Can You Use Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix For Refrigerator Pickles?

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Spicing up your pickle routine with Mrs. Wages® Dill Pickle Mix can never go wrong. The ready-to-store mix only requires that you prepare your pickles and bring them to boil with the mix.

Now, one important thing is the storage method.

As a homeowner and pickle lover, you may want to know if you can use Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix for refrigerator pickles.

It’s important because you’d like to choose your preferred storage method, either canned or refrigerated pickles. Well, I assure you that you’re in the right place.

You can use Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix for refrigerator pickles; it’s a great choice. As long as you follow the right procedure for the pickle preparation, you’ll get it right. In addition, you must consume the refrigerator pickles within two weeks as this storage method doesn’t favor prolonged storage.

Can I Use Mrs. Wages Quick Process Pickle Mix To Make Refrigerator Pickles?

Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix

Of course, you can use Mrs. Wages Quick Process Pickle Mix to make refrigerator pickles.

However, it would be best if you prepared them properly using the water bath method, which kills the bacteria responsible for decomposition.

But, it would help if you prepared your pickles with the quick process pickle mix made from purely natural herbs.

Food decomposition is an inevitable process for all food items, and prickles are no exception. You can purchase a pack of quick-process pickle mix if you want to make at least ten quarts of pickles.

This quantity is enough to last you for a while and feed extra stomachs.

The process involves having some vinegar of 4% acidic concentration, water, and sugar (optional). You don’t need anything else aside from the storage jars.

Now, the procedures.

  • First, wash and peel the number of cucumbers and veggies of your choice for the pickle batch.
  • Then, properly wash the jars with salty water and leave them to stand to allow residual water to dry.
  • Next, cut the cucumbers into thin slices to allow the ingredients to saturate each piece.
  • Furthermore, open a pack of Mrs. Wages Quick Process Pickle Mix into a pot with some water and vinegar and bring to boil for twenty minutes.
  • Afterward, drain the excess water and store the pickles in an airtight jar with some sugar.
  • Finally, you can proceed to store the picked-filled jars in the refrigerator and enjoy them as long as it lasts.

How Do You Use Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix?

Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Canning Seasoning Mix, 6.5 Oz. Pouch (Pack of 2)

First, you must note that the different Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix types have similar preparation processes.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you see a few recurring steps. You must follow these simple steps to use Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix.

  • First, get some airtight glass jars with perfect lids and sterilize them in a brine solution to eliminate germs. Then, let it cool down in the open air with the lids uncovered.
  •  Secondly, prepare the vegetables of your choice; cucumbers, onions, carrots, parsley, e.t.c. Wash them with salty water, peel the unwanted parts, and set them aside.
  • Next, measure a cup of vinegar to two cups of water, depending on the number of pickles you intend to make. Place the solution in a pot and place it on the stove; allow it to warm before adding the Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix.
  • After adding the pickle mix, stir for about two minutes until everything dissolves completely. Leave the mix to cool down before turning it into the pickle-filled jar.
  • Finally, place some pickles and add the solution from the pot into the sterilized jars. Leave at least ½ space before the lid, do not fill to the brim. Then, you can refrigerate and eat whenever you want.

How Do You Use Mrs. Wages Pickling Vinegar?

kent precision foods group inc w654-98425 Mrs. Wages, Gallon, Pickling/Canning Vinegar

Vinegar is an essential part of the pickle recipe, which prolongs them. Preservation will barely be possible without vinegar, and the pickles will not be called pickles in the absence of the tangy taste.

Aside from pickle mix, Mrs. Wages also has pickling vinegar for sale that you can purchase.

To use the vinegar, you should mix a portion of vinegar with two portions of water to balance the acid concentration.

Mrs. Wages keeps the acidic content of her vinegar to the preferred 5%. This percentage is safe and consumable, especially when diluted in a double portion of water.

The vinegar blends with the natural herbs and spices in Mrs. Wages Pickles Mix. Consequently, you can mix the right portions of everything and store them in the refrigerator.

In addition, you can add some sugar to the mix as a sweetener. But, this is if you’re unsatisfied with the sugar content in the Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix.

Normally, the Dill pickle mix contains sugar to add some sweetness to the tanginess no matter the pickle mix brand.

What Are The Ingredients In Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix?

Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Canning Seasoning Mix, 6.5 Oz. Pouch (Pack of 2)

One of the reasons why Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix is unique and preferable because of the natural ingredients. The mix is finely produced as 100% organic and trusted by many.

Of course, cloves, turmeric, and salt are present. In addition, citric acid and some mustard oil. 

The blend of these ingredients gives a distinct flavor you cannot miss when you bring it to a boil.

Moreover, the mix’s cooling process does not tamper with the flavor. In the end, everything remains intact, and you have nothing to worry about.

#1. Pros

  • Made with natural herbs and spices
  • Easy to mix and use on the go
  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Adds unique taste and flavor to keep you hooked
  • Adds sweetness to the sourness of the vinegar
  • Just add vinegar and water

 #2. Cons

  • It might be too spicy for people with special diet needs

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that you can use Mrs. Wages Dill Pickle Mix for refrigerator pickles. Ensure to prepare the pickles correctly by following the instructions above.

But, do not store refrigerator pickles beyond two weeks after preparation; it’s unsafe for consumption since they didn’t pass through water canning.

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