effectively, it is advisable to be dedicated. If possible, set a reminder on your phone or computer.

Contrarily you can decide to mark the calendar hanging on your wall. Again, whichever way you prefer and are sure you will be reminded or should be adopted.

The aim is to be reminded to help the refrigerator serve you longer and better.

How Do I Take The Cover Off My LG Air Filter?

When it’s time to change the air filter, there are certain things to do. I will discuss these steps below.

#1. Clear The Top Compartment

As earlier stated, the air filter is located in the top compartment of the freezer. So, the first thing to do is remove whatever you have there to create space.

This action is being taken specifically to allow for more room to work. Then, of course, you have to first open the air filter cover before reaching the air filter.

The air filter cover could be shaped like a rectangle or a square depending on the brand model.

#2. Detach The Air Filter Cover

Next, hold down the cover and twist it counterclockwise, following the arrow on the body.

Since there is usually an inscribed arrow on the cover showing the direction to open and close, the air filter cover should move about an acute angle before it comes off by twisting it.

Accordingly, it will display the refrigerator air filter inside the housing.

#2. Detach The Air Filter

After removing the air filter cover, the next thing to do is to remove the filter so that you can replace it.

Although before doing this, you should have purchased a new one either from the LG official website or a store close by.

Because it is not advisable to keep the freezer open before driving to the store to get it, thus, it makes sure everything you will need is available before attempting to replace the air filter. 

The air filter is usually tiny and cylindrical with flat sides. Each end extends out of the base, where it is connected to the back of the freezer.

Simply wrap your hands around it and turn; you can now replace it with the new one once removed. 

Why It’s Important To Replace LG Refrigerator Air Filter?

Granted that you replace the air filter, your refrigerator will not smell funny. The smell can result from decaying or edibles stored in the freezer.

While this may be true, packing too many items in the freezer can also bring a foul odor.

So to prevent your refrigerator from having a permanent odor, replace the air filter regularly.

Additionally, no matter how effective an air filter is, it will have an odor if the fridge is dirty. 

Therefore, clean the freezer occasionally, especially during the normal defrost cycle. Set aside time to check the drain pan, water line, and water inlet valves.

Of course, this will help you discover if there are any underlying problems.

Aside from the funky smell, the accumulation of dirt from decayed foods is dangerous to your health because they are a breeding ground for millions of bacteria.

If ingested, especially without washing correctly, it could lead to food poisoning.

Since failure to replace the air filter will result in bacteria recycling on the clean items, it is advisable always to wash what you take from the fridge with salty water.

Additionally, a filter that has not been changed for a long time will become clogged with dust and dirt. Consequently, the air in circulation will be stuffy and unpleasant.

Therefore, always change it when the air filter replacement alert comes on the freezer.

This is usually a flashing or permanent light appearing on the display module of the LG refrigerator.

Previously, many homeowners employed sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to dispel the smell, especially after power failure or outage.

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t adequately eliminate the stench.

Nonetheless, it is used in the absence of an air filter. Although, it should not be used as a substitute for a filter as it only works in the region of application.

This is, of course, a disadvantage that you cannot ignore.


Since LG is a reputable and trusted manufacturer of home appliances, it’s advisable to purchase its products.

However, do not apply too much force when changing the refrigerator air filter.

This will break the air filter cover and cost you more to fix than the scheduled budget. So, just remember hitting it firmly but gently and in a particular direction.

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