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5 Reasons Your Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect To Samsung TV!

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If you love playing games on a large screen, then your Nintendo switch does the job of connecting to your TV.

In addition, this console has features that make playing video games more fun. However, like every other device, this console can develop faults like not connecting to your Samsung TV.

If you’ve got a Nintendo switch that won’t connect to your Samsung TV, keep reading to find the reasons and fixes.

Your Nintendo switch won’t connect to your Samsung TV if there’s a problem with the connection between the two devices. For example, If there’s a problem with the HDMI cable or you connect to the wrong HDMI port. In addition, the Nintendo Switch won’t connect if the docking station, the Samsung TV, or the switch itself is faulty.

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to My Samsung TV?

Why Won't My Nintendo Switch  Connect to My Samsung TV

There are a couple of reasons your Nintendo switch won’t connect to your Samsung TV.

First, problems with the connectivity between the device and your Samsung TV are significant reasons.

Usually, this console docks to a charging station. Also, it connects to your TV through a standard connector like the HDMI cable.

Another problem preventing the connection is issues with your HDMI cable or the docking station. Problems with the Nintendo Switch and your TV can also prevent a connection.

Let’s find out more about why your Nintendo switch won’t connect to your Samsung TV below:

#1. Problems With HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable connects your Nintendo switch to your Samsung TV. And if the cable is bad, it won’t fit properly into the HDMI port on the Samsung TV.

Your HDMI cord may wear out to alter its shape; if this happens, it won’t fit into the port. Similarly, check for any damage if you use a USB-C cable from the console dock to your TV.

In addition, if the cables break, you’ll discover problems like no signal or a black screen.

You may test your HDMI or USB-C cord on another device to confirm the problem is from the cables.

#2. Problems with HDMI or USB Port

Another problem that can lead to your Nintendo switch not connecting to your TV is with the ports.

A damaged HDMI or USB port on your Samsung TV or the console docking station will prevent a connection.

Also, if your ports are dirty or the pins aren’t in the correct position, the cables won’t attach to them. 

#3. Improper Connection

Problems with the connection may arise if you don’t follow a specific connection sequence.

Sometimes, you may need to turn on the Nintendo dock first before connecting the HDMI cable to the dock. Connecting your HDMI cable first may prevent the dock from recognizing the switch.

#4. Not Switching to Right Input on TV

Smart TVs will recognize external devices connecting to them on various inputs.

For instance, your Samsung TV may have multiple inputs, so switching to the wrong one won’t recognize the Nintendo switch.

Therefore, you may need to try the various ports to ensure you connect to the right one for your console.

#5. Incorrect Nintendo Switch Console

There’s the Nintendo switch and switch lite. Unfortunately, the lite can’t connect to a TV with its design.

So, your Samsung TV won’t recognize if you’re connecting a Nintendo switch lite to a dock.

How Do You Get the Nintendo Switch to Work on a Samsung TV?

Getting your Nintendo switch to work with your TV shouldn’t be difficult. You can fix the issues with simple do-it-yourself steps.

Here are the steps to take:

#1. Restart Your Nintendo Switch 

One way around your Nintendo and Samsung TV connection problem is restarting the Nintendo switch.

To restart your switch, do the following:

  • First, detach the AC adapter from the dock
  • Press and hold down the power button on the switch for about three seconds
  • Press power options and select “restart.”
  • Once your switch reboots, fix it on the dock station
  • Plug in the AC adapter

Alternatively, you can follow this process:

  • Switch off your Nintendo console and detach all cables for about five minutes
  • The five-minute wait will drain all residual power to shut down the device completely
  • Afterward, plug the console back into the dock, connect it to the TV, and check if it’s connecting. 

#2. Restart Your TV

You can also restart your TV to get it to recognize your Nintendo switch.

To restart your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  • Switch off your Samsung TV and detach its plug from the power socket
  • Hold on for about 2 minutes to reboot the system and drain stored energy
  • Fix back the plug and switch on your TV
  • Check the TV inputs to see if it recognizes your console

#3. Change HDMI or USB-C Cable

If your HDMI or USB-C cable is damaged, you should get a replacement cable. You can buy them directly from Nintendo or other stores that sell them.

