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7 Reasons Your Netflix Keeps Crashing & Freezing!

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Netflix is a very good way to spend your relaxing time, especially after a long day. However, it can get frustrating when your screen freezes or crashes while watching a movie. 

There is probably nothing more annoying than turning on Netflix and getting a blank screen, especially while watching your favorite show. 

You are on the right track if you are looking for a reason why your Netflix keeps crashing and possible solutions.

Your Netflix keeps crashing on your device because of a low internet connection. It is possibly also crashing because the app is running on outdated software—the exhausting streaming limit, app glitches, or Netflix server downtime. In addition, if your cache is overloaded with data, it can cause Netflix to crash abruptly. 

Why Does Netflix Keep Crashing? 

Netflix Keeps Crashing & Freezing

Netflix can freeze because of issues with the Netflix app, your network connection, or your Smart TV.

It could also be due to hardware failure or an overloaded cache. Here are some of the main reasons your Netflix app keeps crashing:

#1. Weak Internet Connection

This issue is the first thing you should check when your Netflix app crashes. This problem is commonly associated with app crashes and frozen screens. 

A weak internet connection crashes an app due to its inability to connect to the app server. Consequently, when you start the app or try streaming a video, it gives a blank screen.

It might display an entirely blank screen, a black screen with a loading indicator, or a frozen video scene. 

Before fixing the issue, test your internet connection to ensure this is the cause. Then, using the same network, you can open the Netflix app on another device through a hotspot. 

If you have the same issue with your Netflix after testing it, the internet connection is the problem.

However, you can fix this issue by disconnecting your router from the electric power source. Then, allow the router to refresh for five minutes.

Connect your router to the power outlet, and launch your Netflix app again.

#2. Software Glitch

This issue is another reason the Netflix app might be crashing. If the software of your TV, smartphone, or any other device you use glitches, it can cause Netflix to crash. 

Fortunately, you can easily fix the glitch by disconnecting your TV from the power outlet. Next, wait three to five minutes and connect your TV to the outlet. 

#3. Netflix Login 

If you have fixed the software glitch problem, but the app still crashes, you probably need to log out of the software. 

When a glitch becomes too difficult for your TV to handle, the smart TV will freeze, or Netflix will crash.

Though you might open the app, you will see a red spinning circle on a blank screen. To fix this issue, you must log out of your Netflix account and sign in after a few minutes.

To log out, go to your profile screen, scroll down and click on Settings. Select the ‘Sign out’ or ‘Log out option. Next, wait for a few minutes before logging back in.

#4. Netflix Server Downtime

If your Netflix app keeps crashing after you have checked the issues above, it might be due to server downtime. 

If the Netflix servers are down, you only have to wait a few minutes for the app server to return. To verify this, check the server status on the Netflix Help page. 

#5. Outdated Device Software

Most outdated software cannot run recently updated apps. This issue might be the reason your Netflix app keeps crashing.

If your device software is outdated, it might be slow to load your Netflix or will not load it. 

To rectify this, go to your device settings, and select ‘General.’ Next, tap on ‘About’ and ‘Software Update.’ Then proceed to update your device software.

#6. Streaming Limit Exceeded

You might overlook this because you probably do not know there are limits for each Netflix plan.

The plan you purchased determines the number of devices that can use the Netflix account simultaneously.

Below are Netflix plans and their usage limit:

PlanDevice Limit
Basic planOne device
Standard planTwo devices
Premium planFour devices

If you are using a basic plan and your Netflix account runs on two or more devices, your Netflix will keep crashing. 

#7. Overloaded App Cache

The app cache stores information about your application every time you open the app. It also makes the app loading time shorter.

However, when the data in the app cache accumulates and occupies more space than necessary, it can cause Netflix app crashes.

To fix this issue, clear your Netflix cache data. Then, go to your app settings, and select the ‘General’ option in the settings menu. Next, select ‘Application’, and ‘Application Manager.

Choose ‘Netflix’ from the list of applications and click on ‘Storage.‘ Then, select ‘Clear Data,’ tap ‘Ok’ to clear the cache data, and launch your Netflix app.

Here are the issues and their quick fixes:

Outdated softwareUpdate your device software
App cache data overloadGo to the app settings and clear your app data cache
Netflix login Sign out of Netflix, wait for a few minutes, and log in to the app
Weak internet connectionDisconnect WiFi or router from the power source. Next, wait for five minutes before connecting it.
Software glitchDisconnect your device from its power source and let it rest for three to five minutes. Then, plug it back in and launch Netflix.

Why Does Netflix Keep Freezing?

The most common reason your Netflix keeps freezing is a poor internet connection. The weak WiFi causes your video stream to buffer. 

Other issues that might cause your Netflix app to freeze include out-of-date firmware on your app that might need updating, hardware issues, or login issues. 

Below are the reasons Netflix keeps freezing:

#1. Bugs in the Firmware

Errors in your Netflix or device firmware can cause Netflix to freeze. In addition, the bugs will keep you from using the app smoothly due to the glitches in the app. 

It could also be because your app is out of date. If this is the case, update your app. However, if the app keeps crashing, restart your device or sign out of your app.

#2. Weak Internet Connection

The internet connection determines how fast or slow Netflix will download or stream the video you plan to watch. 

Therefore, if your internet connection is poor, the video will slowly download, causing it to freeze.

