Lysol Vs. Fabuloso (In-Depth Comparison)

Various home cleaning agents can serve as cleaning supplies for daily surface cleaning in and around the house.

However, some surface cleaners work better than others hence the constant debate and comparison between home cleaning agents. 

Lysol and Fabuloso are excellent home cleaning agents that serve right, depending on the purpose. However, for general use, the question remains, which is the best among the two options?  

The Lysol surface cleaner is better compared to the Fabuloso surface cleaner. Even though both cleaners perform seemingly the same function, the Lysol home cleaning agent receives better reviews than the fabuloso surface cleaner. Although both cleaning agents are great at cleaning, the Lysol cleaning agent is far better at disinfecting. 

Lysol Vs. Fabuloso; Which Cleans Better?

Lysol Vs. Fabuloso

Getting the right cleaning agent to serve the needs of your household is somewhat a great deal.

Lysol and Fabuloso home cleaning agents have a good review for buying cleaning supplies. For effective cleaning, the right and suitable cleaning agent that serves the purpose of need must be in use.  

The choice of using a particular cleaning agent is highly individual and varies per the purpose of cleaning.

A good idea of the features of both surface cleaners will allow you to choose which is preferable for your use.

A detailed look at both cleaning agents’ features allows for rational decisions on which agent cleans better. 

#1. Lysol 

Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Sanitizing and Antibacterial Spray, For Disinfecting and Deodorizing, Crisp Linen, 12 Count, 19 fl oz each

It’s a powerful home-cleaning agent that majorly serves sanitary purposes. The Lysol surface cleaner is more of a disinfectant that kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even house mold.

For this reason, the effect of Lysol on the human body is very severe, especially when out of its user guide.

The Lysol surface cleaning agent has a chemical composition of water, alcohol, glycolic acid, sulfates, and xanthan gum.

Based on its major use for disinfection, it is applicable on any surface, both porous as well as non-porous solid surfaces.

So, if the purpose of your home cleaning is sanitary-based, the Lysol surface cleaner is your best bet. 

#1. Pros 

  • It is the most effective disinfecting home cleaning agent.
  • Applicable on all solid surfaces.
  • They usually come in various sizes and quantities. 

 #2. Cons 

  • Lysol home cleaning agents are that they are quite expensive.
  • They only have a linen scent which isn’t too pleasing. 

#2. Fabuloso

Fabuloso All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender, Bathroom Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Washing Machine and Dishwasher Surface Cleaner, Mop Cleanser, 169 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 3) (153122)

The Fabuloso cleaning agent is a multi-purpose surface cleaning product for household and commercial cleaning purposes.

The Fabuloso home cleaning agent is an excellent surface cleaner for sanitary purposes.

It means that the Fabuloso surface cleaner also kills viruses and bacteria and is effective on home insects

The Fabuloso cleaning agent focuses more on removing grease, dirt, and grime from solid surfaces. Little wonder it’s recommended for heavy-duty clean-ups in and around the household. 

The Fabuloso surface cleaner has sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate as its active ingredient, which is biodegradable.

Not only does it effectively clean off dirt, but it also leaves a powerful, breathtaking scent that makes the environment smell nice.

Also, the Fabuloso cleaning agent is equally effective on every surface without causing damage hence its widespread use. 

#1. Pros

  • Fabuloso cleaners are also effective in sanitizing surfaces.
  • They come with very strong scents and are used as deodorizing agents.
  • Fabuloso is very affordable for daily routine use.

#2. Cons 

  • Fabuloso cleanser poses a lesser health threat to human health.
  • Unfortunately, the Fabuloso’s strong smell can become irritating for very sensitive people.

Lysol vs fabulous, Which Cleans Better?

Even though both surface cleaners serve the same sanitary purposes, the Lysol surface cleaner is better.

The purpose of cleaning is to keep the environment clean and free from germs and other harmful microbes.

The Lysol home cleaning agent doubles as a cleaning agent and disinfects the surface upon cleaning. 

The fact that Lysol surface cleaners are applicable on a wide range of surfaces offers it a better chance of working.

Lysol products come in different sizes, each with varying uses, making them even more effective.

For instance, depending on the specific need, you may opt for a Lysol spray, a liquid cleaner, or a Lysol wiper.

So, whatever the cleaning need of the house is, Lysol products are preferable. However, it does not mean that the Fabuloso surface cleaner is less effective. 

If you’d prefer a sweet-smelling scent after your cleaning endeavor, the Fabuloso cleaning agent is a better option.

Here is a quick comparison between the Lysol and Fabuloso cleaning agent that makes Lysol a better surface cleaner.

Can You Use Fabuloso and Lysol?

Fabuloso and Lysol are two different home cleaning agents that serve the same sanitary purpose; hence no need to use both.

