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LG TV Flickering! (5 Reasons & Solutions)

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In some instances, you may notice the screen of your television flickering. This is quite a common issue with LG TVs.

So, if you possess an LG TV, you may have experienced broken screen blackouts. Fortunately, you can quickly fix it when you know why it occurs. Now, that is what that article talks about.

When the brightness of the TV screen on your LG TV is gradually changing over time at random intervals, this phenomenon is known as flickering. Incorrect picture menu settings or linked external devices are typically the culprits.

5 Reasons Why My LG TV Is Flickering?

LG TV Flickering

Flickering is a frequent issue that LG TV users are dealing with. If you are unsure of what is causing the screen on your LG TV to go black, examine one of the potential problems listed below.

#1. Power Source Problems

One of the most prevalent issues with LG TVs is that they frequently shut off unexpectedly while in use and display a blank screen. 

Additionally, you can change the power supply to a fresh one to resolve this problem. Yet, you can discover a faulty power supply through normal troubleshooting, such as a TV reboot. 

Yet, avoiding using your LG TV with overloaded power strips would be beneficial. Instead, always plug your TV straight into the wall, as advised.

Whether the issue continues, check to see if a different TV’s power source cable works. Rebooting will assist you in focusing on the issue.

#2. Damaged or Loose Connections

Your TV’s flickering screen might occasionally cause anything as simple as a loose cable.

If you know how to resolve the problem, you may not always need to hire a repairer. The HDMI cable connecting the TV and the source device is usually the culprit of a black screen.

Ensure your wires are in good shape and firmly attached to both devices if using an HDMI connection.

It would help if you looked underneath the TV for any loose cords, depending on how your TV is. Then, test them with a free TV to ensure the cables are in good working order.

#3. Power Save Mode

The power-saver mode is another essential setting that may not function properly. LG designed the power save mode to turn your TV off after a period of inactivity so that it doesn’t run continuously.

If you choose it, your TV can enter sleep mode and display a haphazard black screen. As a precaution, check your power mode settings.

#4. Incorrect Input

The majority of LG TVs come with a variety of different inputs, including HDMI, with many possibilities. As a result, owners of these TVs may, sometimes, find it confusing.

Different inputs cause the issue when your TV connects via HDMI port 1, but HDMI port 2 displays a blank screen.

#5. Software or Firmware Issues

The likelihood that the software or firmware is out-of-date depends on the model of your TV. Yet, a short update frequently resolves customers’ problems with the black stream.

You can find the firmware updates in your TV’s settings menu where any updates would be.

Click the Update button to start the download if one is available. Depending on the update, it may take a few seconds to several minutes.

The TV will also switch on and off for you to observe. The reset’s purpose is to compel the new firmware to update automatically.

5 Solutions to a Flickering LG TV

Fortunately, a simple repair should stop roughly 80% of LG TV flickering concerns.

Following are some quick and simple fixes for your LG TV’s flickering screen.

#1. Unplug LG TV from the Wall

The most straightforward approach to stop your LG TV from flickering is to unplug it from the wall socket, even though this solution may seem apparent.

It’s important to wait the FULL 60 seconds here. Before you plug it back in, wait until at least a minute has passed.

Locate and hold your LG TV’s power button for 30 seconds while it’s unplugged. Ensure you press the TV’s power button, not the remote control.

Unplugging will enable the TV to soft reset itself and reduce any remaining power in the device. Unplugging the TV isn’t the same as just turning the remote on and off!

After 60 seconds, plug the TV back in again, the flickering should stop, and the power should come back without any issues.

#2. Turn off Energy Saving Mode

Also included is a feature on LG TVs known as Energy Saving mode. The settings on your TV are automatically adjusted in this mode to conserve electricity whenever possible.

In certain cases, these settings can have a life of their own, so if you’re already having problems, it’s worth turning them off.

Go to Settings > All Settings > Support > Energy Saving > Turn Energy Saving OFF to disable Energy Saving Mode.

Try the following if you can’t find “Energy Saving mode” here: Use your remote to press the Home/Start button.

  • Choose Settings
  • Choose a picture
  • Toggle to Energy Savings.
  • Ensure that it is off!

#3. Factory Reset LG TV

It’s time for a full factory reset if updating the OS doesn’t fix your flickering issues.

Click the Gear icon at the top of your remote control with the TV turned on (ideally, disconnecting it or removing the remote batteries was able to power the TV temporarily).

Then select General > Reset to Initial Settings from the All Settings (Advanced Settings) menu. The initial configuration screen will appear when your TV turns on.

Doing this allows you to return your LG TV to its settings when you first bought it. Unfortunately, resetting the TV wipes all account settings and any installed apps! 

