Refrigerator Won’t Fit Through Door? (What To Do Now)

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Have you ever been in a situation where you just got a new apartment, and you’re bringing in your refrigerator, and it gets stuck at the door?

This can be frustrating because many people don’t take note of these things. 

What could make your refrigerator not fit through the door? Is it too big or too small? Are you passing it through the door wrongly?

Or is there something not allowing it to fit through? These are questions that you should answer. 

One main reason your refrigerator won’t fit through the door is that it’s bigger than the door. This means the door width is so small that the refrigerator can’t pass through. Another reason is that you might not be doing it right. It’s possible you’ve not positioned it well to fit in. 

Why Won’t Refrigerators Fit Through the Door?

Refrigerator Won't Fit Through

Size is the primary reason for this. But, what else would make a refrigerator not fit through the door apart from size?

This is the way you position the refrigerator. Even though the door is slightly wider than the refrigerator, your refrigerator might not still fit through. 

Sometimes people just take the whole refrigerator through the door and think it will fit in.

But, no, this is wrong because the shape of the refrigerator is not the same as the door. So, just trying to take it in like that won’t make it easy for you. 

You need to position it with the help of a person or two people to fit through the door. Wrong positioning is like a wasted effort.

One would just try but end up being frustrated about the whole thing. So it is essential to know how to move in your refrigerator to avoid this.

Purchasing a big refrigerator could be an issue. If it is so big, you’ll have difficulty passing it through the door.

However, one doesn’t need to be told it won’t fit in. Instead, you should consider how to make it fit through the door. 

What To Do When The Refrigerator Is Too Wide? 

The best thing to do when the refrigerator is too broad is to increase the width of your door. You can also return the refrigerator and get another one.

But if you insist on getting it inside, you just have to increase the width of your door. How do you do this? 

Also, with the use of a power planner tool, you can increase the width of the door. This helps make multiple passes.

You need to wear safety equipment when doing this work. This will sand down the cabinet to make it fit. This is when it’s more comprehensive than the cabinet.

You may force it through the door. But what if you want to take it out? So it is better if you increase the width of the door or send it back.

However, in cases where it is impossible to force it through the door because it is too wide, the only solution is to return it. 

How To Fit A Refrigerator Through A Small Door?

To fit a refrigerator through a small door, you need a dolly. This small platform on wheels is used to carry heavy objects by rolling them.

The dolly is essential because it can help fit a refrigerator through a small door. 

The first thing to do is to place the refrigerator on the dolly. Then, take measurements of the refrigerator to know the smallest part.

The reason is to put the smaller measurement on the back of the dolly. However, using the smaller measurement to the back is not compulsory. 

Follow these steps to fit a refrigerator through a small door;

  • Measure the refrigerator’s and doorway’s length and width using a measuring tape. This would help you figure out which part to move in first. 
  • Place a mat on the floor. This is to protect the flooring from getting ruined by moving the refrigerator. 
  • Remove the refrigerator handle. You don’t need to worry because it can still get fixed. However, the handle might take up a few inches, so removing the handle is better. 
  • Make use of moving straps for control purposes. Set up moving straps to leverage your body to get the refrigerator through the door. You should hold on to the refrigerator with the moving straps and ensure it doesn’t swerve to the side. 

There are various ways of fitting a refrigerator through a small door. Do not hesitate to follow these steps when you find yourself in such a situation. 

Can Refrigerators Doors Be Removed To Fit Through The Doorway? 

You can remove refrigerators’ doors to fit through the doorway. The delivery men do this. However, some refrigerators can be sensitive due to the way it’s manufactured.

Hence, making it almost impossible to remove the doors. 

You must take care to do this, so you don’t damage the refrigerator. You should follow the following steps to remove your Refrigerator doors successfully;

  • Some Refrigerators do not come with a water dispenser or an ice maker. However, if yours does, you should disconnect the water line and electrical cable. 
  • Remove the front grille. This is located at the bottom of the refrigerator. You can remove the grille with the door closed for GE refrigerators. You should open the doors at 90° to the fridge for whirlpool models. 
  • Now take off the door. To do this, you would need a Phillips screwdriver or an Allen wrench to unscrew and unfasten the hinge bracket at the top of the refrigerator door. These screws are 3 in most models. Note that this is done when you’ve removed the front grille, water line, and electric cable. 
  • Remove the door by lifting it off the pivot once the scores have been removed. Be careful because it might be heavy for you. Get help if it’s too heavy. For some models like the Whirlpool Refrigerator, put the door on a towel instead of the bare floor. 
  • Lastly, remove other parts like the tray, drawers, and shelves in the refrigerator for easy movement into your home. You can take them separately into this house. 

Minimum Door Width Of Appliances

The minimum door width of appliances shouldn’t be more than 36 inches. Anything more than this is significant. The door width can be from 31-36 inches.

These are the most common sizes for modern refrigerators. These sizes allow free passage through the doorway. 

This doesn’t mean these are the only sizes of doors available. Some Refrigerators have narrowed doors with a width of 24 – 30 inches.

However, this is extremely small. The minimum door width of appliances is those with a width suitable for a stress-free entrance. 

To measure the width of your Refrigerator, first of all, you need to move the refrigerator. Make sure the door isn’t open. Do not lay it on the sides.

Instead, use a clear measuring tape to take the measurements of the sides. Record your readings on paper and take measurements for the second time.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t panic when you find yourself in a situation where your refrigerator can’t fit through the door, and you shouldn’t panic.

Instead, you should find out what the issue is and try resolving it.

The first thing you should do before purchasing a refrigerator is to take measurements of the doorway and the refrigerator you intend to buy.

This would save you from the stress of trying to force it in. 

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