The major use of the Fabuloso and Lysol home cleaning agents is for disinfection; the mixture of both will be hazardous.

Generally, it is always advisable not to mix and use different products of home cleaning agents. The Lysol surface cleaner is primarily a disinfectant, which kills living things on application.

Fabuloso surface cleaner is also another example of an excellent disinfectant that kills germs on application.

You can only imagine the damage such mixture will cause when it comes in contact with the human body.

Different kinds of surfaces with different needs require specific home cleaners. Home cleaning agents come in different chemical formulas; mixing them will result in undesired reactions.

For this reason, there is usually always a user disclaimer attached to every cleaning agent. Aside from “keeping away from the reach of children,” warning is the ‘non-mixing policy.’ I

t reads thus, “we do not recommend mixing Lysol products with other home-cleaning products or chemicals as it can be hazardous.

It is quite possible to mix both cleaners without causing damage but highly not advisable.

The use of both home cleaners can result in a reaction that causes skin irritation, eye irritation, and some nasal irritation.

It tends to be toxic for living things as it can trigger certain allergic reactions in humans.

The mixture causes drooling in dogs when ingested and, in some cases, results in seizures, so avoid the mixture of both cleaners. 

Is Fabuloso a Good Disinfectant?

Fabuloso All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender, Bathroom Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Washing Machine and Dishwasher Surface Cleaner, Mop Cleanser, 169 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 3) (153122)

Some Fabuloso home cleaning products are a good example of an excellent disinfectant.

Customers’ reviews place the Fabuloso home cleaning agent second to Lysol when disinfecting surfaces.

Little wonder the phrase “kills 99.9% germs” on every Fabuloso cleanser product you buy. 

As it carries such a notification tag, it is tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Usually, disinfectant agents undergo antimicrobial testing that guarantees the effectiveness of such a product to a certain degree.

The widespread use of the Fabuloso cleaning agent as a recommended product is due to its effectiveness in killing germs.

Its effectiveness as a home cleaning agent gets applauded for its spectacular ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

On an individual preferential basis, anyone will go for the Lysol product that kills two birds with one stone.

So, if the cleaning purpose is sanitary-based, the Fabuloso will serve just right under the recommended user guide. 

While Fabulosos home cleaning agent is common for deodorizing surfaces, some brands serve double as sanitary agents.

It kills germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even mold in homes on its application. Still, it is a good surface cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning, especially if disinfection is in view.

Does Lysol Kill Germs and Bacteria?

Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Sanitizing And Antibacterial Spray, For Disinfecting And Deodorizing, Early Morning Breeze, 19 Fl Oz (Pack Of 2), Packaging May Vary

The Lysol home cleaning agent is your best bet against germs and bacteria around your household.

Lysol cleansers are excellent in killing germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even house molds hence the popular use for sanitary purposes.

The Lysol surface cleaner is the number one recommended cleanser for the coronavirus proving its effectiveness.

Using the Lysol home cleaning agent according to the required specifications and guide will yield the desired result.

You will find alcohol and glycolic acid as the major active chemicals of the Lysol home cleaning agent.

Combining the above chemicals is the most effective cleaning mix you can have in a cleaning agent.

Lysol has a wide variety of home cleaning products, but the major focus is on sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces.

You can certainly bank on the effectiveness of Lysol home cleaning agents in sanitary works. The only deterrent to the Lysol cleaning agent’s effectiveness is the product’s dilution. 

There are Lysol disinfectant sprays that come with a different scent, which helps in disinfecting allergens.

With the help of such sprays, you can eliminate odors from any surface. For cleaning, you will also find Lysol cleansers in different sizes and quantities, all to serve various demands.

Why Is Fabuloso So Popular?

The multi-purpose use of the Fabuloso home-cleaning agent is one major reason for its widespread use.

Fabuloso home cleaners serve well in handling several home demands vying for its regular use by many. Opting for a substance that kills two birds with one stone is always wise.

The Fabuloso home cleaning agent is both a sanitary and deodorizing agent. However, the Fabuloso cleaner serves great as a deodorant hence its widespread use all day long.

No matter the demand for the cleaning, the Fabuloso cleaning agent will serve just right, even when cleaning on a commercial scale. 

Anyone would prefer to work with a cleaning agent that leaves behind a lingering sweet smell that fills the environment as you work.

Again, the numerous varieties of Fabuloso scents are a good selling point for the Fabuloso cleaning agent.

Their most popular scent is the Lavender scent, which will naturally bring the feeling of rest.


For effective cleaning, you must use the most effective cleanser. Among many options is the Lysol and Fabuloso home cleaning agents, which double as a sanitary cleanser.

However, the Lysol home cleaning agent receives better reviews than the Fabuloso home cleaning agent. 


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