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Undoubtedly, having your oven cycling light go on and off on its own can be scary. And at times, it leaves you feeling that something may be going wrong with your oven.

But whatever the case, whether on or off, the oven cycling light is there for an excellent reason.

As this article unfolds, bear in mind that we will deeply examine the meaning of oven cycle light, why it stays on, why it stays on when the oven and switch are off, how to turn it off, and how the light affects baking.

Your complete and undivided attention to this article will give you access to detailed knowledge on oven cycle lights. 

The oven cycle light is an indicator of the neon red color found on the oven. This light comes on when the thermostat is set for the desired temperature and goes off when it has attained it. But, other technical factors may cause the light to stay on and, at times, even when the oven is off.

Oven Cycle Light Meaning

Oven Cycle Light

Two factors determine the operation of the oven cycling light. First, the light comes on when the oven’s thermostat sets to the desired temperature, and the oven selector has a setting to break.

Nevertheless, the light turns off when the oven has reached the desired temperature.

One thing worthy of note about the light is that it continues to cycle even though the baking unit goes on and off as long as the oven itself is on.

So the light cycles either on or off during the self-clean oven and broil cycle. Another thing is that there are models where lights stay on without cycling for models of 250 degrees and below.

Why Does My Oven Cycle Light Stay On?

In most cases where there is a malfunctioning of the oven cycle light, the malfunctioning often results in the light going on default.

And this can happen for many reasons and note that I will also proffer solutions as I outline the reasons.

Below are some of the reasons why your oven light will stay on:

#1. Improperly Closed Oven Doors

Just suppose that you have a situation where your oven indicator light is to tell when the oven is open but continues to signal even when the door is closed.

And this results from many sources, which could be obstructions, racks, or pans inside the oven that you should check. Doing so will ensure that there is nothing preventing locking.

Finally, ensure that the oven door is mounted securely, and always check your hinges. If there is any slacking, tighten it and always give it proper alignment.

#2. A Faulty Door Switch

Most times, when this light keeps staying on, the problem can easily be traced to the door switch. Consider, for example, when you have a door that closes fine, and the electricals undergo resetting.

The best solution for this problem is completely removing and replacing the door switch.

To do so, you need to do good research to identify the panel where you can find the door switch for your brand and model.

Nevertheless, replace the switch immediately and recheck the light upon discovering the location.

#3. Turning On Hidden Light Switch

The light switch design of most ovens operates very differently. For example, to prevent the heat you will release by opening the door, some have the switch on the control panel.

While the door opening and closing trigger others, others have it underneath or inside the oven.

Note that the hidden light switch takes the lead when it comes to what cause the oven light stays on.

For example, suppose your pot or rack accidentally causes your secondary switch to go on.

Your user manual will help you identify the inside, outside, and underside and help locate the switch before switching back on.

#4. Error From Electrical System

Most times, the oven light staying on will result from power surges and blackouts. And this affects household appliances, including the oven’s electrical system.

So to turn it off, you need to follow the reset process as required by your owner’s manual. And this may take a few seconds, but it can solve issues associated with blackouts.

#5. Faulty Control Board and Wrong Wiring

Once the problem has gone as far as to reach the control board and wirings, you need to know that it is not safe to DIY.

Since the wiring is one of the core aspects of the entire oven system, it will be best to get a certified technician.

Furthermore, when a fault is about to arise from internal wiring or the control board, the oven light offers the first warning sign of trouble. And yes, if you discover this, ensure to go for regular maintenance.

Oven Cycle Light Stays On When Oven and Switch is Off

This scenario also often leaves people in awe, which is that when turning off an appliance, you will expect everything to go off.

Below are the reasons why your oven cycle light will stay on even when the oven and switch are off:

#1. Control Board

Depending on your input and sensor settings, the control board will send voltages to the heating elements.

And if there is shorting of even one of the board relays, the board may send continuous voltage. And this means that even when all controls turn down, the light may remain on.

#2. Temperature Control Thermostat

When thermostats overheat most often, the electrical contacts inside of them tend to become welded together.

And this gives way for thermostats to keep asking for more heat whether the oven is on or off. Note that such a situation is irreparable but replaceable.

#3. Heating Element

When heating elements (bake or broil elements) are damaged, the voltage is directed away from the control board. And this will cause the oven light to stay on.

The damage to an element will be noticeable from the holes, blistering, or cracks that you can access with a multimeter you can get from here. Note that the elements are replaceable.

#4. Switches, Dials, and Knobs

If your switch or oven is off but continues to see the oven cycle light on, the truth is that there is a physical problem with the controls.

Based on which model you are using, you may be able to remove and clean the oven cycle knob or even replace it.

How To Turn Off Oven Cycle Light?

It is natural for an oven cycle light to turn off when it has reached the set temperature. And as the thermostat needs more heat to maintain the set temperature, this oven light cycles go on and off.

Nevertheless, turn off the oven cycle light with the door open by pressing the oven light you see on the control panel. Note that pressing the same place can still turn it back on.

Another way to turn off the oven light involves opening the door and finding the location of the interior oven switch.

And it will most likely be at the point where the oven and oven door meet. Then you have to press the inner light switch while toggling the upper.

Does Oven Light Affect Baking?

Typically, the light will come back on when you add food or open the door to confirm the baking progress.

And in most cases, the oven light keeps the temperature in the oven to about the 74 to 78 degrees mark.

But unfortunately, it consumes a lot of time to warm up. And it often takes more than an hour for the oven to attain fermentation temperatures.


The oven cycle light is an oven indicator light whenever it comes on or goes off. It can tell us we have not yet achieved the set baking temperature.

With this article, we now know the other reasons why the oven light stays on and, at times, even after the oven goes off.

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