Red Lock Symbol On Whirlpool Washing Machine?

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Of course, whatever we are doing, whether it is operating a small device or something as big as a washing machine, we get stirred up by the sight of a warning.

This especially happens if the sign or a symbol appears in red. And then we are faced with mind-boggling questions like what have I done wrong? What could this mean?

Is there a way to solve this?

If you face a challenging situation with the red lock symbol while using the whirlpool washing machine, be sure you will find the answer today.

The genuine concern is to help you know the meaning of the red lock symbol. And it will tell you how to turn the control lock off of the whirlpool washing machine.

The red lock symbol on your Whirlpool washing machine reminds you that the control lock is active. This warning will not allow any washer control to function unless you take the necessary steps to deactivate it. Nevertheless, other situations may call for troubleshooting and diagnosis.

What Does Red Lock Mean on Whirlpool Washing Machines?

The red lock is a symbol that shows that the control lock of your washing machine is active. Note that the code will appear differently based on which model you have.

Just by the side of the symbol, you will see the code as either “LC” or “LoC.” It also prevents selections from being made sometimes accidentally by children.

Although this red lock is active, it does not automatically mean that everything, including your whirlpool washer door, is also on lock.

But it does mean that the washer will not start since the lock affects the functioning of all controls.

What if you intend to turn the control lock on or turn it off intentionally? Well, below are the steps you need to follow to turn on or off your control lock successfully;

#1. Turning On the Control Lock

To turn on the control lock, you must press and hold down the control lock button for three seconds.

You will also observe a three-second countdown, and after the count down, the “LC” or “LoC” code will appear.

If this fails after a 3-2-1 countdown and also refuses to deactivate, turn off and unplug your whirlpool washing machine.

You can also turn off the breaker for a minute or two, turn on the power and try again.

#2. Turning Off the Control Lock

Turning off the whirlpool control lock means you have to press and hold the control lock button again. And this simple acton will ensure the deactivation of the control lock.

In carrying out all of these steps, do not regularly visit your owner’s manual to gather information on the washing machine’s settings.

How to Turn Off Control Lock on Whirlpool Washing Machine?

Most times, when these control locks are in use, they serve the purpose of protecting your children against accidents relating to the whirlpool washer door.

When you are ready to wash, you will have to unlock your washer. And as already emphasized earlier, below are steps you need to take;

  • Identify the control lock button of your washer.
  • Press and hold down firmly the control lock button for three seconds.
  • Let go of the control lock button when the red lock symbol disappears from the display of your washer.

There are other scenarios where your whirlpool locks controls, but they do lock doors to refuse to open. But the good news is this issue has a solution.

And below are the ways of solving whirlpool door locked light flashing by troubleshooting and diagnosis:

#1. Inspect Control Lock

If your Whirlpool washer door is locked, heed the already outlined way of deactivating the control lock. And this will prove helpful in getting the lid lock light to open up.

Next, you need to push the end cycle button to reset the machine and open the doors automatically.

If the above fails, you can break the cycle by manually opening the door latch. You can achieve this by holding the end cycle button for 10 seconds.

#2. Washer Reset 

You can not begin to explain the frustration of seeing your washing machine acting up when you intend to wash.

However, simply unplugging the washer out of the wall for 40 to 45 minutes will help it reset, solving all the issues you are experiencing.

#3. Check the condition of the lid switch and striker.

Identifying the period to switch water flow is the striker‘s work. If there is any loss or shift from its position, it will result in the wrong water flow.

In the majority of cases, the lid switch stops working. So before you touch any other part of the machine, I think it is best to check the lid switch with a multimeter available here.

#4. Poor Door Latch

The latch is the plastic part of the doorframe with a small metal piece fitting into the striker. A simple clicking soundproofs that everything is well aligned; otherwise, you will need to align the door.

You will do so by making sure the hinges are tight. 

Open up the front panel and use a multimeter to locate electricity in the power assembly to control your washer’s door latch.

But, ensure to disconnect the washer from the power source first if the lid of your whirlpool washer refuses to latch on.

#5. Bad Actuator Motor

The actuator motor can either get worse or loosen from the constant spinning of the washer.

And this actuator motor costs almost as much as a new washer, and you can gain access to it by going underneath the washer’s deck.

Once you are there, check the wires for loose connections and reconnect them. If wires are okay, then check the actuator motor for any fault.

Yet if this still fails, then toss out the actuator motor and get a new one.

#6. Check Control Board

Problems, where the lid lock light refuses to close are often associated with the main control board issues.

This control is usually in charge of all communication between the machine and its other parts.

However, factors like voltage being too high or too low can cause this kind of malfunction too.

You can do other things to solve the whirlpool door locked light flashing to check for faulty actuator sensor and confirm no water in the washer tub.

You also need to check the drain pump and ensure no crack on the hose.


The red lock on your whirlpool washing machine reminds you that the control lock is active. It serves to prevent injury by stopping the making of selections.

You have also seen the steps to deactivate the whirlpool control lock and solve a whirlpool door-locked light flashing.

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