Magic Chef Washer Dryer Combo Lint Trap? (Let’s See)

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Finding lint scattered all over your newly washed clothes can completely ruin your mood, change your plans, and discourage you from doing laundry.

But with the lint trap in the magic chef washer dryer combo, be assured of having clean, clear, smooth clothes after every laundry hour.

The ventless two-in-one magic chef washer dryer has a 2.7 cubic feet capacity, with 16 wash cycles and a front load. It has a stainless steel drum that can contain heavy loads of fabric and an LED display control panel. The lint trap is a three-in-one compartment consisting of the lint screen, the lint screen holder, and the lint filter.

Do Washer Dryer Combos Have Lint Traps?

Magic Chef Washer Dryer Combo Lint Trap

A lint trap, a lint catcher, is a filter inside a dryer that locks in lint as air is vented out during the drying process.

Most washer dryer combos have a lint trap because they are integral to a drying system.

So, it is used to stop lint from spreading all over your fabric and into the dryer vent. Keep in mind that lint is a fluffy cotton-like material that clings to a fabric.

On the other hand, other combo models such as LG do not carry lint filters that need cleaning. This all comes down to the nature of the unit, and how it dries against how the standard dryer dries.

Here, you would have to frequently inspect your drain pump filter to check the accumulation of lint.

When the lint from fabric escapes the lint catcher, it stores up in the dryer vent, causing blockages that make drying time slow and can eventually cause a fire outbreak.

Where Is The Lint Trap On A Washer Dryer Combo?

There are various types of washer brand models, and each one has a lint trap located in various parts of the machine.

For example, the magic chef washer lint trap is inside the dryer, on the front bottom corner of the appliance. 

To remove, hold on to the center of the lint housing and pull it forward towards you to reveal the lint screen and lint filter.

Check your machine’s user guide to find out other parts you need to know about your machine or search for a soft copy of your manual online.

Please do not confuse a dryer vent with a lint trap. A Lint trap is the part of the dryer that catches lint from the fabric during the washing and drying cycle.

It is an important feature of the dryer usually fixed inside the machine. It can be removed, cleaned, and replaced. 

While a dryer vent is mostly situated at the back of the dryer, and it is connected to a vent. A vent is an opening which air or gas passes through.

It would be best if you regularly cleaned the lint trap after each use to avoid the build-up of unwanted lint and avoid bad odors in your washing appliance.

How Do You Clean The Lint Out Of A Magic Chef Dryer?

Cleaning the lint trap is equally as important as cleaning the whole part of your machine for proper maintenance of your magic chef washer dryer combo.

A lint trap is a filter that catches the lint during laundry so it doesn’t spread on your clothes. Hence you should regularly clean it.

The US fire Admin recommends cleaning lint traps before and after use. Failure to clean causes dryer overheating. Another safe practice is to replace the filter every three months.

However, did you know that when you refuse to remove lint from your dryer, you’re adding to the about 2900 dryer fires every year? To avoid this, follow the six steps listed below.

Here’s how to clean your magic chef dryer in six easy steps below. But before then, the materials you need are a vacuum cleaner, a piece of napkin, soap, and water, and a soft-bristle brush.

#1. Disconnect the washer from the Electric socket:

Taking safety precautions is paramount, so the first thing you need to do is unplug your appliance from the socket.

#2. Remove the lint screen:

After unplugging, go over to where the lint trap is located and gently pull it up towards you, then gently set apart the lint screen from the lint filter. 

#3. Clean the lint screen:

Take off the lint on the screen’s surface, gently wash the lint trap screen with soap, mild water, and a soft brush, then leave it to dry.

Next, do a water check on the screen to ascertain its cleanliness. By now, water should pass freely through the mesh screen.

#4. Clean the lint filter:

Use a vacuum cleaner to work through the lint filter until it is as clean as new. 

#5. Take out the excess lint:

Extend your vacuum cleaner farther down below to clean off excess lint around the housing area of the lint trap.

#6. Fix the lint trap back into the Dryer:

Now that everywhere is clean and dry, place the lint trap back into the dryer, and your magic chef washer dryer is ready to use. This time it’s more efficient and safe.

Note: You should never use a dryer without the lint trap. It’s a dangerous practice!!!!

Cleaning the lint trap is a good practice because:

  • it prolongs the life cycle of your washing appliance 
  • It makes your clothes dry quickly and easily.
  • It makes your clothes dry faster and saves your precious time
  • It eliminates the risk of a dryer fire outbreak in the home.


Maintaining the magic chef washer dryer is a habit to make your machine last for a more extended period and keep its operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, it would be best to prioritize cleaning the lint trap before and after use. Similarly, clean other parts of the machine regularly, such as the tub, the surface, and the vent. 

Lastly, you can call a service repairer to run a general check on the machine once every year.

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