Samsung Fridge Displaying Wrong Temperature? (Explained)

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No gadget or appliance can serve you perfectly forever. Abnormalities and sudden issues can occur anytime; yes, it happens.

Unfortunately, this is also occurring in Samsung refrigerators which are susceptible to many problems.

It isn’t a surprising event when you notice your Samsung fridge displaying the wrong temperature. So, let’s see why this appliance will show the wrong temperature. 

Your Samsung fridge displaying the wrong temperature could either be because of it being in demo mode or an interrupted power supply. Another cause is the presence of a frozen evaporation coil in the fresh food area. Sometimes it doesn’t even display the wrong temperature. It only shows the actual temperature it’s currently in and not the one you’ve set it to. 

Samsung Fridge Showing Wrong Temperature?

samsung fridge displaying wrong temperature

Homeowners complain a lot about their Samsung refrigerator temperature seeming incorrect. 

The most likely reasons for the temperature inaccuracy are interrupted power from the power station or circuits and a demo mode scenario.

So, frozen evaporation coils are another reason you would experience inaccurate temperatures from demo mode and interrupted power supply scenarios. 

Check if there’s any ice developing on the back cover in the refrigerator area. Assuming there is, you’ll need to thaw it out. Be sure to break the ice build-up.

After that, dump warm water down the ice chest drain tube to eliminate the frozen blockage in the cylinder.

Then haul the ice chest out, and eliminate the back bottom cover to expose the blower and condenser. 

You’ll find two cylinders to one side. Put away the cylinders and the duckbills to which they are connected to. Inspect if there’s any unpleasant build-up in the dick bill.

Then, run everything through some quickly heated water and reinstall their build-up.

Sometimes your Samsung Fridge temperature may not even be wrong; you might be the one mistaking it. Be sure not to ever regard the actual temperature of the ice chest as wrong.

For example, if your refrigerator temperature is currently 3⁰C and you decide to set it to a specific temperature, let’s say 3.2⁰C, it will automatically reset back to 3⁰C

It will reset back to 3⁰C because the fridge’s temperature isn’t 3.2⁰C yet. So you usually have to wait. After that, it will gradually move from 3.0⁰C to 3.1⁰C, then 3.2⁰C.

For a demo mode scenario, disable the demo mode. Next, touch and hold the energy saver and the power freeze buttons to disable it.

Then, click and hold them for 2-4 seconds until you hear a chime sound and the fridge and the freezer display.

Samsung Refrigerator Temperature Fluctuation?

Wrong Temperature

I can assure you that there are many reasons why your Samsung refrigerator’s temperature will fluctuate. The most common is constantly opening your refrigerator door.

Cold air escapes anytime you open your refrigerator door. And if you repeatedly open and close it, the fridge will find it challenging to keep a constant temperature.

Apart from that, opening and closing the door can also cause overcompensating in the refrigerator.

The fridge will detect temperature rise and produce a lot of cold air.

This air is caught up in the refrigerator when the entryway closes rapidly, and the temperature decreases excessively. Consequently, the product is a temperature that fluctuates.

Other possible reasons for the fluctuation include;

#1. A Blockage In The Thermostat Sensors

A blockage in your refrigerator thermostat sensor can bring about excessive cold or warmth.

And apart from that, food cans and bottles near the fridge’s indoor regulator make it function less effectively.

Putting warm food cans close by the thermostat can cause the fridge to get too cold. The indoor regulator will warm the ice chest when you place cold food close to the sensor.

#2. A Blockage In The Vents

If your thermostat is okay and you have issues with your Samsung refrigerator temperature, blocked vents could be the problem.

During the cooling process, warm air is delivered with vents. If this air can’t pass through, it’ll develop and warm the ice chest.

Additionally, vents that permit the in-flow of cold air exist just like the ones that allow the outflow of warm air. The machine will be in average condition if all the vents stay clear.

But if there is a blockage somewhere, the cooler will battle to keep a stable temperature.

