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Samsung Dryer Runs For A Few Minutes Then Shuts Off?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Samsung dryers are highly reliable and are among the most purchased home appliances. However, they will develop some faults when using them eventually.

Unfortunately, this means they can get defective.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will talk about the causes and outline why your dryer is randomly shutting off and outline a step-by-step guide on how to fix the problem. 

Samsung dryers can switch off mid cycles due to faulty or broken parts. Broken drive, doors, overheating motors, spoiled moisture sensor, and faulty control board are all the multiple reasons your dryer stops after running for some minutes. However, replacing these defective parts is an effective way of solving this problem.

Reasons Why A Samsung Dryer Shuts Off?

There are many reasons why your dryer will go off after some minutes when you plug it in. They include:

  • Dryer motor overheating
  • Faulty door latch or switch
  • Defective moisture sensor wires
  • Broken drum belt
  • Broken idler pulley or tensioner roller.

#1. Dryer Motor Overheating

The first and most important thing to look out for if your dryer stops after some minutes is to check the motors to see if it is overheating.

The reason why your dryer is overheating is that your dryer motor is faulty. This indicates that you should replace them immediately. 

Before the dryer shuts down completely, you will hear the motor’s loud buzzing sound.

When this happens and the dryer eventually stops, allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes, then switch it on again.

If it restarts after cooling down, then the motor is the faulty compartment of the dryer.

#2. Faulty Door Latch And Switch

Like every other frequently touched compartment of the dryer, the door latch is prone to wear and tear.

This results in the dryer door opening or becoming ajar during a cycle. To check this, try closing the door and see if it closes firmly.

If the dryer keeps shutting off during cycles due to your worn-out door, you should replace it.

#3.Defective Moisture Sensors

A moisture sensor monitors the amount of moisture in the dryer at a particular time.

Hence the control board of the dryer shuts down the dryer when the humidity in the dryer becomes too high or above-average level.

Unfortunately, the moisture sensor sends signals to the control board that the moisture levels are low but can inaccurately detect high moisture. 

#4. Broken Drum Or Drive Belt

Another likely reason why your dryer is tripping is a faulty or broken drive belt.

These drive belts put pressure on the pulleys in the dryer, thereby causing the drums to rotate while you are running the cycle.

That is why when they become broken, the dryer stops functioning correctly.

#5. Broken Idler Pulley

You may have noticed your Samsung dryer incessantly shutting off and not starting even after you allowed it to cool for some time.

If this happens and your drive belt is also in perfect working condition, you most likely have a defective idler pulley.

The broken idler pulley is often detected by noticeable changes such as its inability to maintain tension and should be replaced for the dryer to return to its normal condition.

How To Stop Your Dryer From Shutting Off?

Without the proper precautionary measures, your Samsung dryer is bound to trip due to the failure of one or at least two dryer compartments.

Besides, a machine developing a fault is inevitable, but what happens after you notice these defects and what you do to correct them is what counts. 

For example, your dryer continuously shutting off during cycles is a sign of troubleshooting and a safety measure in protecting your device from further harm.

So, without further ado, let’s go to the possible solutions to stop your dryer from shutting off just some minutes after a cycle begins.

#1. Replace All The Faulty Parts

You should first replace all the faulty parts of the dryer.

How to replace an overheating dryer motor?

  • Switch off the dryer and disconnect it from the power source
  • Remove the lower access panel and the lint filter by removing the screws underneath it
  • Remove the top panel
  • Disconnect the door latch wires
  • Also, remove the drive belt and idler pulleys
  • Carefully bring out the dryer cabinet
  • Disconnect the wires on the motor from it and lose the blower wheel
  • After carefully removing these other parts, you can install the new engine.
  • Follow these steps in reverse order to fix or assemble the dryer again.

Note that the warranty period for a Samsung dryer is 24 months.

How to replace a faulty door latch or switch?

  • Turn off the dryer
  • Remove all the screws and hinges on the door to remove the door quickly.
  • Remove the faulty door latch using pliers.
  • Install the new door latch and reattach the door and hinges together. Then switch it on to check if it is working correctly.

How to replace a faulty moisture sensor?

  • Ensure to switch the power off or turn the circuit breaker off.
  • Take off the screws attached to the top panel to take the board out.
  • After that, pull the panel out gently and unplug the wire harnesses connected to the control panel.
  • Unscrew the lint screen housing on the front panel of the dryer.
  • Pull out the locking tub and the front panel
  • Take out the front panel
  • Locate the moisture sensor and disconnect the wires, lint screen, mounting plate, and grill.
  • Take out the defective moisture sensor
  • Install the new one
  • Assemble the dryer and turn it on to see if the problem has been addressed.

How to replace a broken drum or drive belt?

  • Disconnect the dryer
  • Remove the lower access panel
  • Remove the lint filter, set it aside, and take off the screws underneath it.
  • Take off the screws holding the top panel together to detach it
  • Disconnect the door wire harnesses
  • locate the drive belt, and inspect it thoroughly for damages.
  • Remove the broken drive belt from the dryer. You will have to disconnect the pulleys and front guide to remove the faulty drive belts.
  • Pull the drum partially from the cabinet to properly remove the drive belt.
  • Install the new drive belt and ensure that the groove side of the belt is against the drum. Also, ensure that the belt is in the center and endeavor to attach the drum back around the pulleys correctly.
  • Adjust the idler pulley and make the belt tight but not extremely tight.
  • Reassemble the dryer and check if it is working correctly.
  • Make sure always to test and check the idler pulley to see if they are also faulty and replace them immediately.

#2. Replace The Dryer Thermal Fuse

The second thing to do when you notice your dryer shutting off continuously is to replace the dryer thermal fuse.

The dryer thermal fuse is responsible for detecting the temperature of the air venting from the dryer.

In other words, they control the temperature of the outdoor air and therefore trip if the air becomes extremely hot.

It also trips if the vent tube is clogged and the exterior damper is blocked. The thermal fuse shuts down the dryer for Samsung dryers when it trips.

The thermal fuse doesn’t always restart when the dryer shuts down like other faulty compartments and should be replaced when it gets defective.

Beforehand, always ensure you regularly clean the exhaust system’s lint because it helps prevent future damage to the dryer thermal fuse.

#3. Reset The Dryer

Thirdly, you can reset the dryer. Resetting the dryer does not guarantee that it will address the problem causing your dryer to shut off during cycles, but it’s strictly by chance.

While sometimes resetting your dryer may work, it may cause no significant solution for your dryer in other cases. 

How to reset a Samsung dryer?

  • Turn off the dryer and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for about 1-5 minutes to allow the electrical charges to disappear.
  • After this, turn on the dryer.
  • Press the smart control button and wait till AP appears.
  • Press the temperature button for at least 7 seconds until OK appears on the screen.
  • The display will automatically change to AP.
  • Turn off the dryer, wait for some time and switch it on again.

Note that manually resetting Samsung dryers work for only drivers compatible with Wi-Fi.

#4. Contact A Professional

When you notice your dryer shutting off, and you seem to have run out of all other options, the last thing to do is call for professional help.

Now, a technician will assist you in checking it and repairing all the faulty parts.


If a Samsung dryer always starts but stops mid-cycle before the load dries, the fault is often with faulty dryer compartments.

It usually has to do with a dryer with a defective door switch or latch, a bad drive belt, a failed tension pulley, an overheating motor, a faulty control board, a defective thermal fuse, and many more complicated reasons.

To stop your dryer from shutting off, endeavor to replace all the faulty parts by following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article.

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