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Mastercraft doors have stood the test of time. Over the years, the brand has been committed to manufacturing robust, durable, and affordably priced doors made from top-quality materials.

However, even though the company has made giant strides in growth, customer feedback and reviews have highlighted and given input on issues that require improvement. 

Consumers have identified a few flaws that have come to the company’s notice. This article highlights and reviews critical issues related to Mastercraft doors.

Customer reviews highlight missing door parts after purchase, reduced frame quality, warping due to sun exposure, uneven door trim, and lots more. There has also been a recent price spike in Mastercraft doors compared to their previous prices. These issues now put Mastercraft in direct competition with other door brands. 

Mastercraft Door Customer Reviews

Mastercraft Door Reviews

Almost all Mastercraft doors go through Menards; the company produces exterior and interior doors.

Exterior doors can cost between 100 US Dollars and 2000 US Dollars. Interior doors cost lower, between 70 US Dollars and 400 US Dollars

The recent spike in prices and missing door parts upon purchase has seen a slow decline in sales and appeal for Mastercraft doors. Customers have left complaints and reviews highlighting reasons for this.  

#1. Differences In Quality Between Interior Doors And Exterior Doors

Some customers have complained that interior doors are better than exterior doors.

However, the likeliest reason for this might be the cost of interior doors compared to exterior doors. Interior doors are much cheaper than exterior doors. 

Interior doors sell for as low as 70 US Dollars. While Exterior doors can sell for as high as 2000 US Dollars, some customers interpret this massive difference in price as a difference in quality. 

#2. Warping From Sun Exposure

Exterior doors are prone to warping due to constant sun exposure. It could be within a few days or weeks before your Mastercraft door starts to show these signs.

Recoating your doors with a high-quality oil or door varnish may solve this problem. 

#3. Unequal Door Trim

This action is mainly caused by warping. Mastercraft doors are prone to because they are thin wood doors.

There is no viable solution to this problem when it happens other than to replace the door entirely. Trying to fix it yourself may result in further damage.

#4. Custom Master Doors Being Expensive

Mastercraft designs custom-made doors. However, even these doors don’t come out perfectly made.

As a result, customers opt for custom-made doors to save themselves from the headache of having door issues after installation. 

Usually, more attention is meant to be given to custom-made doors. But, sadly, most customers have complained that Mastercraft does not deliver this quality. 

#5. Replacement Doors Do Not Solve the Problem

Even getting new doors to replace the faulty ones may not solve the problem. Many customers have complained that their new doors were worse than the old ones; this breeds distrust for the brand as quality is not assured. 

Although, there have been customers whose replacement doors successfully worked perfectly. 

#6. Warranty May Not Cover Kickplates

When the Kick Plates in Mastercraft doors have an issue, it is almost impossible to repair.

The following vest alternative is to return it to Menards, where you can get a new Kickplate. Surprisingly, Menards does not warranty the Kick Plates. 

They claim it is a separate piece of the door, hence is not a part of the door’s warranty. It is partially true since Kickplates may be shipped separately or with the door.

However, customers have expressed grievances over extra costs, repairs, and even repurchasing this item. It has, in turn, led to more negative reviews of Mastercraft doors. 

#7. Incompatible Locks 

Clients may want to drill holes usually incompatible with their doors because Menards does not provide specifications on the type of compatible locks.

As a result, customers become forced to research the correct locks and either drill them themselves or hire a professional who can.

Unfortunately, this action can ruin a customer’s budget and pile up unnecessary costs. 

#8. Poor Customer Care Service From Menards

Menards is a distribution outlet customers interact with when they wish to purchase Mastercraft doors.

However, customers have complained that complaints are left unattended for weeks, and even when they do get a response, the parts you requested may not arrive. Menards need to improve their communication with customers. 

Explaining that some parts of the doors may come separately and a warranty is not provided for some parts early on before the purchase will go a long way to resolving many of these issues. 

Who Makes Mastercraft Doors?