#3. Filthy Compressor Coils

If the thermostat isn’t the problem and the vents aren’t blocked, suspect dirty compressor coils.

For your Samsung refrigerator to produce cool air, a refrigerant system that removes unnecessary heat from the refrigerator system needs to be present.

In addition, you should know that repeated gas compression and evaporation cycles occur in your refrigerator system. 

The hotness this cycle produces needs to head off to someplace. That place is the compressor coils.

A compressor coil is a metallic winding cylinder at your ice chest’s back or lower part.

The compressor coils should always be clean and neat to release heat from your refrigerator effectively.

Filthy and crumbly compressor coils can result in an uncontrollable fluctuating temperature in your Samsung refrigerator. You need to keep them clean to allow heat to flow outwards effectively.

If they’re always filthy or crumbly, you’ll find that heat is constantly flowing or circulating back into the ice chest.

#4. Altered Thermostat Setting 

Have you been adjusting your Samsung fridge thermostat? If not, ask your household members if any of them has altered it, and ask them why they’re constantly changing it.

If you discover that no one is altering it, reset the Samsung Fridge thermostat.

You should frequently inspect the thermostat setting of your refrigerator to take note of possible changes if they are.

#5. A Bad Entryway Seal.

If the entryway of your Samsung refrigerator is not in good shape or condition, you’ll find cold air continually spoiling out. This action will prompt temperature changes. 

You can fix the entryway way by requesting a replacement from your manufacturer’s store.

Samsung Refrigerator Actual Temperature?

On most Samsung Refrigerators, the actual temperature setting is 38⁰F.

For freezers, it’s -2⁰F. Some Samsung refrigerator models use bars as means of displaying temperature.

The suggested setting on these models is three bars, both for the freezer and fridge compartments.

Note that few models may have distinct suggestions on their control boards. Again, you could consult the user instruction guide for a clearer view.

The U.S Department of Agriculture has instructed that you keep refrigerated foods below 40⁰F.

You should likewise preserve frozen food below 0°F. Keep them at these temperatures to ensure that they remain fresh.

How To Reset Samsung Refrigerator Display?

There are different reasons why your Samsung refrigerator would work or function effectively.

Push the power control and power freeze buttons together to perform a Samsung refrigerator reset.

Do this for ten seconds. You have just reset your Samsung fridge display.

Another alternative if you want to reset your Samsung refrigerator is, pressing both the lighting and energy-saving buttons. Do this also for ten seconds.

The display panel of your Samsung refrigerator will immediately reset and return to its normal state.

These methods for resetting your Samsung Fridge display will work. But if they don’t work, inspect the display panel properly.

It may have a bad connection with some wires. The control or display panel may also be faulty.

How To Adjust Samsung Refrigerator Temperature?

Adjusting the temperature of your Samsung refrigerator largely depends on the model you’re using.

If your model has both fridge and freezer buttons, push them together repeatedly until you arrive at the temperature you want. 

This will alter the temperature by one degree(or a temperature bar) every time you push the button. It will return to the highest when it arrives at the least setting.

You likewise use the power cool function on your ice chest. It accelerates your Samsung refrigerator cooling process. Push the fridge button over and again to activate the power cool.

For Samsung refrigerators that have arrow buttons, this is what to do. First, press the right or left arrows to locate the freezer, flex zone, or fridge menu.

Then, when you get to the menu you want, confirm it by pushing the O button. Furthermore, press the arrows continuously until you arrive at the temperature setting you want. Then again, confirm it by pushing the O button.

If you wish to accelerate the cooling process, utilize the power cool function on a fridge and a power freeze for a freezer.


Your Samsung refrigerator displaying the wrong temperature shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s probably because of a power interruption or a demo mode state.

What you should do is simply reset it.

There are many ways to solve issues like temperature fluctuation in your Samsung refrigerator. Ensure you always check the compressor coils and ensure they’re in good shape.

Also, avoid opening the fridge’s entryway and ensure it’s always in a good state. Take note of the precautions and solutions I’ve proffered in this article.

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