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Refrigerators are getting bigger by the day while the doors of our homes remain the same. When getting a refrigerator, you are burdened with the issue of how you can safely remove your appliance.

There is no need to panic or give up on the refrigerator of your dream because you are scared it won’t fit through your door. 

You can take various measures to ensure your fridge fits through the doorway.

You can remove the refrigerator door for delivery to enable them to fit through the doorway of the house if the need arise for this, and it is dependent on the model of the refrigerator.

Can You Remove The Refrigerator Doors For Delivery?

Removing Refrigerator Doors For Delivery

Yes, you can remove most refrigerator doors for delivery. In a situation where the refrigerator door is too large and can not fit through the doorway, the delivery people can help remove the door.

Moving a refrigerator can be tasking because these appliances are most susceptible, sometimes due to the wiring, and a little mistake can cause damage to your refrigerator.

You can individually run this process through the manual, as every refrigerator comes with an owner’s manual.

Also, you can contact the services of an expert to help you remove your refrigerator door, to avoid causing damage, especially when you don’t feel comfortable running the process yourself.

The process involved in removing a fridge door is straightforward when dealing with an older refrigerator model.

There are variations for refrigerator models with an ice maker and a water dispenser because this set of fridges has mechanisms and various electrical connections attached to the door and the body.

So you will need an expert to help remove the doors from such refrigerators. Here is a list of some of the models of a refrigerator.

#1. Top Mount Model

The Top mount model fridges have the freezer situated at the top and are energy efficient.

#2. Bottom Mount Model

The bottom mount model fridges have a freezer at the bottom 

#3. Side By Side Model

This model has top-to-bottom freezer and refrigerator compartments next to each other. As a result, it is the widest of the models.

#4. French Door Model

This model of the refrigerator has one continuous refrigerator space on top accessed by two doors, with a freezer drawer below; they are large and bulky.

#5. Undercounter Refrigerators

This model is designed to flush with the kitchen counters and is more expansive with less depth. The various processes to remove the doors include the following.

#6. Disconnect the Water Line And Electrical Cable

If the refrigerator is connected, you should unplug it for a model with a water dispenser and an ice maker, which can sometimes be situated in the door.

But, first, you have to disconnect the electrical cable and the water line.

#7. Remove the Front Grille

Next, you remove the front grille, which can easily be removed by simply pulling.

Again, depending on the model of the appliance you’re operating on, you can run this even with the door closed for a GE refrigerator. 

When considering other refrigerators, such as the Whirlpool, you must open the door and position it 90 degrees to the fridge.

The water line is found behind the grille, and you can remove it by simply pulling the supply hose from the connector.

Also, the cable for the ice maker can sometimes be seen next to the waterline, and you disconnect this by pulling it apart.

Remember that when operating on models like the GE and Frigidaire, the cable runs under the top hinge cap.

When operating on such models, you must unscrew and remove the cap, then pull apart the connector.

#.8 Take Off the Door

When you remove the waterline, electrical cable, and other necessary refrigerator shelves, you can go ahead and detach the door.

However, there is a hinge bracket on top of the refrigerator door, and you will need to unscrew and detach this using an Allen wrench or a Phillips screwdriver before taking off the door.

#.9 Lift the Door

After you are done, lift the door off the pivot, it is recommended you place it on a towel instead of just putting it against the wall, most especially for the whirlpool.

However, in a situation where the door is too heavy, you will need help lifting it off the pivot; you have to be careful to avoid causing damage to the door.

Will Lowe’s Remove Refrigerator Doors For Delivery?

Yes, Lowe’s will remove the refrigerator doors for delivery. The delivery guys are mostly well equipped with the knowledge to remove refrigerator doors.

Most retailers will provide a guide on all needed to help move your refrigerator to your home.

Therefore, this will also let you know if you should inform them to remove the door before delivery; with preliminary information, your refrigerator can be disassembled and only reassembled in your house.

With the services these retailers offer to assist their customers, you are guaranteed you won’t have to go through the stress of following the instructions in your manual to enable you to remove the door of the refrigerator.

Will Home Depot Remove Refrigerator Doors For Delivery?

Yes, Home Depot will remove refrigerator doors for delivery; it is essential to note that you can always call the home depot store when you encounter any issues.

Home Depot employs the services of experts and well-experienced personnel who are always ready and eager to assist while carrying out their duties at any moment.

It shows how much they focus on customer satisfaction, as they offer high-quality care and services.

With this in mind, you are assured that the delivery staff will be able to remove the doors of a refrigerator if this is essential to ensure the refrigerator fits through the doorway.

Also, working with an expert brings more success as they ensure to put in their best, so you rest assured that your fridge is in good care.

Will Best Buy Remove Refrigerator Doors For Delivery?

Yes, best buy will remove the refrigerator doors for delivery if need be; as such, you are free to call the store and inform them even before your delivery is made.

Note that your refrigerator door can be removed from the store and coupled back on delivery after being safely placed in your house. 

Need to know that almost all of the delivery personnel have the expertise to help remove or replace a refrigerator’s door whenever they make a delivery.

It implies you can trust that your refrigerator will be placed in your home, even if the door is to be removed.

Best buy delivery personnel are out to market the company’s name, and as much will do anything possible to ensure they impress their customers.

How Do You Know If The Refrigerator Will Fit Through Your Door?

RCA RFR741-BLACK Apartment Size-Top Freezer-2 Door Fridge-Adjustable Thermostat Control-Black-7.5 Cubic Feet

Knowing whether or not a refrigerator will fit through your door is essential. You will have to take all the measures necessary to avoid getting a refrigerator that won’t fit through your doorway.

Before getting a refrigerator, you first have to measure your doorway, then compare it to the size of the model you plan on getting from the store.

Remember that in carrying out measurements, you must measure the entrance door and the path it must pass through.

Regardless, after selecting the model of the refrigerator you would like to buy, if it doesn’t fit your measurements, you can call and inform the store on delivery to enable it to fit through your doorway.


Regardless of the model or size, if necessary, you can remove the refrigerator door on or before delivery to enable it to fit through your doorway.

So you are free to go for any Refrigerator of your choice.

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