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Are Pedestals For Washer Dryer Universal?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Pedestals play a vital role in washer dryers. It aids the laundry process to a large extent. However, it can be pretty challenging knowing the right pedestal for a washer dryer with many pedestals out there. Hence, many ask this question is; are pedestals for washer dryers universal?

Pedestals for washer dryers are not universal; they are not all the same. The reason is that there are so many washers dryers available, and the pedestal used for each of them varies. The variability of pedestals is due to different sizes, dimensions, and variations in the external features of these machines. And so, the pedestals suitable to them cannot all be the same.

What Is A Washer Dryer Pedestal?

A washer dryer pedestal is a lift, a stand, or a platform upon which you mount the washer-dryer to raise it above the ground. It serves as an elevator to position the washer-dryer to a height where you do the laundry with much ease.

The use of a washer dryer pedestal increases the height of the machine’s door for easy access during laundry. Pedestals are mainly used and recommended for front load models of washer dryers.

The reason is that front-loading laundry machines are low and require a lot of stooping and bending during laundry, which can be burdensome to use. In the fight against this challenge, we now use pedestals to elevate the machine to a more convenient height without bending over numerous times to carry out laundry.

The pedestal is usually preferable when it raises the washer-dryer to a height that brings the door closet up to chest level. At that level, there is the ease of loading and unloading of items, increased accessibility to the machine, and it also reduces the amount of bending over to get things done on the washer dryer.

The pedestal helps to keep the washer and dryer at the same level for absolute convenience during laundry. It is important to note that these pedestals come in different sizes, heights, and colors. In addition, all washer dryer have their specific height depending on their brand.

Therefore, the height of washer-dryers will determine the size of the pedestal purchased for use. There is also consideration of the color for some people as the machine’s color determines the color of the pedestal you can use.

The reason is to maintain a cohesive look with the washer-dryer machine and create a perfect laundry pair. Many recent innovations of washer dryers now include built-in drawers, storage, and other compartments.

You can use these drawers to fit in laundry supplies such as detergents, fabric softener, and other fabric agents. This feature provides a more organized laundry setting and serves as a storage room.

It further helps in keeping the laundry room tidy and organized. And because the washer and dryer pedestal already provide this space, you will not require more space to store these items.

Are Washer and Dryer Pedestals Standard Size?

A pedestal is used for dryers, just like we use it for washers. Therefore, it serves the same purpose for both machines. However, there seems to be no standard size for the washer and dryer pedestals, as the shape and size of the washer and dryer determine the size of the pedestal.

We often use pedestals in front load washers and dryer models to ensure the washer and dryer are at the same level to allow easy access to the machine. In addition, the washer and dryer model determines their dimension and size, which determines the size of the pedestal compatible with it.

Most washers and dryers recently manufactured now come with pedestals that are highly compatible with these machines. Companies like Samsung and Whirlpool are the two leading manufacturers of such models of washers and dryers.

Are Samsung Washer and Dryer Pedestals Universal?

Samsung pedestals can not be used universally for all the various washers and dryers as they come in different sizes and shapes. For instance, front load models of washers and dryers fit perfectly into the pedestals provided by the company universally. Still, these leading identical pedestals are not fit for top load washers and dryers.

Samsung is a well-recognized and highly reliable brand that produces appliances such as washers and dryers that are easy-to-use with high energy and water efficiency. As earlier stated, the recent washer dryer now comes with pedestals, and Samsung is not an exception.

These pedestals produced by Samsung are not always the same for all dryers and washers manufactured by Samsung. Though they are pretty similar and used in laundry, their dimension is not the same for all washers and dryers.

So, you’ll agree with me that although all Samsung washer and dryer pedestals are universal for the same model, they are not the same for all Samsung washers and dryers ever manufactured as they all vary in size.

As much as these pedestals serve a singular purpose of raising the washer and dryer machine to a more convenient height, they vary in various features such as height, size, and even color!

An alternative to the pedestal for washer and dryer is the use of a stacking kit which allows a front-loading dryer’s placement on top of a front loading washer which doesn’t only raise the dryer to a more convenient height but also helps in conserving space in the room.

Are Whirlpool Pedestals Universal?

Whirlpool is another top brand that manufactures excellent laundry machines such as washers, dryers, and other household appliances.

The pedestals provided by this manufacturing company for washers and dryers are only universal for just their products alone. They are not the same, neither can they be used for other brands. All brands have their peculiar dimension, and an attempt to use one brand’s pedestal for another may cause your machine to fall off, which can cause damage and injury to the user.

Whirlpool is another top brand that manufactures excellent laundry machines such as washers, dryers, and other household appliances.

However, with pedestals, whirlpool remains exclusive to their products. So, it is best to stick to the pedestal of the brand you’re using to prevent accidents and damage to your washer dryer.


Pedestals are lifts or stands that we use to raise washers and dryers from the ground. Most washers and dryers, especially the front-loading models, are very low and require a lot of stooping and bending over while doing the laundry.

This model can be pretty challenging to use and make laundry burdensome. As a result of this, we use pedestals to overcome this challenge. Still, there are no universal pedestals for all washers and dryers.

These machines are of different dimensions based on their brand. They do not have a fixed size, so there is no standard size pedestal for them. So, it is vital to know the brand of your washer and dryer and get the pedestal suitable for it to prevent damage.

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