If your network connection is strong, ensure that no solid objects block the internet signal. 

Also, ensure no interfering devices like radios, Bluetooth, or microwaves close to your router. Bring the router close to your device and remove any interfering devices.

Netflix recommends using a minimum of 1.5MB/s to load your app and a minimum of 3MB/s to enjoy a smooth Standard Definition video stream.

For a Higher Definition, you will need an internet speed of 5MB/s to 25MB/s.

#3. Cache Overload

The cache is the storage in your device that stores temporary cookie files and user data. The cache also reduces the app’s load time and increases its performance.

When the data in the cache becomes too much, the app will be difficult to operate, which causes the app to freeze during use.

How Do I Stop Netflix from Crashing?

Now that you have identified why your Netflix is crashing, you can easily stop the app from crashing by implementing a few fixes.

Here are some ways to troubleshoot and fix the cause of the issue: 

#1. Check Your Transmission Plan

If you overload your Netflix, it could cause it to crash. So, before sharing your account with someone else, check the capacity of your transmission plan. 

Follow the steps below to check your current transmission plan capacity:

  • First, go to your profile page in the app, and select ‘Account’ in the menu. 
  • Next, select ‘Billing details to check your account plan and billing record. 
  • If your plan is basic, only one device can use the account. If it is a standard plan, it functions on two devices. For the premium plan, Netflix can function on four devices.
  • Ensure your device is not connected to more devices than the plan can accommodate.

#2. Check Your Internet Speed

If your internet network is slow and the speed unsatisfactory, turn off your router and disconnect it from its power source. 

Wait five minutes, plug it in, turn on the router and relaunch the app. If there are any obstructions between your router and the device, remove them. 

You can also move your router close to the device to increase internet speed and connectivity.

#3. Update Netflix App

To update your Netflix app:

  • Press the Home or Hub button on your remote
  • On the menu, click on ‘Apps.’ In the Apps menu, select ‘My Apps.
  • Next, select Netflix in the options and click on update.

Check Netflix Downtime

If your device connection fits your Netflix account plan and your network has no glitch or weak connection, app downtime might be the problem

To confirm the status of the Netflix server, visit their website to check if there is a problem with their app servers.

If the service is down, you must wait some time for Netflix to fix its server issue.

How Do You Reset Netflix On a Smart TV?

To reset your Netflix on a smart TV, you must clear the app cache and reboot the app. In some smart TVs like Samsung Smart TV, you might need to delete the app and reinstall it. 

Follow the steps below to reset your Netflix app on your Smart TV:

  • Open your Netflix app and open the menu on the Home Screen
  • Select ‘Settings’ in the menu.
  • Scroll down the settings menu and click on ‘Sign out.

However, if you cannot locate ‘Sign out on your Netflix screen, press your remote in the following order:

  • Up 2x
  • Down 2x
  • Left
  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
  • Up 4x.
  • Then click on ‘Sign out’ or ‘Deactivate.’
  • Restart your Smart TV and unplug it from its power source
  • Leave the TV unplugged for three minutes
  • Connect your device to the power source and turn on the Smart TV. 
  • Relaunch your Netflix app.

How Do I Clear My Cache on Netflix?

You can clear the cache in your Netflix app by deleting the data in your app cache. Clearing app data improves the Netflix user experience. 

Before clearing the data, ensure your device has a strong internet connection and that the device’s date and time are current. 

Here are steps to clear your Netflix app cache: 

  • First, click on the menu in the ‘System’ app. 
  • Next, scroll down and select Netflix.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Storage’ and the ‘Clear Data’ button. 
  • This action will delete all cookie files and cache data in your app
  • Restart your device and launch your Netflix app

Why Does My Netflix Keep Freezing on My Smart TV?

Your Netflix keeps freezing on your Smart TV due to internet connection issues or Netflix server downtime issues. This problem can be frustrating, especially if it freezes halfway through your favorite show.

Here are some of the reasons your app is freezing on your Smart TV:

#1. Internet Connectivity Issues

If your Netflix app keeps freezing on your Smart TV, check your router’s internet connection to the TV. If you are not connected, it might be why Netflix is freezing.

However, you might be connected to the internet, but your connection is low. The low connectivity could also be why the app freezes while streaming videos.

If you are using a standard definition stream setting, your internet speed should be up to 3Mb/s, while for a high definition streaming, you will need 5Mb/s.

On the other hand, an Ultra high definition streaming will require an internet speed of not less than 25Mb/s.

#2. Update Issues

If the Netflix app in your Smart TV or the TV software is out-of-date, it might be why the app freezes during the streaming time.

Update the Netflix or TV software to improve the app performance and stop app freezing.

#3. Server Downtime

The server downtime issue could be causing your Netflix to freeze. However, the Netflix server is probably down since your device is up-to-date and you do not have any WiFi connection issues.

Check the Netflix service website to verify the status of their server.

#4. Netflix Streaming Plan

There are three streaming plans on Netflix, and each plan limits the number of devices it is compatible with. 

Using more devices than the allocated number can cause Netflix to freeze on your Smart TV. Ensure you do not exceed the limit for your streaming plan.


In summary, your Netflix can crash due to poor internet speed, Netflix downtime issues, cache data overload, or outdated software. 

However, you can fix these Netflix issues once you know the cause of the problem. If the issue persists after trying the various fixes above, contact Netflix to resolve the issue.

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