Can You Put A Refrigerator On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

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The durability, quality, and brand of a refrigerator is the top priority on your list in selecting a fridge.

However, you might not consider the possibility of your vinyl plank flooring not carrying the weight of the refrigerator. 

Some flooring can carry the weight of heavy refrigerators, while some have a limit to their weight carriage.

Consequently, this leads to the question: Can your floor hold the fridge if you use vinyl flooring? 

Your vinyl plank floors can carry a refrigerator without causing damage to the plank. The luxury vinyl flooring often looks lightweight and easy to wear, though it is strong and can take heavy appliances like your fridge. A luxury vinyl plank can hold about 500 pounds of weight.

Can You Put a Fridge on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

You can put a fridge on the vinyl plank flooring. A vinyl flooring, also known as luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), can hold about 500 pounds incurring no damage.

It is rather sturdy and can carry most heavy home appliances without cracking. A single vinyl plank is some inches wider.

The wideness makes the fridge’s weight spread over the adjoining vinyl planks. 

Because of the high durability of luxury vinyl plank, it has damage and dent resistance.

Dents and scratches are more likely to occur when you move your heavy home appliances, like the fridge, directly on the floor.

Therefore, it is one of the best flooring choices for placing under appliances. It is more advisable to place moveable appliances on luxury vinyl flooring.

Placing fixed cabinets on the vinyl plank floors causes damage to the particular area of the flooring and will be difficult to replace.

Can You Roll a Refrigerator on Vinyl Plank Flooring?  

You can roll your refrigerator on a vinyl plank floor, though it is unnecessary if you would move it a short distance. You can roll the fridge with a dolly.

A dolly has a platform and wheels to move heavy objects around.

How to Roll a Refrigerator on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

When moving your fridge, ensure there’s someone there to assist you. To roll your fridge on a vinyl plank:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the power source. 
  • Lighten the weight of the refrigerator by emptying it. Also, remove glass shelves and moveables in the fridge. Finally, move perishable items to another refrigerator or an airy location. 
  • Clean the fridge with a soap solution after emptying it, and tie a rope from the fridge door handle around the refrigerator and back to the handle to prevent the doors from opening during movement.
  • Get cardboard and place it beneath the dolly platform to protect the vinyl plank floor from scratches.
  • Slide the dolly platform underneath the fridge and tighten the appliance onto the dolly with two strong ropes.
  • With the help of your partner, tilt the fridge slowly unto the dolly. Then use your foot to move the trolley closer to the appliance. Next, slowly pull the dolly handle while your partner pushes the refrigerator in your direction until the fridge balances on the dolly platform.
  • Roll the fridge to the location of your choice and remove it carefully from the dolly.

How Do You Move a Refrigerator With Vinyl Plank Flooring?  

Moving your refrigerator over a vinyl plank floor without caution or some protection over the vinyl floor might dent the flooring.

However, refrigerators are quite heavy appliances, so you would require help to move yours. Ensure you are not performing this task alone to avoid accidents.

To move your fridge with a vinyl plank flooring:

  • First, detach your refrigerator from the power source.
  • Next, remove all food items and shelves in the refrigerator. Finally, move the food items to another airy location.
  • Once empty, rid the fridge of dirt by cleaning it with a soft cloth and soap mixture. Then, with a strong cord, keep the fridge door closed temporarily by tying the rope to the handles around the fridge and back at the refrigerator handles. Tying the handles will keep the doors from opening during movement.
  • Raise the bottom of the fridge slightly and have your partner place a large carpet under the refrigerator. Next, place the carpet upside down. This action will keep the smooth surface of the carpeting against the smooth surface of the vinyl floor for effortless movement across the flooring.
  • Lift the opposite side of the refrigerator and place an equally large carpet like before. The fridge corners should ultimately rest on the carpeting.
  • Slowly pull the carpet towards you on the vinyl floor as your partner pushes the refrigerator at the same pace from behind. Occasionally, ensure that the carpeting is not coming from underneath the fridge. Then, pull the appliance to its new location. 
  • Lift the refrigerator slowly and remove the carpet from underneath the sides.
  • Untie the ropes and connect the fridge plug to the power source. Replace the food items and glassware.

