Magic Eraser Ruined The Finish! (Must Follow This)

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Magic erasers are a rigid material called melamine foam, responsible for its abrasiveness.

They’re effective for removing dirt from materials ranging from walls, stovetops, shower doors, etc.

However, they tend to ruin the finish of some materials used to clean up. Consequently, many people wonder if magic eraser ruins finish.

Magic erasers ruin the finish mainly when you apply high pressure in using them to clean material surfaces. Also, a clean magic eraser can destroy the finish of materials that are too fragile to bear its harshness.

Does Magic Eraser Take Off Finish?

Magic Eraser Ruined Finish

Yes, clean magic erasers can take off and finish mainly when you apply a lot of pressure when using them to clean.

In addition, the magic eraser takes off the finish due to its rough surface from melamine foam.

Therefore, when using clean magic erasers, ensure to use them gently to avoid stripping off the finish.

Do Magic Eraser Damage Surfaces?

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 Magic eraser damage surfaces because of the source which we mentioned earlier. However, a magic eraser doesn’t damage surfaces that you gently clean with even one at a time.

Some surfaces are not abrasion resistant and thus cannot withstand a magic eraser.

Therefore, ensure to look for an alternative cleaning product to clean them instead of using a magic cleaner for them.

Below are some of the surfaces you should avoid using a magic eraser to clean to prevent damaging them.

  • Wood surface
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Biological Stones, especially marbles and granite
  • Automobiles
  • Screens of different types 
  • Surfaces that are glossy and painted

However, if you want to use a magic eraser to clean the above surfaces, you must exercise extreme carefulness.

You’ll need to be extremely careful when cleaning those surfaces with it to avoid stripping off/ damaging their finish. 

Magic Eraser Ruined the Finish! (What To Do?)

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It would be best if you inspected the damage level to determine what repair method to use when the magic eraser ruins the finish.

Afterward, you’ll need to employ any DIY method, such as using walnut for light scratches and a fill stick for deeper scratches.

After that, clean the residue of materials left from mending the finish of whatever method you’ve chosen.

You need to be aware of the level of damage that the magic eraser caused to your finish.

You can examine the finish by exposing the surface to light and using your hands to feel it; examining the finish lets, you know the defect degree and the method to fix it.

Magic eraser damage on finish can either be minimal or intense, depending on how hard you scrub with the eraser.

Therefore, evaluating the level of defect, it leaves on your finish will make repair easier. 

The level of scratches depends on the material and how vigorously you scrub when cleaning with a magic eraser.

Light scratches mainly lie on the product topcoat, and you can barely feel them when you examine the finish.

However, intense scratches can make you feel like totally refurbishing your furniture (Your finish material).

But, it is possible to mend a magic eraser ruined finish with a few DIY methods without employing a professional.

Thus, below are 2 of the best DIY methods to fix scratches on a ruined finish that’s cleaned with a magic eraser.

In the first method, you’ll need a popular household product called walnut to fix light scratches on the finish.

After that, you’ll need to follow the simple steps listed. In the second method, You’ll need just a fill stick that matches the share of your finish and touch-up marker to perform this second repair of the method.

After that, you’ll need to follow the steps below.

Method 1Method 2
Remove debris and muck residue from the surface using a soft cloth/rag.Wipe out any dirt on the finished surface using mild alcohol after inspecting the level of damage on the finish.
Remove the raw walnut shell and rub it on the ruined finish surface. The oil from walnuts will help lessen the finish’s dullness and reduce the defect level on the finish.Put the fill stick in the fire for a while for effortless application.
Afterward, caress the surface to allow penetration of the walnut oil.Then, rub the fluid dripping from it on the ruined finish surface and apply intense pressure to cover up all defects.
Then, clean off any excess walnut residue left on the material finish surface.Subsequently, remove excess fill sticks fluid residue with a plastic blade or metal scraper to level the fill stick fluid. Then clean up any leftover dirt with a clean, dry rag.
After that, your finish will look better while shining as it was before.

Things You Should Never Do With a Magic Eraser 

Magic erasers eliminate tough dirt and scuff from various material surfaces because they’re highly effective materials cleaner.

But, also, they’re abrasive because they’re melamine foam with microscopic air bubbles formed by melamine resins.

Thus, this makes the magic eraser a super harsh cleaner, and you must know what you shouldn’t do with it. 

Below are the things you shouldn’t do with a magic eraser to maximize efficiency and avoid damage.

  • Do not use a magic eraser on lustrous surfaces to avoid ruining the finish
  • Do not use magic erasers on highly valuable(or expensive) collectibles 
  • Do not use magic erasers to clean patches on the body of your automobiles 
  • Don’t use magic erasers as a teeth whitening material as they can destroy the skin enamel and cause teeth issues.
  • Don’t use magic erasers on wood, either natural wood or painted wood.
  • It would help if you didn’t use magic erasers on screens as they can scratch the surfaces of the screen.
  • Magic erasers are more abrasive when they’re dry, and thus you shouldn’t use them without making them damp.
  • You should avoid using it to clean without wearing hand gloves
  • You should also avoid using magic erasers on any part of the skin for skincare; you shouldn’t attempt to use a magic eraser for exfoliation or anything else. Additionally, using a magic eraser on your skin can damage your enamel, exposing your skin to other skin problems.

What Not to Use Magic Eraser On?

It would help if you didn’t embark on some materials using a magic eraser because these materials are fragile for this abrasive cleaner.

When you use a magic eraser on these fragile materials’ surfaces are susceptible to damage and scratches.

Although, applying slight pressure when using a magic cleaner on these surfaces can make the damage minimal.

Therefore, below are some things you shouldn’t use with a magic eraser.

  • Your skin or teeth
  • Water closets
  • Fragile countertops
  • Natural stones, including marbles and granite
  • Enamel surface bathtubs
  • Glossy surfaces
  • Wood, either natural or painted


Magic erasers can ruin the surface finish, mainly when the surface is fragile, or you use high pressure to clean it.

However, you can quickly mend magic eraser’s ruined surfaces at home with only a few household products.

However, if the level of scratch is beyond your control, contact a professional to mend the ruined surface finish.

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