Rug Outline On Hardwood Floors? (Must Know This)

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When a rug sits in the same place for a long time, it leaves marks on the hardwood floor.

However, removing rug outlines on hardwood floors takes time, and you cannot take them off using chemicals. So, how do you go about this?

To remove rug outline on hardwood floors, clean the surface. Use a hardwood cleaner to get rid of the dirt under the rug. Then, you can take off the rug to enable exposure to sunlight. The color change is because the parts of the hardwood floor that are not covered are in the sunlight. You can also change the tarnished pieces.

Should You Put a Rug On Hardwood Floors?

Rug Outline on Hardwood Floors

If your house has a hardwood flooring system, you will be wondering whether or not you should cover the floor with a rug. Putting a rug on hardwood floors is not a necessity.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to covering your hardwood floor with a rug. Hardwood floors are fragile, and they develop scratches and stains quickly. 

The advantages and disadvantages of putting a rug on your hardwood floor are:

It provides comfort. Rugs make you feel cozy and relaxed. It also helps in reducing noise and sound. Walking in a room with a rug on the hardwood floor is enjoyable.Rugs absorb the smell. If you accidentally spill anything on it, the rug will absorb the smell, and air fresheners will not help.
It adds warmth. On chilly days, rugs will keep your toes warm.Rugs accumulate dust quickly. This dust causes allergies and breathing problems.
Rugs prevent scratches in areas with high traffic.If left for a long time, rugs leave marks on your hardwood floor.

You might be wondering where you can place a rug.

  • Place a rug in areas with high traffic. Place your rug in living rooms, hallways, and offices to protect your hardwood floor.
  • Place rugs under furniture. Furniture like tables, chairs, and sofas need a rug underneath them. Having a rug under this furniture is a good idea because it prevents the legs of the furniture from scratching the floor.
  • The bedroom. Leaving your bedroom floor bare will not look as great as placing a rug there. Instead, you can place it in the center of your bedroom to make it look warm.

Ensure you clean the area properly before placing the rug. Clean the rug regularly and pick the correct size. Also, match the rug’s color with your furniture and floor to ensure harmony.

Why Do People Cover Hardwood Floors With Rugs?

People cover their hardwood floors with a rug for a couple of reasons.

#1. It Protects Hardwood Floors From Damage 

With the different activities in your home (kids running around, pets, etc.), your floors can get scratched, leaving permanent marks. Many people do not want that.

Therefore, protecting it is necessary. People cover their floors to prevent damage and to add sophistication.

#2. Covering Hardwood Floors Keep You Safe

Due to the smoothness of hardwood floors, people are prone to slipping and sliding. Covering a hardwood floor with a rug provides friction to prevent you from slipping.

#3. Covering Hardwood Floors Provides Warmth And Comfort 

Standing for extended periods on hard floors can give you aches. People add rugs to provide comfort in places where you stand for a while.

Adding rugs increases the warmth of a room. Rugs with pads absorb sounds and reduce noise to enable you to relax.

#4. It Enhances Home Decorations 

Rugs come in different designs, colors, and shapes. Rugs add texture to rooms, and they also warm up a room.

#5. It Covers Imperfections On the Floor 

If cracks are on your hardwood floor, adding a rug can hide them and blend them with the room furniture. However, if the floor is damaged, you should fix it to avoid accidents.

#6. Cleaning Is Less Tasking

Rugs are very easy to clean. Vacuuming removes dust from rugs easily. Other reasons people cover their hardwood floors with rugs are:

  • It makes a home look attractive and inviting
  • It adds style
  • It reduces sounds.

Is Rug Outline Good For Hardwood Floors?

If left unattended for a long time, the rug outline can cause damage to your hardwood floor. To maintain consistent color, rearrange any rugs on top of the floor.

Wood lightens as a result of exposure to sunlight. You cannot stop color changes in wood.

Most wood species change color over time, and moving or rearranging furniture every month will help maintain an even color.

How to Remove Rug Outline on Hardwood Floors?

When you leave a rug for a long time, it will leave marks. You cannot use chemicals to remove rug outlines on hardwood floors. 

#1. Cleaning

The best way is cleaning. The first step is cleaning the dust that settled under the rug. Next, use a mop to clean the dust. Next, get a good hardwood floor cleaner.

#2. Expose the Part To Sunlight 

If you take off the rug, you will see that sunlight has not touched it. To solve this, leave that part exposed for three to four months.

This exposure will go a long way to making the floor look better and stopping the discoloration.

#3. Change the Discolored Parts

This solution is an instant one. It is pretty expensive, but it will resolve this issue immediately. This step involves taking out the tarnished pieces and replacing them.

Rugs cause discolored hardwood floors. If this happens, remove the rug and leave the hardwood floor bare for exposure.

This process takes time, but it will help out. You should know taking out rug outlines is a gradual process.

Let the hardwood floor sit bare for three to four months. Then, change the tarnished pieces if you are unwilling to wait or want an immediate solution.

It all depends on what you want and your budget. Changing the tarnished pieces is best if you want to sell the property.

What Kind Of Rugs Are Safe For Hardwood Floors?

Rugs for hardwood floors show marks a lot, and I would advise you to adhere to specific tips when purchasing a rug.

  • Do not use carpet tape to make a rug stay in place. Tapes can be challenging and could remove some of the finish if you try to take them off.
  • If there are a lot of windows in your room, the sunlight can cause discoloration. Make sure you rotate your rug to prevent this. 
  • Do not use low-quality rug pads. Having low-quality rug pads can damage your floor by reacting with the finish.
  • Spillages on rugs damage the floor. If you accidentally spill on your rug, clean it immediately to prevent it from seeping through your rug and the hardwood from absorbing it.

There are no specific kinds of rugs safe for use on hardwood floors. Put the proper measures in place to protect your rug from damage.

#1. Use Right, High-Quality Rug Pads

Rug pads enable you to place any rug on your hardwood floor and protect it from damage. The different kinds of rug pads are:

#1. 100% Rubber Pads 

These pads have non-stick and grip properties, and they are Eco friendly.

#2. 100% Felt Pads

They have a high density and more minor grips compared to rubber pads. They are also Eco friendly. 

#3. Synthetic Latex Pads

They are a combination of clay filters and latex.

#4. Rubber/Felt Hybrid Pads

They are a mix of rubber and felt and offer good grips.

#2. Rotate Your Rug

This practice prevents discoloration. Take the rug off to prevent the sun fades.


Rug outline on hardwood floors is a common thing you must encounter if you use a rug on a hardwood floor.

The tips in this article will help you remove the outline of the rug on your floor. If you notice this outline, fix it immediately to prevent long-term effects.

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