Rheem Water Heater Gas Valve Problems: (Do This To Fix It)

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Over the years, Rheem has constantly produced high-quality water heaters making the brand one of the most sought-after brands.

The brand manufactures durable and power-efficient heaters for both home and commercial motives. 

However, it is worth noting that, just like most appliances, your Rheem water heater will experience hitches at some point. And one such issue is the gas valve problem.

Many factors can cause Rheem heater gas valve problems, including a worn-out gas valve and a general malfunctioning valve. A faulty gas valve will hinder the pilot light from coming on or remaining lit once you release the igniter control. In addition, it would help to know that a faulty thermocouple gives the same symptoms.

In this article, I will explain the common Rheem heater gas valve problems and other general problems associated with the appliance.

By the end, you will be able to understand the workings of the appliance and how to test and reset a terrible gas valve problem.

What Are the Most Common Rheem Water Heater Gas Valve Problems?

Rheem Water Heater Gas Valve Problems

We depend on hot water for various activities ranging from bathing, cleaning, and cooking and for use with other types of equipment. 

Therefore, it gets frustrating when your water heater develops any slight fault. 

A faulty gas valve automatically means no hot water, as there will be no power to ignite the heater for the heating process.

Some of the common Problems to look out for include the following.

#1. Problems With the Pilot Light 

A faulty gas valve impedes the pilot light from coming on or causes the pilot light not to stay lit once you let go of the igniter switch.

However, the pilot light is responsible for igniting the gas channeled into your Rheem heater for warming up water.  

In simple terms, a faulty Rheem water heater gas valve will impede gas flow to the pilot light, which is solely responsible for igniting the appliance for heating to occur.

#2. Water Too Cold 

Another gas valve problem is that it has too cold water when you need hot water. 

A faulty Rheem heater gas valve causes inconsistent water temperatures due to inadequate gas flow for proper heating up of the water.

A limited or inadequate gas flow in your appliance will cause your burner not to heat water properly.

#3. Gas Leaks

A faulty gas valve can easily cause your tank to leak, mainly if you haven’t used the tank for a long while.

The good news is you can easily detect a leaking gas through the smell. It would help to know that a leaking gas tank is an emergency.

Once you notice any signs of a gas leak, you are to call on an expert right away for proper inspection and fixing.

It would be best if you didn’t try fixing a gas leak yourself to avoid causing more damage that will result in a fire outbreak.

#4. Tank Takes Too Long to Heat 

When your tank takes too long to heat, the fault could be a bag gas valve or a faulty burner.

In a situation with a foul gas connection or factors hindering adequate gas flow, your burner will need more energy to heat water to the required level.

As such, you should constantly clean your Rheem water heater gas and its components for maximum functioning.

What Are Other Problems Common With the Rheem Water Heater?

It is common for your Rheem water heater to experience specific problems from time to time.

Although, the brand has, over time, tried to set up measures to rid and deter most of the problems. 

But, it will be okay if you have proper knowledge of the possible signs and presentations to enable you to carry out simple fixes when needed.

Some problems common with the Rheem water heater include the following.

#1. Leaky Tanks

Leaky tanks are a common problem with water heaters, and most often than not, the leaks come from other components and not the tank itself.

As such, when you observe water leaking from your water heater, do a thorough check and be sure of the source of leakage.

Most times, a loose connection of the water pipes could be the culprit, and all you will have to do is adjust the loose connections.

However, if a constant surge of water is coming out of your Rheem water heater, it would help to call a professional to come and help fix the problem.

#2. Pressure Relief Valve Issues

The relief valve controls the amount of water discharged when turned on.

There are moments when you will find the pressure relief valve leaking. And poor installation is one of the major causes of a faulty pressure relief valve.

Also, it is only normal for an overused tank to break down due to wear and tear.

As such, you must constantly carry out regular maintenance routines to preserve your Rheem water gas heater.

#3. Inconsistent Temperatures

Your Rheem water heater gives you room to regulate the degree of coldness or hotness you desire your water to be.

Once you notice fluctuations in the level of coldness or hotness of your water without you making inputs, it’s a good sign that there’s a fault somewhere.

Inconsistency in temperature is horrible because you might end up getting injured. 

For instance, imagine expecting moderately warm water to pour on you, and then you get a splash of boiling water.

#4. Scenting Water

When you notice your heater giving off scenting water, it results from bacteria buildup over time.

While you can try to increase the water temperature to kill the bacteria, cleaning up your heater with a good cleanser like bleach would be best.

Again, it would be best if you adequately diluted the bleach to reduce the corrosive level of the chemical.

Is There a Recall on Rheem Gas Water Heaters?

Yes, there is a recall on Rheem gas water heaters whenever a particular component is faulty and exposes consumers to risks.

For instance, Rheem received a statement of control boards overheating their brand and made a recall for the product sold out from January 2014 to April 2016.

The heaters had a space between the burner flange and the combustion chamber, which could cause a fire explosion. And Rheem took full responsibility for the repairs.

Recently, Rheem admitted that some of her home water heaters manufactured in 2020 and 2021 have impaired gas control valves.

However, Rheem promises to offer full inclusion on the defective valve, and the brand is also giving $100 credits to fix organizations to replace the defective parts. 

Although, some customers stated that more than $100 would be needed to handle the entire cost of fixing the impaired control valves.

The recall service Rheem offers goes a long way in expressing how the brand is devoted to the satisfaction of its customers.

Generally, Rheem has excellent prestige for producing credible water heaters, making them a go-to brand for most customers.

While the brand is rated for its numerous benefits, it has some drawbacks too. 

The table below contains some of the advantages and disadvantages of a Rheem water heater.

Advantages Disadvantages 
Rheem offers a variety of water heaters.Rheem water heaters have prorated warranty.
The brand makes high energy efficiency appliances.Hard to repair when damaged. 
The heaters are easy to install and maintain.The brand offers poor customer service.

How Do You Reset the Gas Valve on a Rheem Water Heater?

While Rheem suggests you call on a professional once you notice a problem with your appliance, it is not out of place to know how to carry out simple fixing procedures.

It is easy to reset a gas valve on your Rheem water heater. 

All you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

  • First, unplug the appliance and turn off the gas valve.
  • Now plug in the heater and turn on the gas valve.
  • Calibrate the temperature switch to the lowest level and then rotate the switch back to the highest level.
  • Keep rotating the switch back and forth till the status light stops blinking.
  • Once the status light stops blinking, your reset is complete.
  • If the light keeps blinking, you should start the process again.


#1. How Long Does a Rheem Water Heater Last?

A Rheem water heater will last about eight years to 15 years. However, the appliance will last longer depending on usage and maintenance level.

#2. Can You Fix a Gas Control Valve?

You can not fix a gas control valve. Therefore, once your gas valve is faulty, you are expected to replace it entirely.

#3. How Often Can You Flush Your Water Heater?

If you own a storage tank heater, it is ideal for you to flush your heater yearly. However, depending on usage, you can flush your tankless heaters every 3 to 5 years. 

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