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Maytag Front Load Washer Leaking Water? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Only a few things can be more frustrating and annoying than having one’s Maytag front-load washer leak water! It is like a pain in the head that you cannot simply shake off.

By all means, water must be present in the Maytag front load washer before any washing occurs. Hence, you cannot wish the problem away.

It must be faced squarely and fixed!

The chief cause of the Maytag front-load washer leaking water is dirt. Ideally, the Maytag front load washer has properties such that the door’s glass lining seals perfectly with the rubber seal on the door frame of the washer. The presence of dirt on both parties disrupts the perfect seal and manifests as the seal leaking water

Reasons why Maytag Front Load Washer is Leaking Water?

There are several reasons why your Maytag front load washer might have its seal leaking water. These reasons are as follows:

#1. The Door Seal is Dirty

Just as we have earlier discussed, the presence of dirt on the door glass-rubber sealing interface could be taken as the culprit responsible for seal leaking water in your Maytag front load washer. 

The dirt on the lining makes forming a perfect seal, which aims to aid water level control within the washer, virtually impossible.

The spaces created by the dirt between the surfaces continually permit water to escape from the Maytag front load washer. 

When the leak occurs from the front of the washer, especially during a spin cycle, you can be 99% assured that the root cause of the problem is dirt.

However, if the leak occurs at the back of the washer, it is most likely due to an accumulation of soap residue.

Therefore, water level control is a significant aspect of front-load washers that plays a vital role in their functionality.

Consequently, the machine would be highly compromised if you do not fix issues relating to controlling the water level within the washer as soon as possible.

#2. The door Seal might have Trapped some Cloth or other Objects

It is essential to check the rubber seal on Maytag front load washers from time to time.

This is to ensure that foreign materials like clothes, strands of cotton wool, and other foreign materials are not trapped within the very critical door glass.

Also, this is to protect the rubber seal needed for optimum protection against the seal leaking water.

#3. Visible Tears on the Door Seal

The presence of visible defects like holes and cracks on the door seal is sure that the Maytag front load washer would surely leak.

In addition, the water level control in this type of breached front load washer is generally inferior.

#4. Detergent Dispenser is Leaking

When water and soap build up in the Maytag front load washer, it eventually causes water to drip down from the dispenser. The solution to this problem is highlighted in the solutions section.

Solutions to Maytag Front Load Washer Leaking Water.

#1. Locate the Leaking Point

This very first step is highly crucial to solving this problem. The perfect fix lies in knowing exactly where the problem is coming from.

Knowing the location of the problem or cause of the leakage goes a long way in determining what method of fixing to be engaged.

It also goes a long way in preventing future occurrences of leakage.

When the leaking occurs at the back of the washer, try the following:

  • Draw the dispenser drawer entirely out of its space
  • Now, press the push button to fully release the drawer from its designated space
  • Separate the drawer into its parts
  • Then wash all the components thoroughly using a soft cloth and warm water. Ensure all visible residue is removed correctly.
  • Now, rinse all the properly wiped components under warm water to remove any residue.
  • Examine the drawer space for residue deposit. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and warm water.
  • Now re-install the drawer and the associated components when they are all scorched.

#2. Remove and Clean

Use a damp cloth to properly clean the door glass and the rubber sealing on your Maytag front load washer.

Ensure you remove the removable parts of the door or door frame and those of others to facilitate the conduct of proper cleanup and carry out an on-routine check.

You can make use of this formula in preparing your cleaning solution:

  • Add about 3/4 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water 
  • Immerse a soft cloth into this solution and gently wipe over the door glass and rubber sealing on the door frame (also known as a gasket).

    This wiping is very important at the bottom of the door (i.e., where the door meets the rubber lining or gasket).
  • Clean the outside compartment of the door with the same solution and cloth. Then, proceed to wipe the gasket thoroughly. You could slip it out of its locked-in position to ensure a much more effective cleansing.
  • Initiate a tub cleaning cycle via a tub cleaning tablet to ensure total removal of dirt.

However, if the leakage occurs from the back of the washer, it is most likely due to a build-up of soap residue.

This typically occurs when one uses too many detergents or the detergents used for washing are not compatible with your washer’s model and build.

Ensure to do this regularly to avoid a build-up of dirt in your washer and the attendant unpalatable consequence of water leakage.

#3. Replace Door and Associated Structures

If you have detected cracks and holes on the washer’s door and door frame, it is expedient that you arrange with an expert for its prompt removal and replacement.


The presence of dirt is a significant reason why Maytag front load washers start leaking water.

Depending on the location of the dirt and detergent compatibility, the leakage could occur at the front or back of the washer.

The particular specification of detergents for a Maytag front load washer is a small number of high-efficiency detergents.

Ensure to confirm which type of detergent is approved for your washer and the recommended quantity to be used.

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