6 Reasons Maytag Refrigerator Control Panel Blinking?

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Your appliances can serve you perfectly for a long time. However, abnormalities and sudden issues can occur in your refrigerator.

Although most of these problems are fixable, others may prove tough to handle.

Also, when your refrigerator encounters issues, it tries to let you know by using specific indicators.

For instance, you may see that your Maytag refrigerator’s control panel may begin to blink.

So, let’s see why the control panel of your Maytag refrigerator will blink.

Maytag refrigerator control panel blinks when its internal temperature rises, and cooling has consequently stopped. The increased internal temperature can result from damaged door seals, dirty condenser coils, and other factors. A faulty control panel can also cause blinking on your Maytag refrigerator control panel.

Six Reasons The Control Panel Of Maytag Refrigerator Blinks:

There are a few reasons why the control panel of your Maytag refrigerator blinks; here are six: 

#1. A Damaged Door Seal

Are you sure that your door seal isn’t damaged? The door seal is that colored elastic joined to your Maytag refrigerator entryway.

It functions to prevent cool air from leaving the ice chest.

Once it gets spoilt, warm air currents will find their way into your ice chest and influence its temperature and cooling capacity.

You can notice damaged entryway seals with the following;

  • Torn edges
  • Stripped off plastic
  • Lopsided surfaces

Be sure to fix your Maytag refrigerator door seal to maintain the fridge’s cooling capacity. If you wish, you can get a replacement from Amazon or Maytag.

#2. High Internal Temperature

Your Maytag refrigerator control panel could blink if its internal temperature is excessively high.

Usually, blinking begins when the fridge’s temperature increases above 59⁰ Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, a temperature of more than 59⁰ Fahrenheit is somewhat too warm to even think about chilling your perishables.

Uneven temperatures can occur when someone tempers with the temperature setting on your refrigerator’s display panel. 

An increase in temperature can also occur when you put hot foodstuff in your Maytag refrigerator.

Before you put food in your refrigerator, always make sure that they aren’t hot; if not, the fridge’s cooling capacity will be affected.

#3. Dirty Condenser Coils

Your Maytag control panel will blink anytime cooling is ineffective or has stopped. Dirty condenser coils are among several other factors that can cause inefficient cooling. 

For your Maytag fridge to cool effectively, a refrigerant system that removes unnecessary heat from the refrigerator system needs to be present.

You should know that repeated cycles of gas compression and evaporation occur in your refrigerator system.

This cycle’s hotness needs to head off to someplace, which is the compressor coils.

 A compressor coil is a metallic winding cylinder at the lower part of your ice chest. As it is usually sited at the base back of the refrigerator, it accumulates dust and dirt in no time.

The compressor coils should always be clean and neat. In this way, they’ll release heat from your refrigerator effectively.

Conversely, filthy and crumbly condenser coils can result in your ice chest’s ineffective or non-cooling system.

#4. Frost Build-up

If dirty condenser coils and a spoilt door seal aren’t the reason, a frost build-up is a suspect.

You can experience frost build-up if the compressor coils get in contact with moisture. When this moisture accumulates inside the coil, it will freeze up and transform into ice. 

Know that moisture in your refrigerator could be a product of spoilt door seals. If water accumulates in your cooler, the refrigerator’s door seal is likely damaged.

Whenever frost build-up occurs, your cooler indoor regulator will become confounded. Ineffective cooling will be the result.

#5. Faulty Control Panel

If you’ve checked other parts and nothing is wrong, the main control board is faulty. Your ice chest’s control board takes charge and oversees all its components. 

In this way, when it gets faulty, your refrigerator might quit cooling. As a sign to alert you, the display panel will start blinking.

A few factors like power surges can cause several defects in your control panel. Consider replacing it once you discover it is faulty.

You can get one from Amazon.

I strongly advise you to contact a professional if you’re confused about how to do the replacement.

#6. Power Outage Or Surge

A power surge or blackout can wreck your refrigerator’s cooling framework. They can make your refrigerator parts break down or get harmed.

During blackouts, Maytag refrigerators transform themselves into “safe Mode.” This safe mode tries to balance out the refrigerators’ temperature for some time, though it fails sometimes.

That is the point where your cooler will squint to advise you to investigate or troubleshoot the issue.

How Do I Reset My Maytag Refrigerator Control Panel?

You can reset your Maytag refrigerator control panel by pushing some buttons together.

For example, press the ‘lighting’ and ‘power save’ together for roughly eight seconds.

With this action, the refrigerator will reset, and the refrigerator front panel will now function properly.

They’re many choices when it comes to performing refrigerator display reset.

