Oxiclean Powder Vs. Liquid (In-Depth Comparison)

Oxiclean is best known for its multi-purpose stain-removing powder and liquid laundry detergent.

Furthermore, Oxiclean powder and liquid formulas have mastered the science of cleaning and removing stains for decades. But what’s the difference between the two products?

Oxiclean powder is best for removing mud and other stains when dissolved in hot or warm water. The powder doesn’t dissolve easily in cold water. On the other hand, the liquid works tremendously in warm or cold water to get off stains. 

Does Oxiclean Powder or Liquid Work Better?

Oxiclean Powder Vs. Liquid

Oxiclean formula comes in powder or liquid form, and both products work wonders. However, which of these cleansing agents works better? 

Generally, the two Oxiclean reagents have their purposes for laundry and cleaning. That said, there’s a question you should ask yourself to decide which cleaner is best.

That question is; Why am I picking this product?

#1. Oxiclean Powder 

The Oxiclean stain remover powder works wonderfully on tough stains on surfaces and even clothes.

Further, this washing substance is effectively activated when added to warm or hot water. This process releases oxygen to remove stains on hard surfaces and fabrics.

Notwithstanding, the powder reagent doesn’t dissolve well in cold and hard water.

You might notice clumps of particles on your clothes if you use cold water for washing. Meanwhile, in hard water, it will require more of the product to get a proper clean.

In truth, you can decide to use Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover power alone. But, it’s normally combined with a laundry detergent to yield a great wash.

Further, OxiClean powder is more stable than liquid, making it possible to retain its cleaning power longer.

Also, due to its stability, OxiClean powder has a longer shelf life than its liquid counterpart.

Therefore, the powder is a better choice if you like buying items in bulk. Further, the Oxiclean powder power effectively removes mud, blood, and other organic stains.

Also, Oxiclean powder comes with a scoop that aids in measuring during use. Nevertheless, OxiClean powder is sometimes difficult to deposit into your washer without spilling.

With the chart below, let’s see the advantages and shortcomings of the Oxiclean powder.

It’s best for mud stains.It doesn’t dissolve properly in cold water.
It has a longer shelf life.It may leave residue on clothes or washers.
It’s easy to measure out.It might need to be used with a laundry detergent to provide a satisfying result.

#2. Oxiclean Liquid 

Water temperature is a big factor when it comes to washing. However, whether the temperature is cold, warm, or hot, liquid detergent mixes with the water to a great extent.

When it comes to laundry detergent, OxiClean liquid is King. This win is because the laundry chemical it’s already a liquid.

In the same way, OxiClean liquid detergents also work in hard water. The Oxiclean liquid components are resistant to most minerals present in the hard water.

Like Oxiclean powder, the liquid laundry detergent is easy to measure. Also, the liquid is convenient for spot treatments and is suitable when hand-washing clothes.

Further, the liquid detergent is easy to dispense due to its convenient packaging. While Oxiclean powder is better at getting mud out, liquid detergent is better at greasy stains.

It removes stains like cooking oil, car grease, and more, making it a great option for everyday wear.

The table below contains the benefits and downsides of Oxiclean liquid.

It’s suitable for greasy or oily stains.It has short shelf life compared to powder.
It’s the best option for the laundry.It’s not very effective in cleaning stains on hard surfaces.
It dissolves at any water temperature.It loses its concentration when added to water.

Do I Need To Use Detergent With Oxiclean?

You don’t need to use another detergent with Oxiclean while using its liquid laundry product.

However, when using the OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover power, you’d need to use a detergent. This combination boosts the detergent’s cleaning power to yield a good wash.

Notwithstanding, the Oxiclean powder can be used alone but would be best when added to a laundry detergent.

The powder should act as an additive to your detergent to remove stains effectively. To fully optimize the stain-removing abilities of Oxiclean powder, add it to your wash water.

However, never combine Oxiclean powder with chlorine bleach, ammonia, or other products you aren’t sure of their reactions.

