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During laundry, you would find it hard to get rid of all the germs unless you take a new approach; you would need an LG machine in such cases. LG has specific features that eliminate germs from fabrics.

The steam sanitary and antibacterial are features of LG machines that eliminate bacteria and germs. However, do steam sanitary and antibacterial perform different functions?

Steam sanitary and antibacterial serve the same purposes in the LG machines but in different ways. Steam sanitary eliminates germs and bacteria by using high-temperature steam. On the other hand, antibacterial is for reaching a given temperature while drying your clothes, which is enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria in the fabric.

LG Steam Sanitary vs Antibacterial

LG Steam Sanitary vs Antibacterial

Steam sanitary and antibacterial serve the same purpose; they eliminate germs and bacteria from fabrics.

However, both components have varying features, and you can’t use them the same way.

Some of their features and differences are below:

#1. LG Steam Sanitary

Steam sanitary eliminates germs using only high-temperature steam that is above 212°F.

LG steam sanitary option can be on both the LG washer and LG dryer, depending on your choice. It spreads throughout your fabrics and gets rid of germs and bacteria.

Also, besides eliminating germs from your clothes, steam sanitary removes odors and softens your cloth.

It also helps reduce the stress of always ironing your clothes because it straightens clothes and makes them free from creases. However, you must use it on only partly wet fabrics.

Steam sanitary doesn’t get dirt off your cloth; you can use it on materials that don’t need washing or need germ and odor elimination. You can use it on suits, heavy blankets, and other fabrics.

Know that you can’t use steam sanitary on wool, synthetic wools, waxed jackets, suede, or any plastic material; they would only end up melting.

Using steam sanitizer on your fabrics also has its pros and cons, which are:

It gets rid of germs and bacteria.It is not suitable for all kinds of fabrics; examples of some fabrics are wool, synthetic wool, suede, and other materials.
You can use it to straighten your cloth and remove wrinkles.It can cause wrinkles to your clothes if steamed wrongly.

#2. LG Antibacterial

LG antibacterial option is available only on LG dryers, which differentiates it from steam sanitary that you can use on both LG washers and dryers.

The programming of antibacterial LG makes it reach a temperature level enough to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in fabrics.

Nevertheless, LG Antibacterial is only suitable for cotton and heavy-duty materials. It doesn’t go well with delicate fabrics, which might melt when the temperature is high.

Antibacterial equally has their advantages and disadvantages. It helps you get rid of bacteria and germs from your fabrics. On the other hand, you can’t use antibacterial on delicate fabrics.

What is Steam Sanitary on LG Washer?

Steam sanitary on LG washing machines is mainly for getting rid of or, at the very least, curtailing the number of germs and bacteria present in your cloth.

Steam sanitary is necessary while doing your laundry because even after washing, despite how immaculate the fabric might look, there might still be the presence of microbes in it.

The reason is regular washers don’t attain the high temperature needed to eliminate these germs and bacteria.

You can use a mix of high temperature and chlorine bleach on your laundry; this would help eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from your clothing.

However, I do not recommend you use chlorine bleach because of its side effects on clothes.

Also, steam sanitary in LG washing machines help reduce thick odors in clothes. You can also use it to straighten wrinkles on fabrics that are creasing.

Steam sanitary isn’t for washing; it is mainly in an LG washer to make the laundry process perfect.

While purchasing an LG washer with a sanitary cycle, you should look for the NCF label on it. You can find the NCF label on washers that can eliminate 99.9% of germs.

In the LG washer, the steam sanitary might come as a cycle or an option; however, in most cases, it comes as a cycle.

So, you have to check the guide model of your washer to know where it falls in. You would have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t make use of steam sanitary every time.

There are special conditions where you would need it, such as when you want to eliminate an unpleasant smell or to straighten your creasing clothes.

What is the Antibacterial Setting on LG Dryer?

The antibacterial setting on the LG programs the antibacterial to be at a temperature high enough to eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria in your fabrics.

They appear as options in most cases, though some models have it as a cycle. You can always check the guide model in your LG dryer to know where it falls.

However, you can only use it on heavy-duty or regular fabrics; it would melt delicate materials if used on them.

While purchasing an LG dryer, you have to check the NCF label on it. The NCF certification indicates that the LG dryer eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

How to Use Steam Sanitary Cycle on LG Dryer

You can use a steam sanitary cycle on recently washed clothes or on worn clothes that are free from stains; this would help refresh them without going through the stress of washing them again.

However, ensure the cloth is free from stains to prevent the hot steam from setting them.

To use a steam sanitary cycle on your LG dryer, operate the cycle button to the STEAM SANITARY™ cycle.

If the LG dryer has steam sanitary as an option instead of a cycle, you can add a Steam sanitary option to the chosen cycle.

The time and status display shows the approximate time remaining, status messages for your LG dryer, alternatives, and settings.

Like every other dryer, the steam sanitizer cycle on LG dryers utilizes hot air to dry clothes.

However, regular dryers can’t operate at a high enough temperature to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs in your clothes; hence, you can only use a steam sanitizer cycle on that level to kill germs and bacteria.

The main benefits of a steam sanitary cycle on LG dryers are eliminating germs in your dresses, it removes the thick stench in your clothes, it also softening your clothes, and giving them a smooth feel.

It also straightens clothes that are creasing. Even so, you shouldn’t use this feature always to prevent your clothes from fading.

There are particular uses of steam sanitary cycles while doing your laundry. These include:

  • You can use steam sanitary cycles on clothes that are targets for wrinkles.
  • You can use it on clothes that are heavily creasing.
  • You can use it on fabric free from stains to remove unpleasant smells without going through the stress of washing it.

How to Use Antibacterial Cycles on LG Dryer

Using the antibacterial cycle on the LG dryer comes naturally and doesn’t require you to break a sweat over it.

You can use the default setting in the antibacterial cycle at very high temperatures and very dry, and you can’t change these default settings.

There is an option for “Antibacterial” in the control panel of your LG dryer; you can choose it by clicking on the button. 

If antibacterial is an option on your LG dryer, you can locate it in the Normal and Heavy-Duty cycles.

The programming implies that you can’t use delicate fabrics on the antibacterial cycle to avoid melting the cloth or causing damage to your LG dryer.

According to NCF International, the antibacterial cycle eliminates 99.9% bacteria and germs from dresses during laundry. Hence, you can’t ignore the importance of the antibacterial cycle.


LG steam sanitary and antibacterial are features of LG machines that primarily get rid of germs and bacteria using high temperatures.

However, steam sanitary eliminates germs by generating high-temperature steam. Steam sanitary is a feature on both LG washer and dryer machines.

On the other hand, the programming of antibacterial makes it reach a high temperature enough to eliminate germs in a dryer.

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