How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator After Power Outage?

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Maytag refrigerators are one of the appliances with the highest integrity levels in the market.

Therefore, these devices possess great features, high-class aesthetics, and outstanding durability that gives you your money’s worth.

However, minor problems may come up when you use the Maytag refrigerator.

Consequently, error codes representing these issues pop up. But several matters may trigger these error codes; these issues include a sudden shutdown or a short power outage.

So, you may wonder about how to reset your fridge after a power outage prompts an error code.

To reset your Maytag refrigerator after a power outage, you should restart the control panel by holding some buttons simultaneously. If this doesn’t work, perform a hard reset by cutting the power supply to the fridge for at least five minutes before reconnecting it. After changing the setting to the required temperature, test your Maytag refrigerator’s functioning and control panel.

Maytag Refrigerator Control Panel Not Working After Power Outage?        

You may notice that your Maytag refrigerator’s control panel isn’t working after a brief power outage, which makes you quite worried.

You can read our post on How to reset the Maytag refrigerator control panel.

However, it would be best if you understood that this interruption in power creates a minor glitch in the functionality of your Maytag refrigerator. 

Your refrigerator may not even start or power on when this occurs but may not work correctly.

In these instances, you’ll have to find a lasting solution to get back into enjoying your appliance. 

Check the fridge’s primary circuit breaker when the Maytag refrigerator comes up but does not cool the materials in its internal compartments.

Also, study the refrigerator to understand if it went off during the power outage period.

Then, manually turn on the Maytag refrigerator by punching the corresponding key on the control board. 

In other designs of the Maytag refrigerator, you will have to use the ‘ON Switch,’ which you can usually find in its interior.

Nonetheless, always look for the turning circuit breaker, which is ever-present.

Now, if your Maytag fridge does not still come on, take a look at the GFCI outlet attached to the refrigerator.

This is because the GFCI may have tripped during the power outage or when power returned. 

If your Maytag refrigerator’s control panel does not still work, you should check if the power cord or plug has sustained any damage lately.

However, if all these are working correctly, then you should wait for about 15 minutes for the fridge to cool.

Can A Power Outage Damage A Refrigerator?

A power outage shouldn’t damage a refrigerator under normal conditions.

This is because the power is only confined to your house, so it has the same effect as turning off the appliance at the power socket.

But turning off the power at the socket does not cause damage.

Additionally, because manufacturers produce modern appliances to withstand minor electrical fluctuations, sudden power outages do not harm them.

So, generally, these occurrences do not damage your Maytag refrigerator nor cause problems. 

Nonetheless, power outages can still damage your refrigerator, but this occurs when a power surge causes the power to go off.

Therefore, these power surges may damage your electrical appliances, including your Maytag refrigerator.

The most common cause of power outages that damage your fridges is lightning strikes. 

When lightning strikes occur, they incite power surges that damage several components in your Maytag refrigerator.

However, you can easily replace some of these components, such as fuses, but others can be pretty expensive.

These occurrences, such as lightning strikes, lead to power outages in most instances. So, it is right to assert that a few times, power outages can cause damage to your fridge. 

Five Number Of Ways To Fix Maytag Refrigerator After Power Outage?

When your Maytag refrigerator sustains damages or faults after a power outage, you can use several simple ways to fix these problems.

Unfortunately, others may work for your specific brand of Maytag refrigerator, while others may not.

So, it now depends on you to pick one procedure that would resolve the issue at hand.

#1. Combination of Keys

Maytag refrigerators do not have dedicated reset buttons. So, this circumstance gives first-time users a tough time when they think of resetting the appliance.

Consequently, you have to discover combinations of buttons to provide you with the results you seek to achieve.

However, these combinations are not uniform for all Maytag refrigerators, so this method proves quite sophisticated.

Nonetheless, browsing through the manual or Maytag’s website isn’t a pretty cumbersome task, after all, so you should quickly do this whenever you’re stuck with a stubborn error code.

This helps you solve the problem without making things worse or wasting any more time.

Subsequently, always ensure to exit programming mode before using this method.

#2. Power Cycle

This is a super viable option if others aren’t working as much as you’d like. The power cycle involves you performing a hard reset on your Maytag refrigerator.

It is one of the easiest methods of Maytag refrigerator reset, and it works almost all the time. 

When doing this, ensure to remove your Maytag refrigerator from the power source and allow it to stand for five to 10 minutes.

This short time is enough; however, five minutes is the minimum.

Moving on, set the system up after you’ve exhausted this waiting time.

Check the circuit breakers and fuses for minor faults when using this method. This is because these components sometimes explode due to a short power outage.

Also, do not forget to check the GFCI outlets as these power outages trip them in certain circumstances.

#3. Reset the GFCI Outlet

If you’ve got a ground fault circuit interrupter installed with your Maytag refrigerator, checking it after a power outage isn’t a bad idea.

When power outages occur, these devices trip, incidentally cutting off the electricity supply.

Consequently, when you notice that your Maytag refrigerator isn’t working after an incident of a power outage, check this device for confirmation. 

If you confirm your suspicions, click the reset button on your GFCI outlet. 

#4. Check the Power Cord of Your Refrigerator

In a few rare instances, damage to the power cord of your Maytag refrigerator could be the reason why your Maytag fridge fails.

Here, the reason for the power outage may have taken out the power cord of your fridge as well; so bringing back the light doesn’t start the device.

So, turning the power unit of your refrigerator would reveal the faulty site and allow you to resolve the problem without further fuss.

But, unfortunately, electrical shorting couples with damages to render the power cord useless in other circumstances.

So, here, the best option remains the replacement of the entire cable.

#5. Contact Maytag Support

Sometimes when all efforts seem futile, the last option is to contact the company for help and assistance.

Because Maytag has a trained team, they can spot the problems efficiently and know how to handle them better. 

However, you should keep the make, model, and a serial number of your Maytag refrigerator handy; you can find these in the user manual of your appliance or on a sticker inside it.

Maytag support will provide methods to help fix the exact problem haunting your fridge. Also, they can send a professional to take a look if there’s a need.


Power outages trigger specific error codes and issues on your Maytag refrigerator. So, to clear these codes and deal with these issues, you will need a reset.

Also, although significant damages do not result from power outages, several discrepancies may occur.

On the other hand, you can still use several easy methods to fix problems arising from these.

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