Midwest Manufacturing makes Mastercraft doors. The company is Menards Inc., the leading distributor of its products in the United States. 

Midwest Manufacturing is known for its high-quality exterior, and interior doors made with various materials, including fiberglass, vinyl, steel, and solid wood. Steel doors are much stronger than vinyl or fiberglass doors. 

They are harder to break into compared to fiberglass doors which is a weaker security door option.

The brand also features wood grain or smooth options, insulated with polyurethane foam core for energy efficiency and durability. 

Aside from interior and exterior doors, the company also manufactures Ultradeck composite decking and fencing, floor trusses, quartz, treated lumber, and concrete blocks.

Midwest Manufacturing is one of the largest suppliers of building materials in the United States and the world. 

Here are a few pros and cons that can come with using Mastercraft doors:

High Quality.Very Expensive.
Beautiful design and style.Incomplete parts after ordering.
Energy efficient doors.Doors are prone to warping.

Are Mastercraft Doors Energy Efficient?

Mastercraft Fiberglass doors are one of the most energy-efficient doors available. Energy efficient doors provide a protective seal that shields the doors from the elements.

Not all doors are energy efficient; some are more energy efficient than others. U-factor and R-value ratings determine the energy efficiency of doors.

One of the benefits of Mastercraft energy-efficient doors is that they improve your home’s aesthetic appearance and add value.

Energy-efficient doors have tighter seals that retain heat and air conditioning circulation inside your home. Aside from reducing utility costs, it ensures your home is warm and comfortable.

In energy-efficient doors, the U-factor determines the rate of heat flow, while the R-value measures its insulation capability.

Generally, the higher the R-value, the better the insulating capacity of the door. And the lower the U-factor, the more energy efficient the door is. 

Several factors contribute to the best U-factor and R-value ratings you should look out for when purchasing an energy-efficient door.

A major factor is climate. Colder areas should have doors with high R-value ratings and very low U-factor ratings. 

Because a lower U-factor means the door has high energy efficiency and a higher R-value determines better insulating ability, these two components are crucial to deciding how energy efficient you want your MasterCraft door to be.

 Good energy-efficient doors should have R-value ratings between 13 and 21 and U-factor ratings that fall between 0.12 to 0.20.

Although, the figures will suit differently depending on weather conditions. MasterCraft doors have a U-factor of 0.12, which is better than most other door brands.

It also has an R-value of 5.5. In addition to this, MasterCraft doors have a polyurethane core.

This core contributes to the door’s insulation ability. Its composite top rails are also fundamental to its energy efficiency.

Doors made of fiberglass are efficient; MasterCraft also utilizes fiberglass in its production.

Fiberglass coupled with the polyurethane foam core makes MasterCraft doors one of the top energy-efficient doors in the market.

Are Mastercraft Doors Fire Rated?

Yes, Mastercraft doors are fire rated. Mastercraft steel doors meet a 90 minutes fire rating, which is impressive.

Fire-rated doors are a vital part of every home. In fire outbreaks, they help provide at least a level of safe emergency exit.

A fire-rated door must be sturdy enough to withstand the extreme temperatures a fire can produce. 

The doors have ratings on how well and how long these doors can hold out in fire break-out situations.

In addition, MasterCraft doors, as mentioned above, are trusted to maintain a room’s temperature consistently. 

Therefore, this insulation ability will also apply to fire outbreaks occurrence. Materials used in making MasterCraft doors are well suited to withstand extreme temperatures, confirming their fire rating.

A MasterCraft door has a fire rating of about 90 minutes. The door can prevent the entrance of smoke or fire into a room for a certain period.

Once you get your MasterCraft adequately installed, you can ensure safety from fumes for a period before you call for help.


No doubt Mastercraft doors are of good quality; however, the company still has some improvements to make.

Issues like uneven door trim and poor customer care support should be paid closer attention to and handled adequately. 

In addition, steel doors by Mastercraft may be thicker and more robust than fiberglass doors. However, Fiberglass doors are more energy efficient.

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