RV Fridge Won’t Fit Through Door? (Reasons & Solutions)

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It would help if you moved your RV fridge through the door for numerous reasons.

Many people enjoy camping and the great outdoors with their friends and family, and they do it so often that they would need larger appliances like the fridge but then, what happens if the RV fridge won’t fit through your door?

The primary reason your fridge does not fit through your door is that your door is small, or you are getting a large-sized refrigerator. You can get the fridge to pass through by removing its doors and sliding sideways, but if it still doesn’t work, you would need to go through with a complicated method; the window. 

What Do You Do If Your Refrigerator Won’t Fit Through the Door?

RV Fridge Won't Fit Through Door

Getting a fridge to fit through a door is easier said than done because it requires you to pay attention to specific details, and also, the slightest measuring inconvenience can cause a huge hindrance.

You cannot simply force a fridge through a doorway; it requires proper planning and repositioning. 

It would help if you focused on getting your refrigerator through without harming anything. 

To successfully get your refrigerator passes a small door, you have to measure the size of the refrigerator and the door beforehand.

If you notice that the fridge won’t be able to pass usually, then you should try removing some of the hinges on the door.

You can use moving straps you hold your fridge in place and then slide it through. 

Steps To Get Your Refrigerator Through a Door 

For your refrigerator to successfully pass through a smaller door, you need to follow these steps below; 

#1. Measure Your Door and Fridge Size 

If you are getting a small-sized fridge, this might not be necessary, but if the size of the fridge you would like to get through is significant, then you need to measure the length, width, and depth of both the fridge and door.

Now with this information, you can decide if you need to slide the fridge in or bend it slightly. 

#2. Place a Mat on the Floor 

Now, after you have found a way to move your fridge in, you should place a sheet or a mat so you do not compromise your flooring so your fridge would go in.

Most times, in cases like this, the flooring gets ruined because the friction created when sliding affect the quality of the floor. 

#3. Remove the Fridge Handles 

The goal here is to buy yourself some more space. Removing the handle would save you about 2-3 inches, and it would be better for you to remove your handle so it can fit through than having your fridge handle get stuck at the door.

So, for smaller doors, you have to measure how wide the door is and see if taking off the handle would make it fit. 

#4. Use Moving Straps 

When dealing with a smaller door, it is harder to handle, so it would be better if you used moving straps to control your movement.

With these moving straps, you could control your fridge’s left and proper movement when sliding through the door. 

In addition, you do not have to lift the fridge if you use these moving straps since you would need to slide your ridge through. 

Will A 36-Inch Refrigerator Fit in a 36-Inch Opening?

A 36-inch refrigerator should be able to fit into a 36-inch opening. The manufacturer of this fridge should also have a recommended width of opening you should fit the refrigerator.

It would help if you didn’t place your fridge in an opening more comprehensive than the recommended size. 

The width of a standard refrigerator ranges from 28 to 32 inches wide for slimmer fridges and 45 to 50 inches deep. 

You should ensure that you have a few inches left for ventilation even after you fix the fridge. You would need some space for ventilation by the sides and at the top, and at the back of the fridge.

If your fridge is fixed directly into a space, there would be issues of scratches and difficulty getting it out for repair or any other issue. 

How to Get the Fridge Out of a Tight Space?

You would often need to get your fridge out for repair, and if you have built it in a tight space, getting it out would be difficult, which is why you need to build your refrigerator and have some more space left.

Let’s say you have already made this mistake; not to worry, and we will be helping you get your refrigerator out with a  few tips and tricks. You would need a few supplies and an extra set of hands to complete this job.

It would help if you were very careful when doing this, so you do not eventually end up running your kitchen or, even worse, hurting yourself.

The steps you should take are listed below; 

#1. Gather Your Supplies 

This step is undoubtedly one of the first steps you should take whenever you have to work on household devices, and the types of materials you would be getting and working with depends on the size of your refrigerator. Some of the essential materials you would need are; 

  • You will need a large moving dolly to help you handle the weight of the refrigerator. 
  • In addition, you need a moving strap to help you in attaching the fridge to the dolly. 
  • You are moving blankets to protect your tile or flooring. 
  • Cleaning supplies. 
  • Also, it would help if you had several other essential tools like screwdrivers. 

#2. Empty And Clean 

There are many reasons why you would be moving your refrigerator, either to clean it, get it fixed, or even put a new one there.

Since the refrigerator on its own is heavy, the wise thing for you to do would be to empty the refrigerator before moving it out.

 Emptying the refrigerator would make much of a difference if you had trouble getting it off a tight space before now.

You can also use this opportunity to clean up your refrigerator, and you would be able to clean those areas that you can’t usually reach, leaving your refrigerator debris and dust-free. 

#3. Cutting Out the Power 

Next, you would need to disconnect the refrigerator from the power source because you cannot be working with moving and cleaning a refrigerator while it is still in power.

That would increase the risks of shocks. Now you would need to get your movers.

The movers are devices that can help you effectively get the refrigerator out of the tight space much more quickly.

The best way to lift your refrigerator would be to lift the front and place it on a furniture mover, which should be easy. 

#4. Moving the Refrigerator Around 

After getting the refrigerator out of the tight spot, you need to move it safely to prevent it from leaving any scratch marks on your property.

But, of course, the lighter your fridge is, the easier it is to move, so now that it is finally totally out of the way, you can remove all the drawers and shelves to lighten the refrigerator further. 

If you quickly forget how you arranged these drawers and shelves, you can take a picture of it before you do so to guide you when you are reassembling.

Also, ensure that you wrap the cord well before you move, so you do not damage it and make the fridge damaged for the primary time. 

Samsung Refrigerator Won’t Fit Through Door

Just like every other refrigerator brand, you can fix this issue by just following the few steps we are going to be leaving below; 

#1. Step One 

Removing the refrigerator handle would help. You can consult the user’s manual if you do not know how to do this, and if there is a visible screw, you can use an Allen wrench to unscrew it.

Removing the screw would go a long way when turning the refrigerator sideways.  

But, if reducing the handle would not be enough, you should also try removing the doors; please consult the manual. 

#2. Step Two 

After successfully getting those out, put your refrigerator on a dolly and use straps to hold it in place so it does not shift during the dolly movement.

Pull the dolly through your dolly, and it should successfully pull through now. 

Reasons Why Refrigerators Won’t Move Through Doors How to get RV Refrigerators Through a Door The large size of the refrigerator Remove the handles and doors of the refrigerator. 
The small size of the doors Remove the hinges on the doors. 
The wrong method of moving the refrigerator You should make use of a dolly and a blanket. 


Getting your refrigerator through the doorway can be a task, especially if the door is smaller than the door.

However, if you follow the steps in the article, you can pull through with this. Always ensure you do not do this alone; you would always need an extra pair of hands.

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