Do LG Refrigerators Have Compressor Problems?

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Consumers avoid purchasing LG refrigerators because of a general complaint about the appliance breaking down within a few months.

Although the cooling system is efficient and energy-saving, it stops cooling after a short while, resulting in a need to repair the refrigerator.

You may wonder if the refrigerator is still facing these problems before purchasing it. It brings you to the question of if LG refrigerators have compressor problems.    

LG refrigerators have compressor problems. However, the company has devised solutions to reduce the issue with their compressors. In recent times, compressor issues have declined. For example, recent LG refrigerator models do not have these compressor problems because of the design upgrade.

Do LG Refrigerators Still Have Compressor Problems?

Do LG Refrigerators Have Compressor Problems

LG refrigerators no longer have compressor problems. After several lawsuits against the brand, the company is trying to remedy the compressor situation.

The rate of compressor failure after creating a solution is still unknown. However, there has been a decrease in the number of complaints since the solution to the problem in 2020.

The brand has tried to resolve the compressor replacement issue, and the new repairs should last longer.

Firstly, to sort out the compressor problem, the compressor warranty now covers five years for parts and labor, unlike the initial ten years warranty which covers parts only.

The new warranty is to ease the cost of labor on repairing the faulty compressors since it is quite an expensive project. 

However, the new warranty only applies to refrigerators purchased after the first of January 2018. So, you can easily replace your compressor if your refrigerator falls under this category.

Additionally, replacing faulty compressors is a huge project for the company. However, it has successfully reduced the complaints about compressor issues.

LG effectively followed up on the manufacture and distribution of the spare compressor parts to dispatching technicians to ensure the customers successfully had their replacements.

Furthermore, the company is manufacturing new refrigerators while considering the compressor problems to ensure new products do not develop the same issue.

Therefore, recent refrigerator models come with new compressor designs. The new compressor design is to tackle premature compressor failure.

You can now benefit from the compressor and enjoy the new warranty policy since the company pays the labor costs.

How Long Do LG Refrigerator Compressors Last?

According to major complaints from consumers, LG refrigerator compressors last for about three years. Although, the standard lifespan should be at least ten years.

However, within three years of purchasing the refrigerator, the compressor breaks down, and you would need to replace it with a new one.

It is essential to know that compressor failure does not only affect the lifespan of the refrigerator but replacing or repairing it also decreases the durability of the appliance.

Therefore, the refrigerator may not last long even after replacing the compressor. The refrigerator may not last up to the average 13 years lifespan for the appliance.

What is the Biggest Problem With LG Refrigerators?

The biggest problem with LG refrigerators is a cooling failure. The refrigerators gradually lose the ability to cool until it stops working completely.

However, after a series of investigations and complaints, the company discover that the linear compressor failure is the reason behind the issue with the cooling system.

The linear compressor is an upgrade the company included in some refrigerator models to reduce friction and heat in the appliance.

The compressor only operates when the refrigerator needs some cooling. Also, the compressor upgrade reduces noise and saves energy, unlike conventional compressors in older models.

Although the linear compressor should be giving more benefits, it doesn’t last very long before developing faults and eventually breaks down.

When the compressor develops a fault, the refrigerator will keep running but cannot cool effectively. It would lose the cooling ability totally when the compressor fails.

The compressor is a vital refrigerator component that compresses the refrigerant for the appliance to cool down its internal temperature.

Although, it is normal for the compressor’s power and efficiency to reduce over time in every refrigerator. However, it happens too early in LG refrigerators, commonly within the first 36 months.

The refrigerator doesn’t even reach its average lifespan before developing compressor issues. The issue affects so many products and is quite popular amongst consumers.

Sadly, several consumer complaints on several platforms and forums reduce the demand for LG refrigerators with linear compressors.

The complaints urge other consumers to avoid the product. Some consumers, without proper understanding, even completely avoid any LG refrigerator model.

Although, the linear compressor is quite problematic and complicated. However, it has some benefits that make it better than conventional compressors.

The major feature upgrades and benefits of linear compressors are outlined below:

Energy consumptionReduces energy consumption and bills.
Cooling abilityIt maintains constant temperature more effectively.
SoundIt is quieter because it has fewer friction points.
Environmental impactIt uses an eco-friendly refrigerant and releases less CO2

Why Are LG Linear Compressors Failing?

LG linear compressors are failing because of the faulty seal system. The seal system is responsible for the smooth running of the compressor.