#4. Inspect All Connections

Check for frayed cords, bent wires, and loose connections. You can tell which connections are bad if you notice that flickering only occurs when your TV utilizes a particular input.

Check all the cords connected to the console, for instance, if your TV only flickers while you’re playing a video game. Particularly known for creating issues are HDMI wires.

There are a few ways that HDMI connections can be bad:

  • The HDMI connector is loose.
  • A defective HDMI port
  • And a poor HDMI cable.

If the TV continues to flicker after disconnecting and rejoining, you should:

  • Attempt connecting your TV to a different HDMI port.
  • Separating the HDMI.
  • You should instead inspect the wiring connected to the cable box if the flickering only occurs while you use cable TV.
  • Fortunately, replacing these kinds of wiring doesn’t cost much anymore.

#5. Factory Reset LG TV without a Remote

You may still factory reset your LG TV if, for any reason, you don’t have access to the remote control.

To do this, locate the TV’s power button. Again, depending on the model, the button could be on the device’s right, left, or bottom. Press and hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds while the TV is on. 

If it doesn’t work, navigate to Menu > All Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings on the TV using the joystick panel control.

There are additional solutions if you’re having problems accessing these buttons on your TV or if it’s in a confined space.

To browse and reset your LG TV, think about plugging a USB keyboard directly into the back of the device.

You can also use your smartphone to download the LG ThinQ app if you own an LG Smart TV. Plus, you may connect the app from your TV to your smartphone as a remote. 

Another option is to use a universal remote that you already have and program it with the correct LG code to make it function.

You should now have completely cured your flickering problems, but just in case, I’ve included a couple of different procedures worth trying before giving up.

Does LG TV Have a Reset Button?

No. The company does not have a dedicated reset button for a hard/soft reset. Hence there isn’t a real reset button on an LG TV.

However, you can press and hold the “ok” button or the middle button on the TV’s control panel for five seconds to soft reset the device quickly. Then the soft reset will start to happen.

How Long Do LG TVs Last? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple solution to this. The lifespan of a TV is affected by several variables. 

For example, usage, environmental factors, consumption, positioning, and electricity, may be connected.

LG TVs are renowned for their superior build quality and robustness. However, the year and model type will ultimately determine the longevity.

However, due to LG’s vast appeal, an approximate estimate has been generated that would enable us to respond to this query.

An LG TV may need to be examined after 3 to 4 years and can normally survive up to 7 years.

Due to the functionality of the LG TV branding, different LG TV brands might have a different life span than others, depending on their functionality. 

In case you aren’t aware of the different LG TV brands, they are listed in the table below with their distinct viewing experiences and life span. 

LG TV BrandsLife Span
LG OLED TV100,000 hours
QNED Mini LED TV40,000-60,000 hours
NanoCell TV60,000-100,000 hours
4K Ultra HD TV40,000-60,000 hours

How Do I Turn off HDR Flicker on LG TV?

High-dynamic-range support may be a feature of your new LG smart TV, but if HDR-compatible content doesn’t pop as it should, HDR support may not be enabled.

Fortunately, you can make it simple through the Quick Settings menu.

#1. Open Quick Settings 

To access the Quick Settings menu, press the Settings button on the remote control. Then, choose Picture Mode from the Menu.

#2. Go to the HDR Effect Mode 

HDR support is the focus of one of the photo presets, fittingly titled “HDR Effect.” When you choose this mode, a second settings selector for the HDR Effect Level will appear.

#3. Adjust Effect Level

You can modify how aggressively the TV displays HDR material under the HDR Effect mode.

Increase the visibility to High if you feel it isn’t strong enough. Then, choose Medium or Light to tone down the effect.

Why is My TV Blinking On and Off? 

The problem could be with a part that connects to the TV. For instance, a cable could be defective or not secure. 

See whether your TV has any energy-saving features that might be the problem. The TV itself might stop working if there are no cable problems and all other parts appear to function properly.

The backlight on most TVs is prone to failure and liquid crystal problems. When this happens, the image on the screen may blink, flicker, or become dull.

Here are several fast fixes for TVs that are blinking.

  • To RESET the TV, switch it ON and OFF again.
  • To reset, unplug the TV for five minutes from the power outlet.
  • Examine the CABLE CONNECTION going to and coming from the TV.
  • Disable the TV MENU’s ENERGY EFFICIENT functions.
  • Then, verify the connectivity of the TV to any FAULTY COMPONENTS.
  • To determine whether the problem is with the TV or a component, change the INPUT SOURCE.


For individuals looking for a high-quality television with the newest features and technology, LG TVs are ideal. However, because of their unusual nature, they frequently encounter issues.

In terms of flicker, LG TVs can be finicky. Try these repairs if your LG TV is flickering; if not, get in touch with the TV maker for more help.

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