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3 Reasons For Your LG TV Freezing! (Quick Fixes)

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LG TVs are fantastic products with excellent displays. Nevertheless, like any other product, users occasionally experience screen glitches or malfunctions for no apparent cause. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to identify the issue, you spend hours aimlessly navigating menu options.

However, the bright side is that some of these problems only require basic techniques. Hence, you can solve these issues on your own through basic troubleshooting.

A weak signal can cause freezing on your LG TV. Freezing can also affect the TV if you experience connectivity issues or stream a lot of content. To correct this, you must clear the cache. However, a factory or soft reset may be necessary if it doesn’t work. 

Why Is My LG TV Freezing?

LG TV Freezing 

Your LG TV will freeze When there is a break in the TV signal or an overall weak signal.

However, you can fix this by verifying your connections, waiting for the signal to start, and ensuring your TV and set-top box cables are securely connected.

Explained Below are three reasons why your LG TV will freeze.

#1. A Bad or weak Signal 

One of the typical causes of TV freezing is pixelation. Pixelation occurs when the signal is weak or when there is a transmission interruption.

To fix this, make sure your connections are solid and plugged into the cords. And also, ensure that you plug in the cords to the correct outlet.

#2. An Unstable Network or Connection

An unstable network can cause a mess to your TV. For example, your TV can freeze if your internet connection drops while streaming.

Additionally, your TV can repeatedly slow during an update if your internet connection is unstable; this can also crash your TV.  

To solve this problem, ensure your Internet connection is active and functioning by rechecking it on a separate device.

#3. Overload of data

Although entertaining, streaming apps use a lot of data when watching episodes. As a result, your cache may be overloaded with data, leading to the freezing of your LG TV.

How Do I Stop My LG TV from Freezing?

Remove the TV connection from the power outlet when your LG TV freezes. Keep it disconnected for 20 to 25 seconds, connect and switch it back on.

Then, push and hold the TV’s power button for some seconds and release it.

If the screen on your LG TV isn’t working, ensure that you turn off the energy-saving mode before inspecting any cords or external devices for problems.

Additionally, ensure that you plug in the appliance cords correctly and that no timers are in use. Also, ensure you did not accidentally reduce the brightness. 

Some actions to take in other to stop your TV from freezing include:

  • Make sure you plug in the AC cord correctly.
  • Make sure you do not have a faulty AC cord.
  • Check the power outlet of the television 
  • Try Resetting the TV settings 
  • Switch off the “Quick Start” and “auto power off” setting on the TV
  • Turn off the “power-off timer” on the TV.
  • Erase the cache data of the LG TV
  • Perform a  software update on the LG TV 
  • Carry out a factory restore on the LG TV 

Knowing some advantages and disadvantages of your LG TV can give you confidence in handling it.

Listed below in the table are some pros and cons of LG television. 

LG TVs give High picture and video quality.The cost of LG TVs is higher than other brands on the market.
The Independent pixels in LG TVs form clear images and natural colors.Despite being more modern, LG TVs are fragile and can damage or burn quickly.
LG TVs enable Dolby vision and provide the most excellent HDR experience.LG TVs lack entertainment systems and built-in games.
LG TVs contain attractive, stylish, and beautiful designs.The battery in the remote control runs out rapidly.
LG TVs contain a clever and unique operating system.LG televisions occasionally operate slowly.

Why Does My LG Smart TV Freeze and Turn off?

During streaming,  your LG TV will repeatedly freeze or malfunction if you attempt to stream without connecting it to the internet router.

The TV can also freeze if it has a lousy Wi-Fi connection or contains outdated apps. 

To solve a frozen smart TV, you must perform a power reset, apply any available updates, or delete its cache and data.

Below are some possible reasons your LG TV can freeze and turn off.

#1. Attempting to Stream without Internet Access

If you attempt to watch an online channel or show without being connected to the internet, your smart TV will hang. Before starting, ensure you link the TV link to a robust Wi-Fi network.

