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LG TV Static Screen! (5 Reasons & Solutions)

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It can be very upsetting to turn on your LG TV only for it to start making noise which causes the screen to display static. But, of course, we also thought static screens had become history in TVs.

Yet, surprisingly, static screens still occur in today’s smart TVs. This article explains what causes a static screen in LG TVs and how to get rid of it.

Many reasons cause the sharp noise that blasts from your LG TV. The reasons include; weak and unstable signals and interference from large and powerful electronic devices close to the LG TV, such as radios, speakers, etc. The reasons also include faulty cable, damaged set-top box, or it might be an issue from the cable provider. 

Why Is My LG TV Showing Static?

LG TV Static Screen

The main reasons why your LG TV keeps showing static are as follows;

  • Weak signal
  • Interference from powerful electrical devices.
  • Faulty cable
  • Wrong Input Source
  • An issue with the cable provider

#1. Weak Signal 

If your LG TV is getting a weak signal, the weak signal can cause the television to display static. 

Meanwhile, the weak signal has several causes: unfavorable weather conditions, wrong input source, and faulty or powered-off set-top box.

More so, if the cable that connects your TV and the TV box has any issues, such as physical damage, your TV will stop receiving signals from the TV box.

All the things mentioned above can cause your TV to emit a loud white noise, also known as static.

#2. Interference from Powerful Electrical Devices

Another reason your LG TV is static is because of the old wiring in your house and some other powerful electrical devices close to your TV.

The old wiring and the power devices such as modems, powerful speakers, the microwave you turned on, vacuum cleaners, etc., will be dragging electrical power with your TV.

And sometimes, the devices draw a lot of power, resulting in electronic interference, causing your TV to show static.

#3. Loose or Faulty Cable

A loose connection or faulty cable is another reason why your TV is showing static.

For example, if your LG TV is cable television, the cable that connects your set-top box to the TV might have an issue.

If your HDMI cable is not plugged into the television tightly, you will have issues with your viewing experience as the TV will fail to display clear images.

Furthermore, if the cable develops an issue, your TV can’t receive any signal from the set-top box, and there’s no way you will turn on your TV without it blasting a sharp noise.

#4. Wrong Input Source 

Failure to select the correct input source on your LG TV affects its display connection. And, of course, it’s another reason why your TV keeps showing a static screen.

If you plug your cable into a particular HDMI port, make sure you select the same HDMI on your TV.

#5. An Issue from the Cable Provider

The static screen on your LG TV might be an issue from the company that produced your LG cable TV. 

If you’ve inspected your TV and you discovered that the cause of the static issue isn’t one of these, then the cause is most likely to be the cable provider.

The cause could be the failure of an internet service provider (ISP), software failure, hacking, and so on.

How Do I Get Rid of Static on My LG TV?

Getting rid of the static display on your LG TV screen is super easy, and it’s something you can troubleshoot by yourself. 

Most times, you need to adjust the TV settings, and at worst, you may need to contact your TV provider.

So, to get rid of the static, kindly follow the instructions below:

  • Turn off your LG TV
  • Disconnect the TV from its power source for 60 seconds.
  • Then, plug the TV back into its power source.
  • Now, turn on your TV.

If you follow the instructions above, the static screen will stop displaying once you turn on your TV. 

However, if the problem persists, then you need to troubleshoot further by doing the following;

  • Disconnect other electronic devices. For instance, if you connect your powerful speaker, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc., disconnect them from their power source. 
  • Likewise, take other electronic devices away from your television if it’s a device like a radio. 
  • Ensure that there is a secure connection between your set-top box and TV. If the connection isn’t loose, you must inspect your cable and set-top box for any damage. 
  • If any of the two is damaged, kindly repair, or replace it if there’s a need to.
  • Meanwhile, after trying out the options above and your LG TV is still displaying static, you should next reach out to your cable provider for technical assistance.

How Do I Stop My TV from Starting Static?

If you’re tired of the static your TV keeps displaying every time you turn it on, this is for you. 

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to stop your TV from starting static:

  • First, using your remote or TV, go to “Settings” and click on it.
  • Next, pick “all settings” or ” general” among the options on your TV screen.
  • Then, choose “channel tuning.”
  • Furthermore, go to “manual tuning.”
  • Then, select cable DTV.
  • After clicking on cable DTV, turn off your TV.
  • Turn on your TV back. By now, the TV must have stopped showing static, and you can do whatever you want to do on it.

However, a pop-up will keep appearing on your screen,  reminding you that “there’s no cable.”

You can only stop the pop-up temporarily from coming up on your screen by clicking on the gallery mode on your Home screen.

How Do You Fix a Snow Screen on an LG TV?

If your LG TV keeps showing a snowy screen, the cause is most likely to be that your TV isn’t on the correct input source or the TV is receiving a weak signal.

To fix the snow screen on your LG TV, do well to follow these instructions:

  • Ensure there’s a firm connection between your set-top box and your TV. Ensure you plug in your cable correctly, and ensure the cable is free of any damage.
  • Make sure you select the correct input source. If you choose the wrong input source on your TV, the screen will be snowy, giving you a poor viewing experience.
  • Check the other TVs in your house. If the other TVs are also snowy, or if the problem persists in the one you first troubleshoot, then you need to seek the help of a technician.

Now, you may want to ask if there is any similarity or difference between a static screen and a snowy screen.

To get an answer to the question, check the table below;

Static ScreenSnowy Screen
A static screen is also known as a white or snowy screen.The wavy lines on your screen can be either white or snowy.
Both static and snowy screens have similar causes.The causes of snowy screens are the same as the causes of static screens.
Also, both static and snowy screens have the exact solutions.The solutions to snowy screens are similar to that of static screens.

How Do I Reset My LG TV?

If your TV is giving you problems, sometimes, all you need to do to get rid of the problem is to reset your TV. Fortunately, LG TV is smart and easy to operate. Resetting your LG TV is straightforward and stress-free.

Therefore check out the instructions below on how to reset your LG TV:

  • The first step is to press the “Smart” button on your remote.
  • Then, there’s a gear icon at the top right of your TV screen; locate it and click on it.
  • Then, select “General.”
  • Now, click on the “reset to initial settings.”
  • When your TV is through with restarting, choose your language and county.
  • The next thing is to select how you want your TV to be getting signal.
  • Also, get your local area code and click “OK.”
  • Next, choose the correct input source on your TV and the service provider
  • A legal notice will show, read it and click “NEXT.”
  • And finally, read the user agreement and click on “AGREE.”
  • Now, you’re through with resetting your LG TV, and you can now enjoy using it.


As annoying as the static screen on your smart television is, most times, it turns out to be a simple issue you can troubleshoot by yourself. 

This article contains all the instructions on how to get rid of the static screen on your LG, and if you can follow them appropriately, the impressive outcome will surprise you.

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