It sends the refrigerant across the refrigerator from the compressor. So when the compressor breaks down, there is no refrigerant pumping in the sealed system.

The refrigerant moves through a loop that heats and cools it continuously. It converts from gas to liquid when it is cool and liquid to gas when it heats up.

Then, the liquid refrigerant flows through the refrigerator at a standard rate and pressure. It cools the fridge during this process and absorbs heat or warm air from items in the fridge.

The sealed system draws the warm air from inside the refrigerator and leaves cold air to cool the appliance. It repeats this action until the fridge gets to a constant temperature.

At the same time, the refrigerant would help to remove moisture from inside the food items in the refrigerator, leaving them cold or frozen.

The refrigerator would keep functioning properly as long as the sealed system does not have any fault and is running properly.

Furthermore, compressor failure should occur after a long period of usage. However, the principle didn’t apply to LG refrigerators models with linear compressors.

In addition to sealed system failures in linear compressors, there are other factors and causes of failure in the compressor. 

One of those factors is the age of the refrigerator. Normally, new LG refrigerators should not have compressor failures, but they do within the first three years.

Therefore, the compressors are too weak and break down like old refrigerators.

Older refrigerators begin to wear out and loosen as they age, causing the compressor to stop functioning effectively.

Another cause of linear compressor failure could be other technical issues with the compressor. For example, loose wire, blown fuse, and broken parts could affect the compressor.

Also, you should check the fan motor for malfunction, especially if the compressor is working but is not cooling the fridge. For example, a dirty filter or clogged drain line would affect the motor fan.

If your refrigerator’s linear compressor fails and the sealed system is functioning properly. It might be best to consider the other possible causes and factors.

It is best to always test the sealed system for failure before accessing the other components. For example, you would need to check the temperature of the condenser coils on the sealed system.

The standard temperature of the condenser coils should be about 154 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees above room temperature.

The sealed system is faulty if the measurement results are under or above the standard temperature.

The technician can now determine the cause of the fault inside the system and tell you if you need to repair or replace the compressor.

Is It Worth Replacing the Compressor on the LG Refrigerator?

It is not worth replacing the compressor on LG refrigerators because it is too expensive and complicated. You would be spending too much on replacement.

The replacement and labor costs are about half the cost of the refrigerator itself. So it is best to get a new refrigerator if you spend that much.

Additionally, the refrigerator’s durability and lifespan reduce when you dissemble it to replace the compressor. Any repair afterward might cause the refrigerator to break down.

Instead, buying a new refrigerator would be a wiser move. However, replacing the compressor is not bad because it has benefits too.

New compressors are more reliable and last longer than repaired compressors. When you repair a compressor, it reduces the efficiency of the compartment at least by average.

Additionally, if you need to replace your refrigerator’s compressor, it is vital to consider some factors before deciding if it is worth it.

The first thing to consider is the age of the refrigerator. It is not worth replacing the compressor of a refrigerator over ten years old.

The appliance is already approaching the end of its lifespan. Therefore, replacing the compressor is a waste of money since age would reduce the refrigerator’s efficiency.

Another factor to consider is the number of repairs the refrigerator has undergone. For example, you should not replace the compressor if the appliance has undergone several major repairs.

Severally repairing the refrigerator would reduce its durability drastically. For example, it could break down not long after you change its compressor.

Plus, it is best to get a new refrigerator since the cost of replacing the compressor would be too expensive for an appliance that is almost breaking down.

You can benefit from a new compressor and fresh compartments if you purchase a new refrigerator instead of replacing only the compressor.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Compressor on an LG Refrigerator?

The cost of replacing a compressor on an LG refrigerator should be above $300, considering the labor cost. Normally, a new compressor costs about $100 or more.

But, then, the cost of labor and probably special equipment would sum it up to $300. Replacing the refrigerator’s compressor is not easy; you would need a professional technician to change it properly.

The task difficulty is the major reason why it is expensive. The compressor is not so expensive, but it is best to avoid doing it yourself so you don’t damage the refrigerator.

It is essential to confirm if the compressor is new before the technician fixes it. It is because a refurbished compressor would break down soon.

Eventually, you would have to spend more on fixing the refurbished compressor when it develops issues. In addition, frequent repairs could damage the refrigerator.


In conclusion, LG refrigerator compressors are no longer such a big deal. Recent models now have more durable compressor designs that won’t break down for a long time.

In case you are still doubting the LG brand, you can choose refrigerators with other types of compressors instead. You can as well choose the amended model.

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