Maytag Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location!

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It’s unsettling to see water accumulating in your refrigerator. Water can be spotted leaking under the refrigerator and causing a puddle if the drain tube is blocked or obstructed.

Most contemporary refrigerators with auto defrost contain a tube to drain water.

Knowing the location and how to access this drain tube is crucial. And it can come in handy in times of Emergency. 

The defrost drain tube on your Maytag refrigerator is located on the freezer’s back wall, in a plastic cover kept in place by a screw. It is found in the middle, just above the point where the floor slopes to the back. You must remove the screw and the panel to access the drain hole.

Where Is the Defrost Drain On a Maytag Fridge? 

Maytag Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location

Your Maytag refrigerators defrost drain hole and drain tube can be found on the rear wall of the refrigerator.

 Below the center, where the floor angles up to the back. A screw secures the plastic panel in place. The drain hole will be visible once the screw and panel are removed.

How Do I Know If My Maytag Defrost Drain Is Clogged? 

A clogged Maytag freezer drain can result in water buildup within your refrigerator.

Extra condensation is usually sent to the drain pan, but if the defrost drain line of a fridge is clogged, the only place for the water to go is within the refrigerator.

An automatic defrosts mode on the freezer cycles through, clearing any frost and ice accumulated on the freezer’s walls but not the entire freezer.

The ice melts and drops to the freezer’s floor, passing through a valve that directs it to a drain when the defrost cycle begins.

This water eventually gathers in a drain pan located outside the refrigerator. The minimal condensation evaporates without overflowing outside the drain pan because of its small size.

Condensation cannot effectively drain away from the appliance if the valve or drain line is blocked with particles. As a result, water can build up inside the refrigerator. 

Refreezing the water that has become stuck in the drain line creates an even stronger clog. There are many reasons why your refrigerator can clog up; some of the reasons are discussed below.

#1. A Wrong Drain Strap Positioning

a small component might cause the plug’s clog if the drain heater operates. A drain strap that extends into the drain is fastened to the defrost heater in some drains.

The drain strap transfers heat to the drain when the heater turns on, melting any ice that has built up.

However, if the drain strap is positioned incorrectly, it will be unable to melt the ice and prevent clogs in the drain line. 

#2. A Problem With the Check Valve of the Drain Unit 

Several Maytag refrigerator models include a check valve with a tiny orifice called a duckbill. This type may catch trash, food, and ice more readily than other valves.

Owners of refrigerators who have attempted to fix the issue by chopping off the narrow portion of the valve to create a wider opening discover that this may cause an additional issue.

The freezer has to work harder since the bigger entrance allows warmer outside air to enter the cold inside.

#3. A Faulty Or Damaged Non-return Valve

Behind your refrigerator is a rubber strap between the compressor drip pan and the fridge’s body.

It is advisable to clean it often if it gets dirty or stuck in the heat. The rubber strap will have to be replaced if it is damaged.

#4. A Problem With the Thermostat

Your refrigerator can get too chilly if the thermostat is damaged since it cannot control the temperature properly.

If this happens, ice could build up inside the drain, which might cause water to overflow into your refrigerator.

When a refrigerator is excessively cold, more water will run off. The water will then spill over and start to trickle, and stay underneath the vegetable drawers.

You can resolve the issue by raising the fridge’s temperature using your thermostat.

If the refrigerator still gets chilly after that, your thermostat has to be changed since the thermostat might be broken.

#5. A Faulty Circuit Board

If the circuit board is broken, your refrigerator could get excessively chilly and end up with its gutter frozen. The water from the runoff will then overflow and drip under the refrigerator drawers.

The circuit boards of refrigerators equipped with frost-free technology no longer provide the appliance with defrosting information. 

Therefore, it is unlikely that the board in these refrigerators will be the problem. If the card is broken, you’ll need a new one.

 You can do it yourself or hire an experienced engineer with Maytag appliances.

