LG Washer Shaking Violently: Shake Alert!

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Washing machines are handy, but what if your LG washer starts shaking like it’s dancing out of control? This crazy shaking isn’t just noisy; it can also be a sign of a real problem.

Let’s dive into why this happens and how you can fix it, turning your laundry day from a wild ride back to smooth sailing.

Key Solutions for a Shaking LG Washer

  • Balance Your Load: Ensure your washer is not overloaded with heavy items. Redistribute clothes to maintain balance during cycles.
  • Remove Shipping Bolts: Check and remove any shipping bolts that may have been left in place.
  • Check Shock Absorbers: Inspect shock absorbers for damage or looseness, and replace them if necessary.
  • Stabilize with Plywood or Bracing: If your floor is not sturdy, use plywood or additional bracing under the washer for stability.
  • Ensure Leveling: Adjust the washer’s feet to ensure it is perfectly level.
  • Install Stacking Kits Properly: If your washer comes with a stacking kit, ensure it is installed correctly.
  • Regular Maintenance Checks: Regularly check parts like springs, counterweights, and drum bearings for wear and ensure they are in good condition.

LG Washer Shaking Violently: Possible Causes

#1. Unbalanced Load

If your washer rocks or shakes, it might be due to what you’re washing. Heavy items like bedspreads can throw off the balance.

An unbalanced load is dangerous. It puts stress on one side, causing the washer to work harder. Always fill your washer appropriately to prevent shaking.

  • Check your load: Make sure it’s not too heavy or light.
  • Redistribute clothes: If it’s off balance, pause the cycle and rearrange.

#2. Shipping Bolts

When you first get your LG washer, it comes with shipping bolts. They prevent movement during transit.

You must remove these bolts before you use your washer. If you forget, your machine will shake.

  • Read the manual: It tells you how to remove the bolts.
  • Inspect the washer: Ensure all shipping bolts and caps are taken out.

#3. Broken Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers are crucial as they keep vibrations low. If they break down, your washer will start shaking a lot.

It’s important to check if these parts are working right or need replacement.

  • Inspect for damage: Look for signs of wear or leaks.
  • Tighten if loose: Sometimes they come loose, so make sure they’re secure.
Why Is My LG Washer Shaking Violently

LG Washer Shake Violently During Spin Cycle

#1. Insufficient Floor Bracing

You might need to add bracing to the ceiling right under your washer. This keeps your washer stable and cuts down on shaking.

But, if there’s not enough bracing, you’ll notice more vibrations. Many people use plywood as a less expensive option.

You can make a plywood stand to support your washer. Just make sure it’s not too tall, so you can still reach your washer easily.

If your washer is just sitting on the floor without any support, it’ll likely shake a lot when it spins.

#2. Leveling

Your washer needs to sit level on the ground. It has four feet that need to be even. If your floor isn’t flat or the feet aren’t adjusted correctly, the washer will wobble and shake.

Here’s how you can make sure your washer is level:

  • Check the ground: Make sure it’s even.
  • Adjust the legs: If you’ve got an imbalance, tweak the leveling legs until they’re all the same height.
  • Tighten the lock nuts: This will keep the legs set and stop them from moving, which helps prevent shaking.

#3. Stacking Kits Issues

Stacking kits provide extra stability to your washer. They usually come with your washer, and you need to install them right. If you don’t, the washer might wobble and shake when it’s spinning.

Here’s a quick guide

  • Check for a stacking kit: See if your washer came with one.
  • Install it properly: Follow the instructions carefully to ensure it’s secure.

Washers that come with stacking kits are designed to minimize shaking. So, if yours has one, make sure to use it!

Why Does My LG Washer Keep Going Off-Balance?

If your LG washing machine starts to dance around, it’s likely due to some parts failing you. Inspect the shock absorbers; they could be damaged.

These are meant to keep your machine steady, but when they’re hurt, your machine might start to shake.

The springs holding the tank might be past their prime. Over time or because of uneven weight distribution, these can wear out. This wear can add to the wobbles during a wash cycle.

Check out the counterweight too. It’s a heavy block at the washer’s base, helping to keep it grounded. If this is worn or the mountings are loose, it’ll lead to an off-balance washer.

quick checklist to see what might be wrong:

  • Shock Absorbers: Ensure they’re intact and not damaged.
  • Springs: Examine them for wear and tear.
  • Counterweight: Confirm it’s not loose or cracked.
  • Drum Bearings: Verify they’re not rusted and spinning the drum properly.

When looking at the drum bearings, be alert for rust near the motor area. This sign warns you that the bearings may be past their use-by date, messing with the drum’s spin.

Remember, these parts play a crucial role in keeping the spin smooth. If they fail, your washer won’t be happy.

How Do I Stabilize My LG Washer?

To keep your LG washer from moving around, use vibration pads. They’re like tiny mats that go under the washer’s feet. They’re made of rubber and help soak up the shakes.

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The floor where your washer stands should be solid and even. No breaks, no smooth spots, and no holes. If the floor is weak, reinforce it with plywood.

  • Balance Your Loads:
    • Spread out heavy items inside your washer to avoid tipping.
  • Check Your Floor:
    • If the floor is shaky, place a piece of plywood underneath for extra support.

Remember, keeping your washer stable isn’t just about noise. It helps your machine run better and last longer.

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