6 Reasons Your LG Washer Stuck On Spin Cycle!

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LG washers are rather popular, efficient, and quiet washing machines. But for the spin cycle, they can be rather tough to manage.

During the spin cycle, the washer extracts water from the clothes. So, if it keeps spinning for some time, there might be a problem.

Now, let’s find out why your LG washing machine keeps spinning.

If your LG washer keeps repeating the spin cycle, it shows that there are foreign materials in your drain filter, and it’s not draining water from the washing machine. Your LG washer also repeats its spin cycle if the sensor is malfunctioning. Replacing the sensor or cleaning the drain filter can resolve the issue.

Why Is My LG Washer Stuck on Spin?

LG Washer Repeating spin cycle

There are various reasons your LG washer stays on the spin cycle. Here are some reasons:

#1. Unlocked Lid

Your washing machine’s lid might be open. This would keep the washer from proceeding to the next wash cycle.

In some front-load washers, the door has a door interlock safety attribute.

You must seal the lock before the washer starts a cycle. So, ensure your front-load washer seals door switch before you use your washer.

#2. Faulty Timer

Your timer could also be faulty. The timer controls most functions of the washer, including the cycles.

The timer might be defective, which will cause the spin cycle to keep repeating.

#3. Clogged Drain Filters

If your washer makes an abnormal noise like a hum, the drain filter is most likely blocked.

After washing, always check the clothes to ensure you left none of your clothes inside the washer.

This can obstruct the filter. It could keep the spin cycle stuck and unable to move to the next cycle.

Also, the washer cannot drain the water out because of the congested filters.

#4. Malfunctioning Sensors

The broken sensors in your LG washing machine might be why the spin cycle keeps repeating. All sensors communicate with the control unit.

This means that broken sensors malfunctioning would affect the ability of the control unit to get a message from the sensor. You should replace the sensors if this is the issue.

#5. Worn Drive Belt

Your machine’s drive belt could also be why your front-load washer stays on the spin cycle. If you have a worn drive belt, it reduces your spin speed and keeps the spin cycle on repeat.

#6. Overload

Loading many clothes into the washer might also be why your spin cycle is not stopping.

When the clothes are over 80 percent of the washer’s capacity, your machine takes longer to complete the spin cycle. 

Why Is My LG Washer Not Finishing the Cycle?

LG Washer Stuck on Spin Cycle

If your LG washer does not finish a cycle, the water supply or the timer could be the problem.

For the water supply, three things at fault might be affecting your cycle: the water faucet, a restricted hose, or a loose water inlet valve. 

A restricted hose is usually bent or clogged with dirt or foreign materials. If it is a faulty timer, it might need replacement.

A damaged lock assembly or bad control board can also hinder your LG washing machine from finishing its cycle.

What Do You Do When Your Washer Is Stuck on the Spin Cycle?  

When you notice your washer spin cycle is stuck on the spin cycle, you can inspect your washer for the various faults above, then resolve the problem.

These are some ways you could fix the stuck spin cycle issue:

#1. Reset Your Washer

The first thing to do is reset your washer. To achieve this:

  • Consult your manual to check if there’s a specific way of resetting your LG washer before attempting to reset it this way. 
  • If you don’t have access to the manual, disconnect your washer plug from the power outlet.
  • Wait for five minutes so that it can discharge the electric current.  
  • Turn it back on.

If this doesn’t work, try the master reset:

  • Disconnect the washer from the power source.
  • Open and shut the washer’s lid six times for 12 seconds. You should correctly adhere to the timing.
  • Run the spin cycle and check if the difficulty persists.
  • If it does, then it’s probably because of another fault.

#2. Clean the Drain Filter

You might have a clogged drain filter filled with debris and lint, which keeps your washer in a stuck spin cycle.

To clean the drain, filter:

  • Unplug your washer from the power source. Ensure that your washer plug is away from your work area or a wet location.
  • Place a small bucket or cloth on the floor close to your washer to collect the water that may pour out once the filter is open. 
  • Locate your washer filter. If your LG washing machine is a front-load machine, the filter is at the right corner in front of the machine. If you cannot locate it, check your user manual.
  • Pull off the cover of the filter with a screwdriver. Then, carefully take the filter out and clean the filter.
  • Remove the filter scream and soak in hot water for ten minutes to release dry debris and lint from the filter.
  • While it is soaking, clean the filter holder.
  • Rinse the screen of residue dirt and place it back inside the washer and tightly secure it.

#3. Replace the Timer

Your timer controls most functions in your washer, especially the cycles. So if you tried the simple solutions and still have a stuck spin cycle, your timer is faulty.

Most times, your timer gets defective due to short-circuited contacts. Here, the timer has to be changed.

Before you attempt to replace your timer, get the required tools: 

  • Nut drivers
  • Multimeter
  • Socket set 
  • Hammer
  • Hex head 
  • Spanner wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Torx wrenches
  • Adjustable wrench.

To get access to your timer and replace it:

  • First, unplug your washing machine and switch off the water supply.
  • Next, unfasten the control panel with a screwdriver and unscrew the timer from the board holding it.
  • Slowly remove the timer and remove its wiring harness clip.
  • Run a test with the multimeter to check the timer for continuity. If there is zero continuity, change the timer.

#4. Change Broken Sensor

A broken or dirty sensor switch usually displays a PE error. For example, if there is a washer error code, your stuck spin cycle problem is a damaged sensor malfunctioning.

To check if it’s broken:

  • Check your user manual for the location of your sensor and locate it on your machine.
  • If it is dirty, remove it and clean the sensor. 
  • Place it back in the washer and run a test to ensure the spin cycle does not keep repeating.
  • If you have a malfunctioning sensor, order a new sensor and replace the old one. 

#5. Replace Drive Belt

Your drive belt might be completely defective. This reduces your spin speed and keeps your washing machine stuck on a spin cycle.

To replace your drive belt:

  • First, unplug the washer cable from the power source.
  • Locate the water inlet valves and lock them to disconnect the water supply. Also, ensure to disconnect your washer plug when working on it.
  • Unscrew the access panel from the front of the washer. Check your user manual if you do not know where your access panel is.
  • Unscrew your front-load washer’s top panel to get more light for better vision.
  • The belt in the access panel is usually close to the drum or the motor. Unfasten the cover of the belt with a screwdriver. You may not have a belt cover in your LG model.
  • Carefully disconnect the old belt from the pulley attached to the washer’s drum.
  • Get your new belt and carefully replace the old ones. First, ensure the belt fits your model, or it may not function properly. Next, attach the drive belt to the drum pulley using zip ties. This holds a tight belt when you stretch it.
  • Hook the other side of the belt on the motor pulley. Then, rotate the drum pulley to access the tie and cut it with scissors.
  • Fasten the belt cover back into place. If your washer does not have a belt cover, ignore this step.
  • Cover your access panel and screw it in.
  • Connect the water inlet valves and the power supply to the washer.
  • Run a test to check if the spin cycle moves to the next cycle.
  • If the problem persists, employ the services of an expert to check it.

Can You Reset LG Washing Machine?  

Yes, you can reset your LG washing machine. To reset your LG washer, disconnect the plug from the power outlet.

Leave it off for five minutes, then connect it to the power outlet. 


LG washing machines are durable and sleek, though they may be tough to manage occasionally.

For example, your washer might be stuck in the spin cycle for many reasons, from a simple overload to a complex issue like the malfunctioning broken sensor.

You can fix a stuck spin cycle if you know the faulty component keeping it from moving to the next cycle.

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