#2. A Problem with Your Connected WIFI

If your smart TV keeps freezing when you’re online, your WIFI  has a problem. For your internet router to connect with the smart TV, it must be turned on and not flashing red.

However, if the router flashes red, that can indicate a problem you must fix. In this case, all you have to do is to turn off the router and reconnect your Wi-Fi. 

#3. Outdated Apps 

There are many commonalities between cell phones and smart TVs. First of all, both of them provide a variety of programs that improve general usability.

Second, their apps won’t function as intended without a reliable internet connection. To be on the bright side, Update all apps whenever the developers publish updates.

An update is necessary because Your smart TV will operate worse if the apps are not updated.

In addition, it will frequently freeze, especially while trying to connect to the internet. Applications like YouTube and Netflix are prone to freeze whenever they get outdated.

However, If your apps are freezing or misbehaving due to delayed updates, you can check the app settings to see if an update is available for download.

Should the applications continue to freeze after an update, all you have to do is remove and install them again.

#4. Wrong Connections of the Cable Box

Cable box connectivity issues could be another reason for freezing. This problem frequently arises when connections are shaky.

Nevertheless, rewiring the cables will solve the problem; however, you must first detach them. Try switching and rejoining the wires until the cable box is connected correctly. 

Why is My LG TV Stuck on Logo Screen?

Sometimes, your LG TV can get stuck on the login screen. At this point, nothing works on the display screen, and all you can see will be just the LG TV logo. 

When this happens, it is a clear indication that there is an issue with the television’s firmware upgrade.

But unfortunately, it is perilous, and that is because if you do not tackle the problem early, it may crash your TV set with time. 

Additionally, an improper update of the firmware can give rise to this problem as well.

Despite firmware issues, your LG TV can get stuck on the logo screen if there is a problem with the mainboard of the TV or other hardware or system-related problems.

To troubleshoot this problem, first Unplug your LG TV, then plug it back in to see if you have resolved the issue. If the TV still gets stuck, apply a force reboot.

In a force reboot, the first thing to do is to unplug the TV from the main switch and plug it back. 

Hold the Power button for a few seconds, then let it go. Switch the TV back on, and you will fix the problem. However, Should this problem persist, your best shot is getting a specialist to help. 

You can contact the LG support center closest to you, and they will send someone out immediately to solve the issue. 

What Are the Common LG TV Problems?

Like any other device, your LG TV also has some funny problems. However, Getting to know them and how to go about them can be handy. 

Some of the problems we have discussed above include, 

  • Your LG TV is Freezing.
  • Your LG TV is getting stuck on the logo screen.
  • The LG TV switched off during streaming. 
  • The LG TV has WIFI-related connectivity issues.

Here We will look at some other common issues with LG televisions and how to fix them. 

#1. Remote Control Not Working on LG TV

Although it doesn’t frequently happen, there are times when your LG TV will not respond to the remote control. Either the remote is damaged, or the batteries within are incapacitated. 

If none of the buttons on the remote work when you press them. Try replacing the batteries. Make sure you place them correctly, matching the + and – signs. Also, do not mix old batteries with new ones.

Make sure that no obstructions are blocking the IR signals. In the case of a damaged remote control, you can purchase a new LG TV remote

#2. No Audio

Sometimes, you could experience a problem with your LG TV having no audio. The speaker may produce no audio signals or sound.

Unfortunately, problems can arise from a Fuse failure. You can troubleshoot this problem by rebooting your TV; hence,  rebooting can be done in two ways.

The first method is straightforward; all you need to do is to unplug the TV and turn it off. Then, wait a while, replace the power cord and switch the TV back on.

For the second method, when you switch on the TV simultaneously, hold the volume and power buttons on the remote control for a long time.

You can let go of the buttons as soon as the LG logo comes on the screen. If none of these approaches work, try resetting the TV’s audio settings. 

