What Does Power Freeze Mean On A Samsung Refrigerator?

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When more than just normal is required from a purchased appliance, this occurs in times of extreme demands. For example, do you know that your Samsung refrigerator is well suited to cater for times when a shorter cooling time is required?

The power freeze in the Samsung refrigerator offers solutions to a range of cooling problems so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of the materials kept in it.

Power freeze is a feature on the Samsung refrigerator that ultimately shortens its time for the fridge to freeze items in the freezer compartment. As a result, products stored in the freezer compartment get frozen for less than half the required time via normal mode.

What Is Samsung Power Freeze?

Power freeze is a feature that makes the Samsung refrigerator speed up the time it produces ice by reducing the time taken for ice to form. This action occurs in the freezer compartment for Samsung refrigerators with separate compartments and refrigerators with only one compartment. When the power freeze feature is turned on, producing ice in an ice tray is usually reduced from 90 minutes to 55 minutes.

Power freeze reduces the freezer’s cooling time significantly, which may vary for the items deposited in the refrigerator. Most times, the freezer compartment is used to store and preserve perishable items with different life spans.

The power freeze feature in the Samsung refrigerator ensures that items with a brief life span get preserved along with those of a moderate and long life span.

For this to happen, both the compressor and the freezer fan are made to work simultaneously for up to ten hours. However, variations can occur but, the aim is to ensure enough cooling air circulates the freezer compartment.

When this happens, the time taken for ice formation reduces significantly. The freezing time may vary based on the type and quantity of items deposited.

When should I Power Freeze My Samsung?

The function of the power freeze on a Samsung refrigerator is to shorten the freezing time. Therefore, the power freeze function should be enabled anytime the freezing of stored items is required quickly. The most common instances include; power outages, Increased temperature, storage of large items, and power-saving conditions.

Let us consider these instances.

1. Power Outages

Whenever there is a power outage, the items stored in the refrigerator are at risk of getting spoiled. When power is restored, the time taken for things to freeze in the fridge during normal mode may be too long.

With this feature, the Samsung refrigerator can reduce the time needed to freeze the contents, preventing them from being damaged after restoring power.

You can apply this feature at times when power outages are envisaged. For example, the contents in the freezer can be made to be frozen quickly before a planned outage occurs. Doing this will keep the contents frozen until power is restored.

2. Increased Temperature

The temperature within the freezer compartment can be raised when there is a power outage and when the door that encloses the refrigerator is frequently opened.

In situations like these, the power freezer should be turned on to quickly reduce the time needed to freeze the items within the Samsung refrigerator. In addition, the item stored in the fridge can gain heat from the atmosphere, thereby increasing the risk of spoilage.

When there is a need to take things out of the refrigerator frequently, you should turn on the power freeze feature to avoid the risk of spoilage. This mode ensures a stable internal condition in the fridge even when temperatures may rise from hot air infiltration from the atmosphere.

3. Storage Of Large Items

When large items are stored in a refrigerator, you should turn on the power freeze. Remember, the time to cool down things in the freezer compartment or any other refrigerator part is usually increased when stored items expand.

When large items are stored in a refrigerator, it is frequently observed that those items in contact with the refrigerator’s surfaces get cool faster than those away from it. 

It is also observed that the temperature continues to drop from the surface towards the center of these stored items. Therefore, for effective preservation to be achieved when storing large items, the faster they cool, the better their chances of spoiling.

4. Power Saving Conditions

The amount of power needed to freeze an item using the power freeze mode is the same as that used in normal mode. The power freeze mode can shorten the time items spend in the refrigerator and hence electricity use. You can use this feature in cases where power consumption needs to be reduced.

How Do You Turn On the Power Freeze On a Samsung Refrigerator?

On the surface of the Samsung refrigerator, there is a button labeled freezer to turn on the power freezer. Hold down the button for three seconds. The freeze icon will light up when this is done, indicating that the power freeze feature is now turned on.

You can operate most Samsung refrigerators with this feature using these simple steps. In the case of putting off the power freezer, the same step is followed, after which the light on the freezer icon then turns off.

It is important because some food items stored in the refrigerator may not be returned to their normal texture if kept frozen for too long.

Does Samsung Power Freeze Turn Off Automatically?

Yes, when the power freeze works for a considerable amount of time, the refrigerator is programmed to switch off the power freeze automatically. This action is a safety valve to prevent foods from being damaged due to excessive freezing. Some items do not return to normal after being frozen for too long. Turning off this feature reduces the time for things to defrost after a session of freezing.

Most food items do not survive for too long in a frozen state. It may be necessary to freeze them quickly but not for too long. The power freeze in a Samsung refrigerator is made to turn off after it works continuously for ten hours or after the ice bucket is filled up with ice.

How Long Does It Take a Samsung Refrigerator to Freeze?

Under normal conditions, it takes two hours for a Samsung refrigerator to freeze. However, this time may vary depending on other conditions like the number of items placed in the refrigerator and the number of opened enclosures.

Combined with a stable power supply, these factors can significantly alter the time to achieve effective freezing in a Samsung refrigerator.


Samsung refrigerators are equipped with a power freezing feature that allows quick freezing of items preserved in the fridge. For example, the power freezing mode can reduce the freezing time from 90 minutes to 55 minutes.

This feature is useful when there is a power outage or the temperature within the compartment is increased. The power freeze mode is automatically switched off for the proper preservation of foods kept in the refrigerator.

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