#6. A Faulty Or Damaged Gutter Heating Element 

Some Maytag refrigerators come equipped with frost-free technology that uses a unique heating element to stop the gutter from freezing.

The evaporator’s water output during the defrost process could overflow if this heater isn’t functioning properly. 

They can be water buildup; eventually, the water may find its way into the freezer compartment.

You can examine the heating element using an ohmmeter mode on a multimeter. Connect the two probes of the meter to the terminals of the element. 

If the heating element is fully functional, the multimeter will display some readings.

But if it’s not functioning, there will be no readings. In that case, you’ll have to replace the gutter heating element.

#7. A Blockade In the Compressor Drip Pan 

Your refrigerator has a drip pan that links to the water drain tube on the back of your refrigerator, directly above the compressor. 

With time Junk may build up at the end of this tube.  Cleaning the drip pan and the tube itself is advised; you must replace the tube if it is flawed.

How Do I Clean My Maytag Refrigerator Drain?

Before attempting to clean the drain of your Maytag refrigerator, you will need some tools. 

Explained below are the tools you will need.

Screwdriver For removing and tightening the screws
Stiff wireClearing debris in the drain
Basting syringe They collect and force water into the drain hole during cleaning.
Detergent Used in washing and removing dirt and stains
Sponge For scrubbing off dirt 

We have discussed the uses of the tools needed to clear a clogged drain. We will look at how to fix your refrigerator’s drain tube if it is clogged. 

#1. Step One: Unplug the Fridge 

Unplug your appliance from the power source before performing any maintenance. Disconnecting the refrigerator reduces the chance of receiving an electric shock.

#2. Step Two: Empty the Fridge 

Take out items like a sliding drawer or food that might obstruct or block your access to the drain hole.

#3. Step Three: Remove the Ice In the Drain Hole 

The refrigerator’s bottom is where you’ll find the drain tube. A plastic cover is placed over it to protect it.

You will need a screwdriver to remove the screws and open the cover.

After opening the plastic cover, use a screwdriver or a piece of strong wire to remove the ice from the drain hole. If you don’t have any screwdrivers, you can buy some.

#4. Step Four: Flush And Clean the Drain Hole And Drain Pipe.

A visual inspection might not reveal an interior obstruction in the drain opening. The blocked or clogged drain line can be cleared using hot water.

You can use a syringe to do this if you have one, but even if you don’t have a syringe, you are still good to go.

#1. When Using a Syringe, 

Add warm water to a basting syringe. Insert the syringe’s end into the drain hole and force the water through by squeezing the bulb. Doing this will help clear the drain of any leftover ice.

#2. When Not Using a Syringe 

If you are not using a syringe, fill the drain hole with hot water until you hear water dripping into the drain pan.

The water that falls into the drain pan should evaporate, but if there is an excessive amount, dry it up with a towel or another absorbent material. When the drain hole is cleaned, the problem is resolved.

You can use soapy water and a sponge, clean the drain pan and rinse it out thoroughly when you are done clearing the drain hole and drain pipe.

#5. Step Five: Rearrange Everything Back In Order

Replace the food and any drawers you removed.  And Plug the refrigerator back into the outlet; your refrigerator should function well.

How Do I Access My Maytag Fridge Defrost Drain Tube?

Accessing the defrost drain tube is not a very difficult task. The defrost drain tube and drain hole are often found at the bottom back of the refrigerator. 

To locate the drain tube, Look at the bottom of the refrigerator. The drain tube is protected with a panel made of plastic.

To access the drain tube, you must remove the panel covering it. All you need to do is to use a screwdriver to loosen the screws, and you will be able to access the drain tube and drain hole.


The defrost drain tube of your Maytag refrigerator is located behind the refrigerator. When water builds up in your refrigerator, it signs a clog in the drain tube.

How to handle and fix blockades on your Maytag refrigerator has been discussed above.

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