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What Does Power Cool Mean On Samsung Fridge?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Samsung has emerged as one of the most recognizable names in technology today. They manufacture high spec domestic gadgets and electronic appliances like fridges worth praising.

A Samsung Fridge is not an exception, and it’s one of its kind and ranked as number one in purchaser satisfaction.

Even with Samsung fridges being very easy to operate and adjust automatically without any user, some users are still confused about its operations and some terminologies involved. They often want to know the meaning of operational terminologies like power cool.

Well, power cool is a feature on Samsung fridges that assists you with the rapid chilling of foodstuffs after you visit the market. The foods will remain new and last longer with the practically momentary chill. When you touch the power cool feature, cold air is blown into the fridge to lessen the inner temperature to 1°C.

What Is Power Cool And Power Freeze?

Power cool is a feature on Samsung fridges used for chilling foodstuff bought directly from the market. This chilling enables the groceries to remain fresh and stay longer, while refreshments immediately cool for drinking. Additionally, The power freeze speeds up the time expected to freeze items in the cooler. Therefore, it could be beneficial if you have edibles that perish in no time.

Generally, the power cool and power freeze, likewise called climatic and prostatic, are features to utilize when placing large amounts of fresh food in your fridge. (like a circumstance where you’re preserving the week’s shopping for food).

To freeze large amounts of food, put on the power freeze for not less than 20 hours before placing foods in the freezer. Utilizing power freeze expands power consumption, so ensure you turn it off and return the freezer to its past temperature, assuming you presently don’t want it on.

To utilize power cool, press and hold power cool for 3 seconds. Then, the power cool marker will illuminate, and the freezer will accelerate the cooling system. That’s all to it.

The power cool function operates for two and a half hours regardless of the set temperature. Be sure to switch on “power cool” two hours before the foods/drinks go in and switch it off 5 hours after you have set them in the fridge.

The power freeze and power cool are undoubtedly incredible features for cooling. They even drop the temperature in every compartment by 10 degrees in practically no time. They’re great for chilling down cases of soda or solidifying up frozen yogurt instantly.

How Long Does It Take Samsung Fridge To Cool?

Samsung fridges generally take two hours to cool on average, though it could take more in some cases. After this cooling, you should be rest assured your items will chill. However, several factors like the size and condition of the freezer could affect the cooling, and you may need more time.

1. Capacity region temperature

Assuming you put your Samsung fridge in a hot place, similar to a warm truck or capacity region, before putting it on, its starting temperature would be very high. To this effect, it will take somewhat longer to arrive at 40°F and cool.

2. Void versus stocked

A very much loaded Samsung ice chest runs better since there is less space for warm air. It is simpler for the fridge to cool and keep up with its cool temperature. As this may be, it might be ideal on the off chance that you don’t put anything in the ice chest while it’s chilling off for the first time.

3. The temperature of the room

The temperature of the space or room where were you usually keep your Samsung ice chest can likewise influence its cooling period. Again, your client manual might enlighten you concerning the ideal room temperature.

However, putting your Samsung fridge in a hot room similar to a carport or outside kitchen may cause it to wear out. It will overrun itself continually, attempting to keep cool, so it’ll turn out to work diligently for long periods.

If the fridge is in your carport, you might have to put resources into it or invest in fans, vents, protection, or cooling to keep it cool. Likewise, I suggest limiting its exposure to the sun.

4. How frequently you open the fridge door

Always shut the entryway of your Samsung fridge during its cooling process. Opening the fridge door permits cool air out and warm air in, slowing down the cooling system.

5. Age and condition

Even though Samsung refrigerators are durable, older Samsung ice chests are less effective, so they’ll take more time to chill off than more up-to-date models. In addition, dusty, filthy, and clogged coils can dial back cooling at times.

The state of your refrigerator also matters; if specific parts aren’t working accurately, the ice chest will not cool as quickly. In addition, they may not operate as expected if the indoor regulator, entryway seal, condenser fan, and compressor are faulty.

6. Size

While this factor isn’t a universal rule, big Samsung fridges generally take longer to cool, unlike smaller ones. Regardless of these factors I’ve listed above, your Samsung fridge will take just two hours to cool though I sincerely suggest you consider them if you want a cooling fridge.

What Number Should My Samsung Fridge Or Freezer Be On?

Your Samsung fridge or freezer should usually be set to normal on the temperature controller though you would need to adjust it if the need arises. It may be that the room or storage temperature is higher, normal, or lower.

  • At the point where the room temperature is higher(usually in summers), set the Freezer Temperature Controller to the scale of 8~9.
  • When the room temperature is normal (usually in spring/autumn), set the freezer temperature controller to Normal as earlier stated.
  • At the point of food where the storage temperature is high, or the food in the refrigerator is frozen(usually in winters),  you may need to decrease the temperature of the freezer. Set the Freezer Temperature Controller to the scale of 1-3.

Setting your Samsung fridge to its accurate position or scale on the temperature controller could be so easy. You merely need to place it to normal, which is usually on a scale of 5 if conditions are all constant and normal.

Depending on different seasons which may affect your surroundings, be sure to use the appropriate scale on the temperature controller.

How Do You Turn Off Power Cool On Samsung Refrigerator?

To turn off Power Cool on Samsung Refrigerators, press and hold the Power Cool feature for three seconds. The fridge will then return to its previous temperature setting.

Turning off power cool on Samsung refrigerators is as easy as turning it on, where you also have to press and hold the power cool button for about three seconds and wait for the indicator to light up.


As the name implies, power cool is a feature that helps you to cool foodstuffs directly gotten from groceries or local market stores. Power freeze like power cool also helps to chill edibles and even freeze them up and enable them last long without perishing in no time.

Considering many factors that could affect the cooling of your fridge could be beneficial. However, don’t just assume that all Samsung fridges take merely two hours to cool, so you need not worry. You may be disappointed.

Even if you wish to cool your Samsung fridge, always make sure you set it to its appropriate scale on the temperature controller.

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