Why Is My LG Washer Shaking Violently? (Let’s Find Out)

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To make our washing easy, we use washing machines. They are efficient and make work faster for the user.

However, they could start acting up, making its use tiring and annoying.

It could be making unpleasant noises and shaking violently. So now the question is, ‘why is my LG Washer shaking Violently?’.

Your LG Washer is shaking violently because it probably has its shipping bolts, and the balance ring lost its fluid. Broken shock absorbers, a broken counterbalance spring, and an unbalanced load in the machine. 

Why Does My LG Washing Machine Shake Violently?

Your LG Washer is shaking violently because of the following;

#1. Unbalanced Load

The type of fabrics you put in the washer could cause it to shake. For example, heavy fabrics such as bedspreads or rugs in a washer would cause imbalance.

Such materials are too heavy to be used in the washer.

An unbalanced load doesn’t just mean it’s overloaded. The washer could also be underloaded.

This situation is dangerous because there is an imbalance in the washer as weight is often to one side of the washer, which causes it to vibrate. 

An unbalanced load causes wear and tear on the washer’s parts because the washer will have to work harder than normal.

Therefore, it is always advisable to put in what the washer can accommodate. 

#2. Shipping Bolts

The manufacturers always advise users in the manual to remove shipping bolts before use. These bolts are just used during transportation to avoid rotation.

However, if you do not screw the bolts before use, they’ll cause problems eventually. These bolts cause the washer to shake violently when not removed before use.

Since using these bolts is to avoid rotation when transporting the machine, it would also disrupt the washer when in use.

Thus, you begin to notice vibrations and violent shakes from the washer. You shouldn’t ignore any vibrations as they can damage the entire machine. 

#3. Broken Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers help dampen vibrations of the washer. If you have a faulty shock absorber, your washer will vibrate and shake violently.

It could either be broken, worn out, leaking, or detached. These are the things to look out for when your shock absorber is faulty. 

These shock absorbers are tubular, which means they can be screwed and loose. Moving your washer from one place to another might cause the shock absorbers to detach.

Also, an uneven foot can lose one or more of the shock absorbers. So, if your LG Washer is shaking violently, check your shock absorbers.

It could also be that your LG shock absorbers have been covered with a fluid like oil. If this is the case, your washer damper is no longer functional.

This is also an issue because it depends on the lubricant to function well. Once there is a leak, the shock absorber cannot transfer force into the fluid.

Why Does My Washing Machine Shake Violently When Spinning. 

Your washing machine shakes violently when spinning because it may not have been leveled properly, has stacking kits issues, unbalanced load as well as insufficient floor bracing. 

#1. Insufficient Floor Bracing

Bracing helps keep the washer stable and strong. It also reduces vibrations and violent shaking. Therefore, you should add it to the ceiling directly under the washer.

If this bracing is insufficient, it will cause violent shaking and vibrations. Hence, if you want to use it, then it should be enough. 

It is quite expensive, so many people prefer to opt for plywood. The easiest and cheapest way to go about it is to construct a plywood stand where you can place your washer.

It shouldn’t be too high, so your washer can be reachable. If this isn’t done, and your washer is placed on the bare floor, it will shake violently. 

#2. Leveling

Uneven leveling is a problem for washers, leading to violent shaking and vibrations. Your washer has four feet to stand on the ground.

A situation whereby the ground is not level and the feet are not on the same level would cause shaking. 

Where the ground is okay, but there’s still an imbalance, it’s probably the adjustable legs with a lock nut.

If the legs are not adjusted properly by tightening the lock nut to keep the washer height from changing, it wouldn’t have balance.

Hence, the washer begins to shake when spinning. 

#3. Stacking Kits Issues

These kits most times come with the appliance. The manufacturers make it to give the washer stability during operation.

However, if you do not fix this kit properly, the washer will shake when spinning. Not all washers come with this stacking kit, but many of them do to avoid this problem often faced by users.

Why Does My LG Washer Keep Going Off-Balance? 

Your LG Washing Machine keeps going off-balance because its shock absorber is damaged, the springs holding the tank are worn out, the counterweight is worn out, and the drum bearings are worn out too. 

The strings that hold your tank could be worn out due to the poor quality of materials used or the long use of the strings.

When this happens, the washer begins to shake and make unpleasant noises. In addition, damaged shock absorbers can make your washer go off-balance. 

Also, if the counterweight has worn out, it would cause the washer to go off balance. This element is at the bottom of the washer, and it is a heady block.

If your washer keeps going off balance, then your counterweight mountings are loose. It could also be that there is a crack on the block. 

The drum bearings are very important because they ensure the drum is spinning correctly.

Unfortunately, these drum bearings might get rust due to constant contact with water.

If you peep through the back panel of your washer and spot rust in the motor areas, your bearings are no longer useful. 

How Do I Stabilize My LG Washer?

The washing machine needs to be stable to work efficiently and produce good results.

Therefore, the following adjustments should be made by owners to stabilize the LG washer:

  • Get a washing machine vibrations pad. These are also called anti-vibration pads. They help to absorb the vibration from the washer.

    These are economical as they’re like small mats made of rubber. The legs of the washer fit into it on the floor while the pads grip the floor. It is simple to use. 
  • Make sure you have a sturdy floor. The floor you put your washer on should not be broken, smooth, and free from holes.

    A faulty floor can also cause instability for the washer. In the case of a bad floor, use plywoods, as discussed earlier.
  • Always make sure that your loads are balanced. For example, for bulky fabrics, spread them through the washer evenly, so there’s no more weight on one side than the other.

    This balancing would make the washer stable and work well.


Many users have experienced their washer shaking violently, while some haven’t experienced it yet. However, it will happen, if not now, then later.

The causes of this issue and solutions to them are discussed above.

Whether your washer is shaking violently, going off-balance, or shaking when spinning, there are different approaches to these various issues, although they might be similar.

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