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Reset Frigidaire Refrigerator After A Power Outage!

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Last updated on September 7th, 2022 at 04:51 am

A refrigerator is a crucial household appliance; it serves purposes such as preservation and cooling.

Unfortunately, sometimes there may be some problem with the power supply which will change the cooling process of the items inside the refrigerator.

However, you’d expect the fridge to function normally once the power returns. Unfortunately, this may not happen, and the fridge must be reset manually.

reset frigidaire after power outage

To do this, disconnect the refrigerator from its power source and leave it unpowered for 20 minutes to reset a Frigidaire refrigerator. After this time, connect the appliance back to the outlet. Press the alarm reset button to reset the power failure alarm. Make sure electricity is reaching the area the appliance is connected to.

Do Frigidaire Refrigerators Have a Reset Button?

Frigidaire refrigerators do not have a reset button. So to fix any problems with the fridge, you’ll need to do a manual reset.

First, you will cut power to the appliance and leave it to rest for at least 30 minutes. Then, plug it back in.

Another standard method is to press and hold the ‘Power Freezer’ button for a few seconds and the ‘Power Cool’ button for a few seconds to complete the reset.

How Do You Reset a Frigidaire Refrigerator after a Power Outage?

You’ll need to follow the following procedures in resetting a Frigidaire refrigerator after a power outage. 

  1. Unplug the freezer for at least 20 minutes. 
  2. Plug the freezer back in. 
  3. Press and hold the alarm reset button for 3 seconds. 
  4. Quickly press the DOWN ARROW 3 times. 
  5. Press the up arrow one time. Choose the temperature you want for your freezer.

You can also reset using the appliance’s ‘Power Freezer’ and ‘Power Cool‘ buttons. Hold them together for some seconds.

Then, release these buttons, and the fridge should work correctly again.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Not Cooling after Power Outage?

Check the compressor if your refrigerator is not cooling after a power outage. The motor should be running with a low hum coming from the compressor.

Check the starter relay on the main control board if there is no sound.

The control board is responsible for supplying power to the compressor. Use a multimeter to test it for continuity.

If it indicates 120V AC power, the board is damaged, and the relay needs to be replaced.

However, if the compressor works perfectly and gives the correct sound, you should check the condenser fan. The condenser fan is located next to the compressor.

If the fan blades are not spinning, the motor may have a problem. This will affect the compressor, as the task is to cool the compressor.

As a result, the compressor will overheat and affect the refrigerator’s cooling.

How to Reset the Cooling System after a Power Outage?

How to Reset Frigidaire Refrigerator After a Power Outage

You can reset your refrigerator’s cooling system by pressing and holding the on/off button for about three seconds.

It is located on the left side of the temperature control panel. After that, the system will start working correctly.

Once the power is back on, it takes at least 15 minutes for the refrigerator to cool down again. An electrical problem may have shorted the refrigerator’s power cord or plug.

How to Reset Parts of a Frigidaire Refrigerator?

Some components play an essential role in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, some of these components may not correctly function after power is restored.

Therefore, it is necessary to reset these parts during a power outage.

There are different methods of resetting other parts of a Frigidaire refrigerator that you must follow closely to ensure smooth operation.

How to Reset a Frigidaire Refrigerator Power Failure (PF) Alarm

When a power outage occurs, your unit will display a Power Failure Alert or PF, followed by a loud alarm sound. Simply accept the alarm immediately by pressing “Alarm Reset” to restore power.

Next, press the ‘Mute’ button or the ‘Default Settings’ button to reset the power failure alarm; if your model does not have these buttons, press ‘Option’ and press ‘SET’ to accept the alarm.

Until the alarm is confirmed, you can turn off other refrigerator modes.

The refrigerator will resume regular operation. However, if your power is off for a long time, a “high temperature” alarm may also illuminate until the unit reaches a safe working temperature.

The Frigidaire refrigerator alarm notifies you if there is a malfunction in the appliance’s operation or if it is not working after power is restored.

When Do You Reset Your Control Panel on a Frigidaire Refrigerator?

If your Frigidaire refrigerator refuses to power on suddenly or after a power outage, there may be a fault with the main control board.

After completing the power failure alarm reset, you notice your fridge is not working.

The next step is to check the refrigerator’s control panel; the panel will also need to be reset. 

To reset the fridge control panel or control lock, disconnect the fridge from its power source and leave it unpowered for about five minutes.

Plug the appliance back in after the time has elapsed. Again, you must have reset the panel.

The control panel of a Frigidaire refrigerator performs an essential function for your appliance to function correctly.

This is where the controls and functions of your fridge are distributed and transmitted.

However, when exposed to excessive heat, moisture, or vibration, control boards can fail.

In addition, they occur due to errors in the manufacturing process and may fail even after showing signs.

How to Reset the Water Filter in a Frigidaire Refrigerator?

Reset the power failure alarm when power has been restored. The indicator light for the filter may appear red, and you will need to reset the water filter.

To reset the Frigidaire water filter or water filter light, press the Water filter option and press Set if there’s a touchpad.

After the flashing light starts and stops, select the following filter option.

Press the SET button once, and the filter is reset.

Usually, the function of the water filter indicator light is to inform you of how the filter is working. If the light is green, the filter works properly and does not need replacement.

If the light is yellow, the filter is in the middle of its life expectancy and may soon develop defects or stop working.

The filter light turning red means it’s time to replace your filter. Your filter indicator is on a timer that will go off every six months to remind you to change the filter.

The water filter removes unwanted impurities such as sediment, taste, hardness, and bacteria from the water to obtain quality water.

You should change your water filter every six months to get the highest quality. The water filter status will be illuminated on the display when it is due to replace the filter.


After a power outage, it is essential to acknowledge the frigidaire refrigerator alarm.

This is the fridge’s way of telling us to help it function properly and prepare it for a cooling journey.

There is no need to try to locate the refrigerator reset button.

The Frigidaire Refrigerator doesn’t have a reset button, but it can be reset to function appropriately with another method.

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