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Why Is My Ninja Blender Blinking Red?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

It’s not a funny experience to put fruit in the blender to make a smoothie, only to see a series of blinking red lights. If this happened to you for the first time, you know that it’s pretty scary. So, you may wonder what precisely these lights mean.

Your Ninja blender is blinking red because the jar is not correctly locked to the jar base, so the blades in the jar base can’t work correctly. It could also be that the lid covering the jar is not adequately covered.

Why Is My Ninja Blender’s Power Button Blinking Red Light And Not Working?

Your Ninja Blender’s power button is blinking red and not working due to improper attachments of the various parts that make up the blender.

A Ninja blender is made up of a lid covering the jar, which has a white arrow mark. You will also notice that the jar’s handle has the same white arrow mark on it. It means the arrow sign is there to navigate you how to cover the lid correctly.

When closing the jar with the lid, the arrow on the lid should point towards the indicator on the jar’s handle. But if these two arrows are pointing in different directions, your Ninja blender will blink red and not work at all.

This is because the manufacturers made the blender how they want it to operate, so we should follow the guidelines on the blender for proper functioning.

In addition, your Ninja blender will blink red and not work if the jar’s base is not attached correctly to the jar itself. If you take a close look under the jar, you will notice that it has a similar component that fits into the motor that powers the blender.

This means that they are intended to be tightly fixed together. Some blenders make a sound to indicate that they have been set correctly. But if they aren’t appropriately attached, how can the blade spin properly to make the blender work? Of course, it won’t work.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Ninja Blender?

To troubleshoot a Ninja blender, you have to check the power cord, the components, and the circuit breaker.

Trying to figure out a solution for your Ninja blender is quite simple though tricky. First, you might ask yourself, “I attached everything correctly; what’s wrong?” You may have done these, but you should also note that your power cord could be a problem.

Check your power cord, and if you notice a short tight twist in the cord, it is faulty and may cause a shorted electrical current. The solution to this issue is to get a power cord replacement.

You may also want to check out the circuit breaker. Sometimes the circuit breaker may trip off, and you think maybe it’s your Ninja blender having issues.

Again, if the circuit breaker trips off regularly, it means the circuit is overloaded. It would be best to resolve this immediately by getting a licensed electrician to check it out and fix the problem.

To troubleshoot a Ninja blender, the blade in the jar should be inspected and cleaned to remove any buildup in the blender. Particles of what we blend may stick on the edges, making it difficult to work.

Again, it would be best to cover your Ninja blender with the lids adequately. The blender won’t work if the caps are not covered to avoid food splattering. Therefore, always ensure it’s tightly fixed and in the right direction, as shown by the arrow.

I was thinking about how I plugged in my Ninja blender, and it didn’t start working, and I thought it was damaged. So I checked everything, and it was all fine, and my eyes went to the power outlet, and you didn’t even turn it on. Funny right? But as silly as it sounds, it’s a problem.

So, it is necessary always to check your power outlet is turned on and your power cord is firmly plugged into the power outlet. Furthermore, as aforementioned, please ensure that all removable parts are correctly attached to their respective components.

Sometimes, even when they touch each other, they may not be locking into their grooves. So, in essence, the tighter the connection or screws, depending on the part, the better.

How Long Does A Ninja Blender Last?

As long as you take care of your Ninja blender, it will last for about 2-3 years.

The Ninja blender is very efficient and robust to crush even ice. It crushes anything you put in it with ease with an 1100 watts motor. It is also possible that this blender wouldn’t last for up to a year due to lack of maintenance. However, to use the Ninja blender, you will have to maintain it.

Cleaning the blender is essential. A Ninja blender will last longer if you always clean it because different mixtures are put in it. But if you don’t clean it regularly, it will look old and start developing faults. So, it is essential to use warm soapy water and rinse properly. Always use a dry cloth to dry the Ninja blender.

Once in a while, it is typical for the Ninja blender to act up. But this isn’t a cause for alarm. Always send your Ninja blender for servicing so that it can last long. But if you keep patching it up yourself, I’m sure it won’t last up to two years. So again, make sure you send it to the company maintenance department and not just any roadside technician.

There’s another thing to know if you want your blender to last long. This is something everyone does, but it’s wrong. Do not start your Ninja blender at full speed. Instead, always start with the lowest speed, add a little water to the mixture, and then you can increase the speed.

When you’ve gotten your desired texture of the mixture, do not suddenly turn the Ninja blender off. Instead, take it back again to the lowest speed, and then you can turn it off. Allow the blades to stop rotating before pouring out your mixture because it might cause it to break.

Then, wait for about 2-3 minutes before using your Ninja blender again. Following these instructions will make your Ninja blender last for more years.

Are Ninja Blenders Worth Buying?

Ninja Countertop Blender

Yes, Ninja Blenders are worth buying because of their unique features. Although some components are made of plastic, it doesn’t affect their performance. 

Ninja blenders are suitable for crushing complex substances like ice. This is because it has sharp blades for grinding. They blend, chop and make dough. This means the Ninja blender can process food, juicing fruits, and grate.

The blades in the Ninja blender are placed to avoid difficulty cleaning the jar as food will not be stuck inside. Furthermore, the Ninja blender is designed so that the blades are spread throughout the jar to give an even blender product.

It also makes sure there are no chunks of food in what you blend correctly. So, if you blend your fruits for a smoothie, you won’t find a piece of banana or apple in your smoothies.

Ninja blenders are attractive. They’re not just your regular kind of blender. From the lids, the jar, jar base, and motor, they’re all designed in a fancy manner making it appealing to buy. One good thing about the Ninja blender is that it is not just fancy. It is durable, efficient, and works with high speed.

Having all these qualities ranging from blending the most challenging substances in a short time, smooth blending, high speed, and being a beautiful look makes it worth buying. In addition, having a Ninja blender will make work easier and faster, and you wouldn’t have to deal with cumbersomeness.


The Ninja blender blinks read not because it is damaged but because one or two things have been done wrongly by you, the user. Thus, it’s good to identify the problem and troubleshoot it.

Having a Ninja blender is good, but the issue is maintenance. Maintenance is vital as the blender could eventually be damaged without it. So, don’t blame the manufacturer if your Ninja blender couldn’t last up to 2 years.

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