#4. Repair or Replace HDMI Port

If the HDMI port is damaged, you can repair or replace the port to get the HDMI cable to fit in properly.

Also, you can try connecting your HDMI cord to another port on your Samsung TV.

#5. Connect the Cables in the correct pattern

To connect your Nintendo switch in the correct pattern, follow these steps;

  • Undock your Nintendo switch and disconnect all cable
  • First, dock your AC adapter and connect it directly to the socket
  • Plug your HDMI cable into the dock and connect it to your Samsung TV’s port
  • Then, dock your Nintendo switch and turn it on
  • Next, turn on your TV and navigate to the inputs with the remote
  • Check each input for the one that recognizes the dock. Ensure you use the correct input to get a connection

#6. Check for Compatibility Between the Dock and Adapter 

You’ve to check if the AC adapter and Nintendo dock are compatible. If using an HDMI extender, ensure the adapter runs on the current HDMI standards.

For instance, it should support HDMI 1.4 or higher; else, it won’t recognize the Nintendo Switch dock.

Also, If you’re using an OLED Nintendo switch, your cable and adapter should support HDMI 2.0.

#7. Check for Software Update

Updating your software may help restore connectivity. So, check your device, as there’s a chance the option for the automatic update is not on.

Usually, purchasing a new game and installing it on your Nintendo Switch will automatically update the system.

However, if that isn’t the case, go to the settings menu to update it.

  • Go to system settings from the home menu on the bottom right
  • Scroll down and select “system.”
  • Select “system update” on the right
  • Your Nintendo switch will connect to its server and download any available updates.

You should note that the Nintendo Switch will stop downloading updates once you start playing a game.

#8. Redock your Nintendo Switch 

If every method you tried doesn’t connect your Nintendo switch to your TV, you can try redocking your switch.

There’s a chance the device isn’t sitting correctly, preventing the connecting pins from making proper contact.

Once you remove the switch, check the dock port for any damage. If it’s okay, ensure you redock properly and check if it’s connecting.

Why Is My Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to My Samsung TV After the Update?

If your Nintendo Switch isn’t connecting to your TV after updating, then the problem will be from other connecting devices.

The table below shows the possible reasons and fixes.

Bad cableReplace the cable connector or cable
Damaged portRepair or replace damaged port
Improper connectionFollow the correct pattern of connection
Problems with TVRestart TV. You may also replace the TV.

What HDMI is Nintendo Switch?

The device may feature HDMI 1.4 or 2.0 ports, depending on your Nintendo Switch version.

The regular Nintendo switch comes with a smart-speed 3-foot long HDMI cable that supports 1080p up to 4k resolution at 60Hz.

But, the Nintendo dock features only an HDMI 1.4 port which doesn’t support 4k. However, the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch can display 4k at 60 FPS.

This display is possible because the port on the Nintendo dock is HDMI 2.0.

Therefore, if you buy a replacement cord, you should get an HDMI 1.4 cord for your Nintendo switch. And your OLED version should be an HDMI 2.0 cord.

How Do You Connect Smart TV to a Switch?

To connect your smart TV to a switch, follow the steps below:

  • Remove the cover at the back of your dock to locate three ports
  • Attach your AC adapter to its port on the top
  • Connect your adapter to a power socket
  • Connect your HDMI cable to its port on the lower part of the dock. Then, plug the other end into the port on your smart TV.
  • Dock your switch correctly, lining it up with the pins
  • Remove your joy cons if you wish to use the same controllers.
  • Select the correct HDMI input by scanning your TV or check the input number on the port on your TV.
  • Start gaming by pressing any button on the controller


Your Nintendo switch won’t connect to your Samsung TV if there’s a problem with the cables or the ports.

Also, you may need to reset your Nintendo Switch or Samsung TV to get the console to connect.

Additionally, you should always follow the correct pattern in connecting your console to your TV.

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