How Much Weight Can You Put On Vinyl Plank Flooring?  

The weight limit is about 600 pounds for a top vinyl plank, while other vinyl floorings can carry about 500 pounds. 

Vinyl flooring is prone to scratches and dents from sharp furniture edges. To prevent this, install felt pads on all your heavy appliances.

The felt pads will keep your luxury vinyl plank at its optimum quality and prevent dents and marks on the vinyl. 

How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Refrigerator?

Installing the luxury vinyl flooring underneath a fridge is not so different from installing it in a room.

To install it under a refrigerator, you will only have to move the home appliance from its spot so that you can install the vinyl plank flooring. 

With the trolley or a dolly, you could move the refrigerator. Use the cord to tie the fridge doors to the fridge to prevent it from opening during movement.

There are two different methods for installing luxury vinyl planks. You could either glue the vinyl plank to the existing floor or lock it together tightly like you would a jigsaw, though tighter.

Locking the vinyl planks together is usually preferable for easy replacement in the future, unlike using adhesive to glue the vinyl plank to the floor.

Ensure to lift the fridge instead of pushing it directly against the floor. You could also install felt pads under the refrigerator to keep it from scratching the floor surface during movement.

Refer to the guidelines above for how to move your refrigerator.

Materials you would need to install vinyl plank:

  • Fine-tooth saw
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Tape measure
  • Vinyl plank flooring
  • Straightedge
  • Nail Set
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Concrete patcher

You can install the vinyl plank after moving the fridge from its spot. To install vinyl plank:

  • Turn the power supply off, and move it from its location.
  • Clean the floor in that area and vacuum the corners if the fridge is close to a wall.
  • Pry off the trim moldings(that are against the wall) with a plier and vacuum off debris and wood particles.
  • Ensure your existing floor is clean and smooth as possible. For example, use a concrete patcher to fill the holes in concrete floors. But if the floor is wooden, use a floor-level compound to cover the depressions. 
  • Measure the edge of the walls and use a utility knife with a carpenter’s square to cut lightly through the plank. You can also cut the plank with a fine-tooth saw.
  • Before placing the plank, leave a space about one-fourth inch. Place the measured plank over the first row close to the wall. Use a small block of plank turned upside down with a hammer to tap the plank in place after placing it.
  • Continue placing and locking the planks until you have covered the fridge area.
  • Nail the trim molding firmly against the wall and clean the new vinyl surface. Then, carefully return the fridge the same way you removed it and untie the rope on the fridge handle.

Best Flooring Under Refrigerator    

Apart from the Vinyl plank floors, many other flooring choices are rather sturdy. You can also place these floors under a refrigerator. 

#1. Tile Floor

Use this in water-prone areas like the bathroom and kitchen. It is very sturdy and durable and can carry heavy appliances without damage. Experts usually install this flooring.

#2. Concrete Floor

Concrete flooring might not be as attractive as vinyl flooring though it is very durable. It is strong enough to carry heavy appliances like your refrigerator.

It is waterproof, hence a good choice for kitchen flooring.

#3. Hardwood Floor

This type of floor has been in use for quite a long time, though it is more updated now. It is sturdy and water-resistant.

Though it is not waterproof, you can place it under a refrigerator without damage.

You might need to place pads under your home appliances to avoid scratches and dents on the flooring.


You can place heavy appliances like the refrigerator on luxury vinyl flooring. Though the flooring may look vulnerable, it is sturdy.

However, the vinyl plank can incur dents if you do not protect it from the sharp edges of appliances.

Therefore, before moving refrigerators on vinyl plank flooring, ensure to use protective pads under the home appliance.

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