The wrong mixture of these chemicals can produce toxic gases. Wear gloves and safety goggles when working with Oxiclean, especially when mixing it with other substances.

Is Oxiclean Powder or Liquid Better for Washing Machines?

Oxiclean liquid laundry detergent is better for washing machines as it dissolves quickly in any water temperature.

This ability gives the washing liquid the advantage of producing less buildup on your washer.

In the same way, the capability of Oxiclean liquid to mix completely in water makes it traceless on your clothes.

Besides, the Oxiclean liquid is designed mainly for laundry. On the other hand, the powder can leave traces of undissolved particles in your washing machine and fabrics.

The residues left behind in the washing machine can cause septic issues and affect the washer’s drainage system.

However, this situation happens when you use water that isn’t suitable for the powder to dissipate.

Therefore, adding the powder to hot water is best before pouring it into the washing water.

Will Oxiclean Ruin Colored Clothes?

Oxiclean won’t ruin your colored clothes because it contains sodium percarbonate. This chemical compound becomes activated when mixed with water.

When this substance is activated, it releases oxygen, creating a bubbling effect that loosens and separates stains from surfaces.

Oxiclean products possess the cleaning strength of normal bleach but without toxicity. In other words, Oxiclean is an oxygen bleach that is gentle on your fabric but tough on dirt and stains.

Further, Oxiclean claims to restore radiant whites, reveal vibrant colors, and remove dried-on stains. 

In addition, Oxiclean uses color-safe stain fighters to attack stains and odors from your laundry. Keep in mind that not all fabrics are colorfast. 

For this reason, test for colorfastness before using Oxiclean on the garment. Also, don’t use OxiClean on clothing like wool, silk, or other fabrics labeled dry-clean only.

How Do You Use Oxiclean Powder in a Washing Machine?

To use OxiClean powder in your washer and get the best results, follow these steps. 

#1. Measure Out the Powder

It might make sense to saturate your washing water with Oxiclean powder to increase its cleaning power.

But that practice is wrong! Always deposit Oxiclean powder in the right amount into your washer.

Surprisingly, using a high quantity of Oxiclean powder in a laundry could cause color loss for your fabrics.

Further, the powder comes with a scoop equivalent to two tablespoons which you can use for measurement. Usually, you add one scoop to your washing machine.

However, when soaking your laundry, you can add two to four scoops of powder, depending on the load.

Also, the degree of stain or dirt on the fabric can determine the quantity of Oxiclean you’re to add.

#2. Dissolve Powder in Water

After measuring the Oxiclean, pour it into the warm water in the washer, and allow it to dissolve.

Nonetheless, you’d have to dissolve the powder in a cup of hot water if it’s a cold wash. Then turn the mixture into the cold water in the washing machine.

This exercise easily activates the stain-removing ability of the powder. Also, this act will reduce the likelihood of the Oxiclean powder leaving any residues on your clothes and washer.

#3. Soak the Laundry

If your laundry is heavily stained, you can decide to soak them before taking them into the washing machine.

Additionally, you can do the soak in the washing machine drum or a large bucket. That said, add one to four scoops of powder to the warm water you want to use for soaking. 

Now, submerge the clothes in the Oxiclean solution and allow them to soak for one hour or overnight.

Remember that it’s not compulsory to soak or pre-treat your laundry if there’s no need. In other words, you can skip the soaking process.

#4. Add to Washer

After soaking your laundry in Oxiclean solution, move them into the washer and run a rinse cycle.

Dispose of the water used for rinsing and add new water to the washing machine. Then, add OxiClean powder to your laundry, and start the washer.

Although, you can pour the dissolved Oxiclean power into the bleach dispenser on your machine.

However, the powder is more effective when turned into the washer directly. In addition, you can decide to use the Oxiclean powder with a laundry detergent to give a great wash.


OxiClean powder and liquid are cleaning and washing items that are impressively effective in their ways.

Therefore, choosing any of these products depends on what you want to do! While Oxiclean powder is suitable for stains on hard surfaces and fabrics, the liquid is a great option for laundry.

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