Recessed Lighting In Bedroom Yes Or No? (Explained)

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Recessed light, also called a can light or pin light, is a light fixture installed into a deep opening in the ceiling.

The light shines downward from the ceiling through the hole opening, creating a  broad flood light or narrow spotlight.

It is best for lighting a work area, useful for artwork, sculptures, shelving, etc. It is a suitable light that you can install in moist areas.

It is found in many homes because it is easy to install, inexpensive, and fits your style and preference. The lights are fused into cans.

Several cans are linked together and controlled by one switch. When you install it close to the wall, it gives an effect known as wall washing.

There are much more creative and positive approaches to lighting up your room.

Recessed lighting in the bedroom is suitable because it combines ambiance, task, and accent lighting, which, when used together, will make your space look more inviting and your bedroom even more relaxing and comfortable. With the right planning, your bedroom light can be precisely how you want it.

Do You Need Recessed Lighting in a  Bedroom?

Recessed Lighting In Bedroom Yes Or No

The best lighting for bedroom ceilings is recessed lighting. It creates an excellent ambiance and enhances the lighting in your bedroom.

Furthermore, It can spotlight an area or highlight a specific feature of your room.

For example, some homeowners may choose to make a bookshelf or a piece of art a focal point of the room by using recessed lighting to cast the perfect amount of light on that spot.

It is better to plan a series of lights placed toward your bed that can be dimmable to create a comfortable lighting experience.

For example, you might consider having a central ceiling light, fan combination, and table lamps. You might also consider a 4-plug outlet by each side of the bed.

With four outlets, you can have a lamp, charge your phone, and a mattress pad heater or heated blanket on your side of the bed. 

What kind of Recessed Lighting For Bedrooms?

The light temperature is measured in kelvin units. While warm light gives approximately 3000k, white light is about 7000k,  So the higher the units, the whiter the light.

A warm or neutral white light temperature creates a soothing and functional bedroom.

Usually, all lights should have a similar temperature to avoid light clashing; When you put a small light in a big room, it may be difficult to get the kind of brightness you need. 

Four-inch lights are rather small for large bedrooms. Similarly, six-inch lights will be excess lighting for a small space.

The diameter, lamp type, and configuration make a big difference for recessed lighting in a room. Avoid larger diameter, non-adjustable, line voltage R-lamps.  

Four-inch low voltage MR16 fixtures offer a clean, bright warm halogen light that can be softened with a frosted lens.

Four-inch line-voltage fixtures are designed for halogen PAR 20. These are for lamps that don’t even have a light pattern unless they are frosted.

On the other hand, they can use PAR 20 equivalent LED lamps that are more expensive but last much longer and use less power, so the payback is quick.

In addition, they look much better than the new recessed LED fixtures that are not recessed much. The trick is to find warm LED lamps, but they will all have severely sharp Shadows. 

Test the LEDs, and the first thing is to divide the height of the ceiling by two. The result will give the amount of space to leave between each light.

For instance, spacing for a 10-foot-high ceiling would be 5 feet of space between each light.

Where Should Recessed Lighting Be Placed In a Bedroom?

To determine where to place your recessed light, an important thing to note is the design of your room. You don’t want to overdo it, so keep balance in mind.

Also, recessed lights don’t work everywhere, do not install them in places like the nurseries because the high volts are unpleasant for babies.

Instead, install them in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and other places with low ceilings.

LED lights are perfect for bedroom lighting; their dimming capacity is adjustable and versatile.

For example, you might choose to hang the light on the bed. In addition, you should Search the website to choose a design that suits your style.

Benefits of Recessed Lights In Bedroom 

Recessed lights are so flexible that, as a homeowner, you determine how bright or dim you want your bedroom light to be. You might choose to light up the entire room or just your reading space.

Below are the Benefits of recessed lights in a bedroom:

Advantages of Recessed Lighting In BedroomDisadvantages of Recessed Lighting In Bedroom
It provides more decorative light and makes your room look bigger than it is. Recessed lights create an effect on the wall known as wall washing. The recessed lighting reflects on the wall, making the room different and larger than before.Recessed lights are spotlights that illuminate a particular area; therefore, you need a couple of them to achieve the right amount of lighting in your space.
You can dim light at 25% low voltage, or indirect lighting over the bed is appropriate for ambient or task lighting. Also, the housing of a recessed light helps prevent the room from getting too hot.You need to know the fundamentals of electrical wiring.
It provides light without a visible fixture. No cluster of Cords or wire cables in an area of the room; all Electrical wire is concealed in the ceiling, giving it a perfect and smooth finish. Cutting holes in the ceiling can leak water inside the house when the lights are not  fixed properly
It gives you the choice of various colors to choose from, with the RGB color-changing LED light every night is a decorative light show controlled the way you want it.Employing light contractors and costs of purchase per light is another challenge for recessed lighting.
The casing of the light prevents dust from entering the bulbs. 
It is an excellent energy-saving light.
It is the perfect home with a low ceiling.

The Advantages of recessed lighting outweigh the disadvantages, which shows that it is a good choice of lighting any day, anytime.

Is It Worth Installing Recessed Lighting?

 The  Average cost of installing a recessed light in the bedroom is about $300 per light, including the service fee. The extra features and the number of lights will also affect the price.

One sure way to add value to your property is to install recessed lights in your home.

You can leverage modern technology by adding features such as Alexa, Siri, Amazon, and echo to control the light in your room.

These are one of the benefits of having recessed lighting in your bedroom. It is good for indoor lighting and a great choice for outdoor lighting.

In addition, you can change the color of your bedroom light, it feels great when you can change or dim your bedroom light with your smartphone, which certainly adds value to your bedroom and home. 

Final Thought

Installing recessed lights in the bedroom is the perfect way to elevate your space and add value to your property.

Furthermore, When you don’t install recessed lighting tightly, tiny holes are created in the ceiling, which air passes through.

This is not good because it increases energy bills, causes moisture problems such as mold and mildew formation, and sometimes even fire hazards.

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