If the issue persists after resetting the audio settings, consider connecting external speakers. If the external speakers work well, then you should have TV speakers examined by a specialist.

#3. Different or Multiple Colors 

The popping sound that follows when the TV turns off on its own frequently signals the start of color problems.

When this occurs, your screen may display inconsistent colors, such as a different shade of green.

Unfortunately, the cause of this problem can be the Overuse of the TV or an issue with the power supply. Sometimes a lousy capacitor inside the TV may result in such problems.

This problem originates from the TV panel, so a novice can’t fix it. To fix this problem, You will need the attention of a specialist from a certified repair facility.

#4. Problems with  HDMI  

Most LG TV models that can’t handle high-quality outputs have HDMI port problems, such as rejecting or selecting specific HDMI cords.

However, To be on the bright side, You can upgrade your firmware if you experience any problems with your TV’s HDMI ports.

Tap on the settings button on your remote control and select Menu. Next, go down the menu page, tap “General Menu,” and tap “About this TV.”

You will see the TV update settings. Please tap on the update to install it and then reboot the TV. Rebooting will help the new software take effect.

#5. Screen Displaying Horizontal or Vertical Bars

Sometimes, your TV can display horizontal or vertical lines. These lines start from top to bottom of the TV and are annoying.

Unfortunately, The cause of these lines can arise from a weak signal strength that the TV is receiving. 

However, Most times, damage to the display panel may also cause this problem. High-performance signal inputs may be the solution to these problems.

A very effective signal input may be the solution to these problems. However, you may have to use a box cable similar to a high-definition set-top box to solve this issue. 

Furthermore, Check to see if your software needs to be updated. Updating your software also can assist in removing the look of such horizontal or vertical bars.

#6. Sounds with No Picture

If your TV screen doesn’t display pictures, but you still hear sounds, there may be a problem with the television’s backlight.

However, if your TV screen is a liquid crystal display (LCD), the cause of the problem may be a short-term bug, a disrupted power supply, or outdated software.

Fortunately, if the television is still functioning, you can employ the following technique to fix the problem.

First, you will have to reboot the TV.  Then, examine the cables and make sure you connect them correctly. Afterward, You have to check to see if your LCD screen is active. 

To do so, take a flashlight and place it close to the television. If any picture has light leaking through it, it is a sign that you must repair the backlight. You will need to upgrade your TV or get this problem fixed.

#7. Countering or False Posturing 

You might not often see some fanciful solid color stripes on the screen. This problem is known as faulty countering against posterization. 

Typically, this occurs when the TV screen cannot adequately manage the colors of the video source. False Countering is a factory error, and LG has not yet provided a permanent fix to this issue. 

However, the only thing you can do before buying a TV is to inspect the display. Inspection can give you an upper hand; hence you can pick another TV if you notice a problem.

Nevertheless, for a TV you have already purchased, When you test the display, look for any indications of banding.

If you have the mentioned problem, you can try modifying several features in your TV’s color settings. The settings will help lessen the effect of the problem.

#8. No Display on Airplay

if your TV supports this feature and you have connectivity troubles. Remember that Android smartphones are not capable of Airplay. The AirPlay feature is only available on iOS devices. 

If you have the supported device and are experiencing this problem, ensure that your iOS smartphone and LG TV are paired and close enough to each other.

Next, confirm that your phone and TV are connected t,o the same Wi-Fi network. Many individuals frequently overlook this step, although it is very crucial.

Another option is directly linking the TV and router using an Ethernet wire. Only then will you be able to connect to AirPlay.

Additionally, always ensure you turn on  AirPlay because the feature turns off automatically when idle for some time.


Everything has its ups and downs; we can say the same about LG television. Despite being a perfect appliance, the LG television has a few problems too.

We have discussed Most of the problems one can encounter on the LG television and how to troubleshoot them.

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