Is Magic Eraser Safe On Porcelain Tile? (Must Know)

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The porcelain tile is a durable and beautiful flooring that needs proper care and maintenance.

This maintenance includes whatever cleaning agent or method you use. You probably already have a go-to method for cleaning your tile floors.

Most of you opt for a cleaning chemical that serves that purpose. 

Many of you use magic erasers to clean up your porcelain tile. Magic erasers are melamine sponges used to clean and remove stubborn stains.

However, have you ever wondered if magic erasers are safe to use on them? This article will examine whether magic erasers are safe on your tile floors.

Using a magic eraser will not damage your porcelain tile. The magic erasers prove very effective in easy stain and grout removal. In addition, the melamine used in making these magic erasers has a light sandpaper-like texture that can’t damage your porcelain tile.

Will Magic Eraser Damage Porcelain Tile?

Is Magic Eraser Safe On Porcelain Tile

The Magic eraser will not damage your porcelain tile! Magic erasers are safe to use on porcelain tile and won’t damage the surface.

However, using the eraser sparingly and only on dirty or stained areas is essential.

Rinse the area afterward with clean water to remove any residue. Allow it to air dry before anyone steps on it to prevent further stains.

Cleaning your porcelain tile helps keep it in good shape. Regular tile cleaning prevents the constant use of magic erasers due to terrible stains.

Instead, you can turn to the magic erasers when dealing with a stubborn stain. This melamine provides the desired result when used correctly.

The magic erasers from melamine with micro scrubbers; are like sandpaper and won’t damage your tile.

However, the material used in making porcelain tile is more vigorous and can’t be scratched easily.

So while magic erasers are a great and safe way of cleaning your porcelain tile, they will cause damage if misused.

Their versatility in cleaning different surfaces is an advantage. In addition, you can use your magic eraser more than once.

However, it would be best if you put on hand gloves when using the magic eraser. Another good thing is that you need water with the magic erasers.

Using just water makes it easy; you mustn’t add other cleaning agents.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser On a Porcelain Tile?

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Suppose you’re looking for a way to clean your porcelain tile without using harsh chemicals.

In that case, you may wonder if a magical eraser is safe. Magic eraser is a popular cleaning product for removing tough stains and dirt.

However, before you use a magic eraser on your porcelain tile, it’s essential to understand how it works and the risks. A type of synthetic resin, melamine foam, is used to make Mr. clean’s magic eraser.

When this material comes into contact with dirt or grime, it breaks down the surface tension of the dirt so the eraser can easily wipe it away.

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Unfortunately, while this makes a magic eraser an effective cleaning tool, it also means that it can potentially damage delicate surfaces like porcelain tile.

When using a magic eraser on porcelain tile, it’s essential to be gentle and avoid scrubbing too hard.

If you scrub too hard, you risk scratching the tile’s surface. You should also avoid using magic erasers on non-scratchable surfaces or areas that are enameled or have a glossy finish.

Using it on such delicate surfaces could also damage the surface or dull their glossy finish. If used carefully, a magic eraser can be a safe and efficient way of cleaning your porcelain tile.

Using the magic eraser works well and doesn’t require much stress. All you have to do is dip it or run it under water, and you’re good to go.

The appropriate way to use a magic eraser without exposing it to damage is; 

  • Remove dirt by vacuuming or sweeping the area you want to clean.
  • Wet the eraser by running it under water or dipping it in water.
  • Squeeze it to remove excess water, activating the foam cleaning agent. Also, the micro-scrubbers get active and ready to go.
  • Test it on a small area to be sure it won’t scratch.
  • Gently erase your porcelain tile. Do not use too much pressure as this may cause damage to your tile.
  • Please focus on the stained areas and slowly scrub them. At this point, you’ll see the grout, dirt, and other stains disappear.
  • It would be best if you mopped the tile till it is clear of dirt.
  • Allow the tile to air dry.
  • Rinse your magic eraser and store it for use next time.

Will Magic Eraser Scratch Porcelain Tile?

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Magic eraser will not scratch your tile; it is a great way to clean up stains and marks. Just be sure to follow the directions on the package and test in a small area first.

The porcelain tile is a beautiful flooring style and should be maintained appropriately.

We know that the magic eraser is not a sponge but blocks of melamine foam made of air bubbles held together by resin.

These resin threads are similar to glass shards when hardened and must be dealt with carefully.

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It’s almost like a hand-sanding machine that effectively cleans your porcelain tile’s grout, grime, and stains.

Although they are known to scratch polished, varnished, or painted surfaces, it has been approved as safe for your porcelain tile.

Using your magic eraser appropriately will help your porcelain tile retain its shine. You don’t even have to use it regularly because it will still keep your tile in good condition once in a while.

There are different types of porcelain tiles such as glazed, polished, unglazed, textured, e.t.c; you must clean each tile differently.

They all have different features, and if not treated accordingly, they can lead to damage. You should ensure you enquire about how to clean the type of tile you have.

Ensure to know the particular type of porcelain tile you’re dealing with, and follow the laid down instructions on cleaning it.

Knowing the tile type plays a significant role in ensuring your tile doesn’t get scratched or damaged unnecessarily.

What Can You Not Use Magic Eraser On?

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Although some people have rated magic erasers the best for some surfaces, there are exceptions.

These magic erasers will inflict damage if not used on particular surfaces. The magic eraser is a multipurpose cleaning agent that will clean your bathroom, wall, and glass showers.

In addition, Mr magic’s eraser effectively cleans your bathroom’s hard water stains.

The magic erasers are abrasive, and some surfaces get damaged when used on them. In addition, such surfaces are delicate, and the abrasiveness of the eraser makes them lose their luster.

So even though these magic erasers look like harmless sponges, you need to know where and where not to make use of them. 

Here are surfaces you can use Magic Eraser on and surfaces you cannot:

Permitted SurfacesUnallowed Surfaces
Porcelain tilesNatural Stone surfaces like granite and marble
Ceramic tilesStainless steel appliances
Remove dry paint from door hingesVarnished, enameled, or shiny painted surfaces
Remove soap scum in bathroom tub or showerNon-stick pots and pans
Remove tarnish from silverCar’s exterior
Nonglossy wallsFinished wood surfaces
Nail polish stainsElectronic screens
Grease on stovetopsFurniture
Refrigerators interiorSkin
Crayon/marker stains on wallsRare collectibles
Wine or juice stains from Formica countersVinyl Flooring

When in doubt if you should use the magic eraser on a particular surface, the best thing to do is a spot test.

Try out the magic eraser on a hidden surface area; if it works well, you’re good to go.


The magic eraser is safe to use on porcelain tiles. However, it’s always best to try it on a small area first.

If you decide to use a magic eraser on your porcelain tile, follow the instructions on the package and avoid getting the cleaner too wet.

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