Can You Put A Shelf Above A Stove? (Must Know This)

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Does your kitchen seem to be falling apart and looking dull? Do you intend to breathe new life into it? 

One way to do so might be by decorating, and this may involve installing a shelf over your stove.

Even though installing a shelf over the stove makes cooking easy, can we completely trust that such an idea is good or safe?

Well, as this article unfolds, we will identify whether or not it is a great idea, what to put on the shelf, and the distance to keep between the stove and the shelf.

Yes, of course, you can put a shelf above a stove. It makes cooking easy since you no longer have to go far to access what you need for cooking but can cook a simple meal by standing in a spot. But placing a shelf above a stove comes with a few risks, like steam affecting the things on the shelf and food splattering on the shelf.

Can You Put a Shelf Above a Stove or Cooker?

Put a Shelf Above a Stove

Although not often advisable, putting a shelf above a stove or cooker is possible.

When you adequately carry this out, you will see those cooking items become much more accessible and cooking far more exciting. 

Not to mention that the shelf is in an area above the stove that allows you to glance through it. And this gives you an idea of what you lack before you begin cooking.

It is also wise to note that things like spices are best stored on a kitchen counter shelf and not fridge side, containers on the backsplash, or a wall rack.

Even when you are going for a decorative shelf to store your things in the kitchen, your best bet should be a metallic shelf.

A metallic shelf is ideal because its susceptibility to heat damage is far less than wood. Also, metallic shelves are far easy to clean than their wooden counterparts.

How High Does a Shelf Have to Be?

The shelf above a stove or cooker should stay at least 610 millimeters (24 inches) away from the stove’s surface.

This distance is because, although it is above, it is not directly on top but behind the cooktop.

What about the distance for the upper kitchen cabinets when there is a range hood?

The space between your cabinet’s bottom and kitchen floor should still be 66 to 72 inches. But when you have space above the stove, apart from a shelf?

Suppose you have a shelf somewhere else and looking for what could fill the space above the stove; it is okay. You can decide on a pot filler, a microwave wall cabinet, a backsplash, or a hood.

In a situation where you have the time for it, there is some do-it-yourself above the stove shelf that you can construct and install by following the guidelines I will provide in this article.

To engage in these four crucial steps, let us go over some reminders:

  • There should be a space of at least 24 inches (610mm) between the cooking surface and the bottom of the shelf.
  • The shelf should be behind the cooktop, not directly above it.

Now, below are the four steps undertaken in constructing and installing a do-it-yourself shelf:

#1. Material Assembling

First, you need to measure the wall or space behind the stove’s cooktop. Doing this will help you decide how big you want to make the shelf look in the end.

The next thing you need to do is assemble the materials you need. I did not spend up to $25 on purchasing the materials.

I got my lumber at a cheap rate from a friend who sells lumber close to me. Below is a list of things you should have for this step;

  • Lumber sections of 5 to 6 with a measurement that can fit on the wall above the stove. If you have the measurements right on hand, they will cut it into the sizes you want at the lumber depot.
  • Ensure to use screws that will go halfway into the wood. And also, purchase a marching screwdriver for this purpose.
  • Also, purchase screws for mounting on the war.
  • Buy repair brackets here to help you hold the wood to the wall.

#2. Take Measurements and Assemble Woods

This part involves careful measurement of the wood, and do not forget to mark the spots. Doing so will ensure that you do not screw into the wrong areas.

For example, if the second or third shelf looks slanted, unscrew and re-screw on another spot.

Even though you may not have strong carpentry skills, I assure you that you will be successful with focus and strong determination.

And then, at the end of the day, I am sure you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

#3. Place Shelf in Position

Attaching the shelf to the wall is pretty straightforward; most times, simply placing it over the stove should be fine.

But I will strongly suggest that you should attach a repair bracket to the wood and screw it to the wall. Such a simple act will prove effective when there is a storm or earthquake.

And four of these repair brackets should successfully hold it in place.

#4. Shelf Arrangement

You can attach two screws to hang things like your favorite pot and a cutting holder. Better still, it can even be a canister for holding utensils on the side of the shelf.

And this will make access to it easy, and endeavor to paint your shelf with a high heat finish.

At this point on the shelf, you can go forward to displaying the spices, teas, oil, seasoning, and all that you need to cook.

Then, when you have successfully finished doing this, you can proudly say you have constructed an item of DIY kitchen furniture for yourself.

Is It Safe to Put a Shelf Over a Stove?

Putting a shelf directly over a stove is a risky business. And this might even set your shelf on fire. Or worse yet, burn down your house.

And so, to prevent any future regret, it is far advisable to install a metallic shelf.

But what is advisable is placing it behind the cooktop of your stove. And do not forget to install a range hood above the gas stove or an electric one.

And this is because the steam will not do well with things you have on your shelf.

What Can I Put Above my Stove?

Thinking about the space above the stove in your kitchen often makes it feel like a waste.

But when you find a function and decoration for that space, it becomes much more attractive and valuable to you.

Below are things you can put over your stove;

#1. Shelf:

Cooking utensils and other food items look best when displaying them on shelves.

#2. Range Hood:

Apart from bringing design to the kitchen, they also provide ventilation.

#3. Tile:

A tile backsplash, apart from providing elegance, also protects the kitchen wall from splatters of food and is very easy to clean.

#4. Pot Rack:

By displaying this over a stove, you can easily access your favorite pot while cooking, as it will hang just above you.

#5. Plates:

Here, you can have a serving plate or platter. Several dishes can stay together with a plate rack, but plates can hang on their own with individual hangers.


Yes, of course, I know this article has broadened your knowledge on the possibility that you can put a shelf above a stove.

It has also clearly identified that the shelf should be 24 inches away from the cooking surface of your stove. And lastly, it has determined how safe it is and the things you can put above your stove.

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