Magic Eraser On Frosted Glass (Must Know Things)

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A magic eraser is a cleaning tool used to remove dirt and grime from various surfaces. It is famous for its ability to clean surfaces that are difficult to reach.

However, most DIYers nowadays question its use on the frosted glass; some say it’s not compatible and can’t clean Frosted glass.

You can use a magic eraser on frosted glass. The main thing is to ensure the surface is not too wet or too dry. You also want to ensure you use the right side for the job. Also, avoid leaving residues behind after using The Magic Eraser on frosted glass.

Can You Use Magic Eraser on Frosted Glass?

Magic Eraser on Frosted Glass

There’s no bad in using magic erasers on frosted glass. You can. However, be careful not to leave any residue behind when you clean because this will make the window more blurry.  

Frosted glass is a type of glass that has a “frosted” finish. Professionals in different fields of study used it for different purposes.

The frosting makes the glass more difficult to see from the outside, but it also reduces the amount of light that can enter through it. 

Magic erasers don’t cause any harm to frosted glass, and the reason is straightforward.

Their constituents don’t react to frosted glass. To your knowledge, a magic eraser looks like a sponge with a scrubber attached to one side.

Its principal constituent is melamine foam, which can be used to clean many different surfaces, including frosted glasses, without causing damage.

As much as magic erasers are a good fit for frosted glass, they can affect tinted glasses, so instead, you should be careful while using tinted glasses.

It’s pretty accurate that magic erasers are soft abrasives, but they can negatively affect tinted glass in any cleaning process.

Tinted glasses are delicate and aren’t as resistible as fronted glasses. Also, they contain fog and haze, which can wipe off during any cleaning process.

If you use a magic eraser in such cases, the tint will fade off and impair. Also, as a result, you may likewise find scratches on the surface which will be visible to anyone who looks at it. 

Unlike frosted glass windows, manufacturers don’t design tinted ones for a magic eraser treatment.

Amongst many other alternatives, magic erasers are an excellent choice for cleaning frosted glass windows.

You can use them. Nevertheless, as there are good sides, keep the downsides in mind.

There is easy removal of stains without necessarily scratching the glass surface.There might be some left behind residue marks, which could be stressful to clean.
The cleaning procedures are straightforward The process isn’t time effective.

Will Magic Eraser Scratch Frosted Glass

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The question of whether Magic Eraser can scratch frosted glass is becoming rampant. Factually, a magic eraser cannot scratch a frosted glass surface.

It has been marketed as being able to clean any surface, including frosted glass, without necessarily causing damages like scratches.

Magic eraser is an abrasive, though a soft one. Its surface isn’t hard and as brittle and gritty as other sandpapers.

Similarly, Frosted glass contains normal glass constituents, and its surface isn’t so lustrous. The frosted glass production process accounts for its wonderful surface nature. 

The process starts with a sheet of flat, clear, or tinted glass heated to about 1,000° Celsius (1,832° Fahrenheit).

Then it’s coated with an opaque metal oxide layer such as titanium dioxide. A scratch scenario is less likely to occur with a frosted glass window.

But with tinted glass, you most likely will experience scratches on the surface.

How to Use Magic Eraser on Frosted Glass?

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The most straightforward way to eliminate dirt and stains on a frosted glass surface is by wiping off the affected area with a damp magic eraser.

Wipe off the dirt or stain in a two and fro motion. The process isn’t a worrisome one stall. But sometimes, when the stains are deep, adding certain mixtures help more.

You can clean without the help of mixtures or with the help of mixtures.

#1. Cleaning Without Mixtures

Cleaning dirt or marks from your frosted glass without any mixture is fast, but it can sometimes prove inefficient.

Follow the procedures below.

  • Make the magic eraser damp; the moisture content should be low.
  • Taking advantage of the moist nature of the magic eraser, use it to scour the dirt in a to and fro motion.
  • Clean the surface with a dry fabric piece, preferably a microfiber material. 

#2. Cleaning With Mixtures

In most cases, just cleaning without having to add other mixtures does the job well. But if the dirt refuses to wipe off, adding substances like vinegar is always proper. I

n this case, you’ll need a spray bottle, water, microfiber material, vinegar, and the magic erase. Let’s explore the process.

  • Combine water and vinegar in equal proportion; pour the mixture into the spray bottle, and mix it thoroughly
  • Spill the solution on the affected frosted glass surface using the spray bottle.
  • Scour the surface with the magic eraser in a to and fro direction; focus on stains or marks. You can alternatively use any soft brush instead of the magic eraser.
  • Wipe off the surface with a moist microfiber towel; the solution will surely reduce.
  • Wipe off the surface again using another microfiber material, but this time around, it should be dry.

No matter how deep your dirt stains are, I’m sure this mixture procedure will clean them.

Apart from vinegar, you can add liquid soap, increasing efficiency. Also, as a guide, ensure you utilize hand gloves to avoid accidents, especially when using chemicals.

Having a magic eraser at hand is one thing, and using it effectively is another.

It would help if you never utilize abrasive scrubbing equipment like pumping stones because they can result in scratches. Instead, it’s much safer to utilize a microfiber material.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Frosted Glass?

Aside from magic erasers, there are other varieties of alternatives you can utilize if you want to clean your frosted glass surface.

Most DIYers prefer magic erasers merely because they are popular and cheaply accessible.

However, before cleaning, it’s always good to keep the nature of the frosted glass in mind. That is, whether it’s movable or not.

One of the best ways to clean your frosted glass is by using baking soda. Here, you’ll need to make a solution out of it using water.

Then, though not mandatory, you can add some amount of liquid soap. Afterward, sprinkle the mixture on the area or spot you want to clean and let it sit for some time.

Following your desired stipulated time frame, clean the surface using a microfiber material.

I don’t recommend using high-grade abrasives and high(vigorous) acidic products. Moreover, it’s always good to try using magic erasers before considering other alternatives.

Though frosted glass may be expensive, it doesn’t require a high maintenance cost. Don’t always think far; your typical household product can do the job.

Final Words

A magic eraser made of melamine foam with a plastic mesh backing is an excellent choice if you want to clean your frosted glass; it will not cause any damage.

First, you must spray water on the magic eraser and rub it on the dirt and grime. Then, scrape off the moisture residue with a dry cloth. Now, go and clean your frosted glass!

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