One is, holding down the freezer and refrigerator buttons together for about 8-10 until the refrigerator control panel resets.

Another is pressing the ‘energy save’ and ‘lighting’ buttons together.

Do this likewise for about 8-10 seconds, and your Maytag refrigerator control panel will reset.

 Apart from the three methods I’ve mentioned above, there are other alternatives. Below are some pairs of buttons.

Hold each pair as given below for about 8 seconds to obtain a reset effect.

The button pairs include;

  • ‘Power freeze’ and ‘power cool’ buttons
  • ‘Quick-freeze’ and ‘vacation’ buttons
  • ‘Power freeze’ and ‘vacation’ buttons
  • ‘Ice-type’ and ‘filter reset’ buttons 

Note that some of the methodologies may not function on some Maytag refrigerator models. Therefore, I advise you to try every one of them and discover the one that best suits you.

Likewise, a few of them might not have specific impacts on your Maytag cooler.  For instance, some might reset the filter indicator.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Maytag Refrigerator?

You can troubleshoot a Maytag refrigerator by identifying possible problems and proffering solutions.

A few issues that will require you to troubleshoot a Maytag refrigerator include; ineffective cooling, interrupted power, and commotion sound from the fridge.

At times, the fridge’s entryway won’t close properly. The ice chest might also be producing an excessive amount of commotion.

To resolve some of these issues, reset the main control board.  Note that some of them may require more explicit approaches. 

Let’s carefully examine a few problems and their troubleshooting steps:

#1. Your Maytag Ice Chest Not Cooling

If your Maytag ice chest isn’t cooling, dirty condenser coils in the cooling framework of the fridge are most likely the suspect. 

The fan and condenser coils at the fridge’s rear help dissipate heat from the ice chest. The fan and evaporator coils retain heat from the refrigerator while they circulate cold air.

To troubleshoot issues like ineffective cooling, inspect the condenser and evaporator coils to see if they’re clean. After that, check their fans and make sure they’re operating effectively. 

Be sure to clean the condenser and evaporator coils if you notice they’re grimy and filthy. You should try as much as possible to do the cleaning regularly.

#2. Power To Your Maytag Refrigerator Is Being Interrupted

Inspect a few things if you discover that power to your Maytag refrigerator is being interrupted.

First, inspect if the fuse of the socket to which you’ve plugged your refrigerator is blown. Then, likewise, check the circuit breaker.

To confirm that your ice chest is not receiving power, check if the inside lights turn on when you open the fridge door.

The lights not turning on implies that the refrigerator isn’t getting power.

Also, check the wall socket into which you’ve connected the fridge. Inspect for blown fuses. They might be the reason for the interrupted power.

You can resolve issues like this by turning the circuit breaker on if it’s off.

You should also replace blown fuses. You can get one from Amazon. If you do the replacement and the refrigerator works fine, that’s an issue resolved.

However, if the fuses continue blowing now and then, you’ll have to troubleshoot the refrigerators if there’s an electrical fault somewhere.

#3. Your Maytag Refrigerator Producing  Commotion Sounds

Moderately low sounds, similar to the tender murmur of blower fans or blowers, is usual.

But, conversely, if you hear any sound louder than the delicate murmurs, just know something is wrong.

To troubleshoot issues like commotion, inspect the evaporator and condenser fan blades. It could be that spoilt blades are hitting some parts around them.

Therefore, this action will result in a constant thumping or vibrating commotion. 

External objects could also get stuck in the motors inside the refrigerator system.

To fix issues like this, identify the source of the noise. You should also replace spoilt fan blades. Also, remove all external objects stuck in the motor.

Have you ever Heard of ‘Refrigerator Diagnostic Mode’? A diagnostic mode is an option if you wish to troubleshoot your Maytag Refrigerator.

It’s also known as the ‘service test mode.’

This diagnostic mode assists you in inspecting particular frameworks in your Maytag refrigerator.

These frameworks include the heater and defrost circuits, the blower and condenser fans, and many others.

To enter the diagnostic mode, firstly open the door to the fresh food compartment, then push the door alarm button.

After that, push the Refrigerator Temperature UP while releasing the door alarm button and wait for a while.

Then, press the Refrigerator Temperature UP again.

Then, wait for some time; you’ll see ‘001’ on the control panel. Then, select your desired test, and it will run.


Your Maytag refrigerator will blink because its cooling is ineffective, the internal temperature is high, or the main control board is faulty. Be sure to clean up your condenser coils frequently.

If you have any issues and wish to reset the control panel, I’ve highlighted many alternatives. Choose the one that suits you.

So, you can perform a hard reset by disconnecting the refrigerator for about five minutes.

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