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Refrigerator Outlet Height? (Things You Must Know)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:25 pm

It is understandable if you have recently purchased a new refrigerator, but you are unsure where you should place the outlet.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to keep track of all the new appliances on the market, and electrical refrigerator outlets aren’t any different.

Since you can get refrigerators at various heights, it is essential to measure the height of your refrigerator before purchasing an outlet that will be compatible with it.

You can find refrigerator outlets in most hardware stores.

The standard height of a refrigerator outlet is 46 inches from the floor. However, this can vary from model to model. Nevertheless, the height of a refrigerator outlet is either 34 or 60 inches measured from the ground. 

What Is Outlet Height Code?

Refrigerator Outlet Height

A few options are available if you need to lower or raise your refrigerator. The outlet height code is the standard height for a refrigerator; therefore, it will work with most models.

The minimum required distance between a refrigerator outlet and the floor is 46 inches.

Electrical outlets can be raised using an extension or pigtail for equipment taller than the usual refrigerator height.

You can decrease the height of your refrigerator by utilizing a refrigerator receptacle or angle kit if the height of your refrigerator is lower than the usual height.

You can find these accessories at the majority of different hardware stores.

When shopping for a refrigerator, consider the outlet height to ensure that it will fit in your available area.

Refrigerator Electrical Outlet Height

Refrigerator outlet height is a significant determinant when making a refrigerator purchase. A standard refrigerator height is 46 inches from the ground; however, higher or shorter refrigerators are available.

Before buying a refrigerator, check the height of the outlet in your house to ensure it will fit.

Before purchasing, this will protect your house and prevent expensive and tedious returns, saving you money in the long run.

The standard height for a refrigerator outlet is 46 inches from the floor.

This makes it easier to acquire refrigerator outlet adapters that can be utilized to ensure that your fridge will fit in your home properly.

However, if you need extra storage space or want to maximize your kitchen layout, wide refrigerators are available.

In addition to the refrigerator’s height, the full size should be considered when determining the appropriate refrigerator outlet height.

Some refrigerators require more space on either side than others, so measure the space before purchasing to ensure it will fit.

The following is a list of things to keep in mind when determining where to put your fridge’s electrical outlet: Size, model, brand, features, number of doors, and power consumption (in watts/amps) of a refrigerator.

Refrigerator Water Outlet Height

There is no industry standard for the height of water outlets on refrigerators. The NEC has parts that control the minimum distance you must maintain between electrical outlets and countertops.

There should not be more than six feet of distance between any location in a room and the closest outlet.

In addition to this, the Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that electrical water outlets must be situated lower than 19 inches from the floor.

Many electricians find it challenging to respond satisfactorily to this inquiry because the law does not provide much guidance regarding the ideal height of a refrigerator water outlet.

Some people reside in areas that have municipal ordinances and building codes that specify the height at which you must install outlets.

However, most locations do not provide contractors with a height standard they are obligated to follow.

The height of the electrical water outlet on the refrigerator is frequently determined by where the power cord for the appliance is situated.

The base of the appliance is home to several power cords secured in place. Many others are connected to the core.

It is necessary to adjust the outlet’s height to be compatible with the cord’s length.

The outlet is in the incorrect location if the chord needs to be stretched to reach it because it is located either too far down or too high up.

Do You Need A Dedicated Outlet For A Refrigerator?

There is no need for unique electrical outlets to operate refrigerators. If the outlet is three-pronged, it can be plugged into a regular 110-120 volt outlet.

On the other hand, it’s better if your fridge is on its dedicated circuit. Your local code may even mandate it.

As a result, while you may be able to connect another appliance to the same outlet, it’s usually best not to. Your refrigerator will be able to function correctly as a result.

In most households, refrigerators have 110 to 120-volt outlets. However, refrigerators don’t need a 220-volt outlet.

Plugging in your refrigerator is as simple as lining up the three prongs on the plug and inserting it into the socket. 

Avoid workarounds, such as removing the third ground prong or using an adapter to convert the plug to a two-pronged design. As a result, a danger to the public is created.

Refrigerator Dedicated Circuit

You should fit refrigerators and freezers on a separate 120-volt circuit of 15-20 amps. A dedicated circuit for the refrigerator is the best practice for homeowners.

Although most refrigerators use 3 to 6 amps on average, they can use up to 15 amps during high demand. You should take the worst-case situation into account.

If your current wiring can’t handle the additional power, this will prevent an electrical overload.

Regardless of where you position your freezer or refrigerator, it is still necessary to have a dedicated 120-volt circuit for your freezer.

In addition to all of these rules, please make sure that you adhere to the power requirements that the manufacturer has specified for the device.

Finally, if you have any questions or need to verify that your electrical panel can handle a refrigerator or freezer, do not hesitate to contact a qualified and experienced electrician.

A GFCI outlet that can accommodate these gadgets can also be installed in your garage with the assistance of an electrician.

If you do this, you will be able to ensure the safety of your electrical system without having to worry about your GFCI tripping, which would cause all of your food to spoil.

Contact an experienced electrician if you’ve lately installed an appliance and your circuit breaker keeps tripping.

They can inspect your breakers and come up with a better alternative.


If you read the NEC and ADA, you’ll see that they provide recommendations on the maximum and minimum heights you should use.

Unfortunately, a standard height for contractors to employ hasn’t been established.

In this case, you can leave it to the electrician to make the final decision. They’ll help you determine the ideal height for your refrigerator’s power cord.

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