Will Lowe’s Delivery Remove Refrigerator Doors?

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Retail companies are tasked with service to their customers and, as such, can go out of their way to ensure their customers are satisfied with the services they offer. Some of which include appliance delivery and installation.

While doors are becoming a limiting factor when moving appliances into the house, you must find a way to ensure your appliances are safely moved into the house.

Consequently, is it within the scope of lowes delivery service to remove refrigerator doors?

Yes, Lowe’s delivery will remove refrigerator doors if it comes down to that, and of course, with your permission. Delivery guys have tricks to easily carry this task out, as they do this almost daily.

Do Refrigerators Get Delivered With The Doors Off?

Will Lowe's Delivery Remove Refrigerator Doors

Yes, refrigerators get delivered with doors off in many instances.

Most refrigerators doors are removable, all you need to do is, make a prior call to the store, demanding that the door be removed to enable it to fit through your door, or in some cases, for easy transportation, the company can decide to dismantle the fridge and couple it back on delivery. 

You can rest assured that your refrigerator is in safe hands, as the lowes delivery staff are experts and are trained for these services.

You can also remove the door of your refrigerator yourself by going through the steps written in the manual.

However, it is always advisable to allow an expert to run it, so you are sure of safety as the delivery guy will make sure to limit the possibility of property damage, and also you can be sure of possible refunds if the damages are on lowe’s delivery service

Refrigerators come in various models, and so do their efficiency and durability. One of the most important things to consider during delivery is the item’s safety, as some refrigerators are more fragile than others.

So you would expect that the delivery staff will put every needed safety guideline into totality to ensure your item is delivered without damage. 

If this requires removing the refrigerator door, then it will be done. 

Will Lowe’s Take Off Fridge Door?

Yes, Lowe’s can take off the fridge door; the joy is that you won’t get to stress yourself.

Though you ought to, first of all, consider the model of the refrigerator being delivered and whether or not it will fit through your doorway.

This way, you can avoid the removal of your refrigerator door. 

For an old refrigerator, it is always advisable to remove the door, especially when it is just hanging outside your house.

This action is a safety precaution against someone getting locked in or a child being trapped inside your refrigerator.

Although Lowe’s carries appliance delivery and installation, you should always measure your doorway before purchasing a refrigerator.

Why this can go a long way to pose as a limiting factor in determining the model of refrigerator you order, there is a guarantee that you can always remove the refrigerator door to ensure it fits through your doorway.

It is easy to remove your refrigerator’s door, even if it has a water dispenser. Usually, you have to run a disconnect for the water line and the electrical connections if it has them.

The delivery guys should not have a problem removing the refrigerator door. Just know that these delivery guys do this a couple of times every day; they know the ins and out of how it is done.

What If My Fridge Doesn’t Fit Through The Door?

You will notice many drawbacks of older houses, one of which is smaller doors. This action makes it difficult for newer refrigerators to fit through, as they seem bigger than the previous models.

One is left with finding tricks to get the refrigerator through the doorway. Sometimes, you can remove the door and hinges to allow the refrigerator to fit through your door.

It is important that your first account for all the entrances of your house up to the final point of placement of your refrigerator before making any purchase.

In most cases, the delivery guy will help by removing the refrigerator door. 

Delivery guys usually come prepared with the needed tools and the desire to offer the needed services to ensure your refrigerator gets into the house safely.

Also, when the refrigerator doesn’t fit through the doorway, you can do the following.

  • Move the side of the refrigerator with the hinged door 2-4 feet away from the outside of the door; ensure there is enough space so that you can open the door of the refrigerator.
  • Go on and put a dolly under the refrigerator, ensuring that you place the smaller measurement at its back and the fridge is securely strapped to the dolly.
  • Now open the refrigerator door; with the door opened, roll the refrigerator part way through the door, rotating it as needed.

What Does Lowe’s Charge Per Delivery?

Lowe’s charges per delivery depend on many factors, though Lowe’s usually offers multiple handy alternatives for delivery.

Different types of orders qualify for different delivery methods, and the same applies to the charges of each order.

Lowe’s has a standard delivery option and other options; always choose one that suits your budget.

When you choose the standard delivery, orders under $45 will usually include a $5.99 delivery charge and are expected to be delivered within a day to four business days.

You will have an extra $8.99 delivery charge when choosing a two-day delivery for your item. Also, if you opt for next-day delivery, lowe’s will charge you $19.99 delivery charges. 

Note that for other items that are not eligible for standard delivery but eligible for lowe’s home delivery, there is a charge of $79 per order with an exception on appliances that cost over $400.

It would help if you also remembered that lowe’s has some add-on delivery charges, sometimes up to $2.

Lowe’s offers customers a minimum qualifying order of $45 with free delivery. Also, when you are a Lowe’s pro-customer, you can even have your old appliances hauled away.


  • Free delivery does not include special order items.
  • Also, free delivery is valid only for items that have been delivered to a single address.
  • There is also a consideration on the weight of the item to be delivered as free delivery applies only to items weighing less than 150 pounds.
  • If eligible items are canceled, free delivery won’t apply.

You can choose the lowe’s advantage card if you are a loyal customer; this comes with certain discounts whenever you make purposes or use any of lowe’s services.

For example, Lowes sometimes offers free local delivery and a free connection to your refrigerator.

 Washers, freezers, and other appliances if you obtain a new connection kit from lowes. It would help you get a good credit score to get the lowe’s advantage card.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Lowe’s pro include the following.

  • A Lowe’s pro member can enjoy exclusive discounts on expensive appliances such as refrigerators and many more. In the same light, you get to save on smaller ticket items.
  • Make bulk orders, saving up to 50% on your products.
  • You also enjoy personalized offers which are specific to your business goals.
  • When you register your card, you get to track your spending; this helps ensure you stay on budget.
  • Also, when you sign up and stay connected, you receive emails on exclusive offers and promotions.

Final Thoughts 

Lowe’s offers appliance delivery and installation services with moderate charges, and if you beat certain conditions, you will even have free deliveries.

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