Samsung Front Load Washer Bearings Replacement Cost

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Having your Samsung load washer develop an issue could mean bad news for you, especially if you barely have time to do your laundry.

It means heavier laundry for you to do. Thankfully, there are solutions to some of the issues that may arise if they’re not complicated.

Many parts of a Samsung Washing Machine, like the front load bearings, can be replaced whenever an issue arises.

But the problem for many is identifying when the front load bearings are where the problem is.

The average cost of replacing the front load bearings of a Samsung washer is from $100 to $600 or more, depending on your location. This cost covers the prices of the bearings, the oil seals, and the quality. But the charge for professional installation may vary from company to company.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Bearings On a Samsung Front Load Washer?

Samsung Front Load Washer Bearings Replacement Cost

It costs about $150 and $300 to replace the bearings on a Front load washer when you hire a professional to do the job.

This estimate excludes the cost of other items required for the replacement; when you include items like the oil seals and the bearings, the price goes beyond $600.

If you’re budgeting to replace the bearings on your front load washer, keep in mind that different companies charge differently.

In addition, while the cost of materials may, companies charge differently for their services. And unless you plan to fix it yourself, you should consider budgeting beyond the estimated replacement cost.

For instance, since the cost is about $600, your budget should have added $200 to cover miscellaneous charges.

How Much Are Bearings For a Samsung Washing Machine?

The cost of bearings for a Samsung Washing Machine is about $50, but it could be more or less, depending on your point of purchase and the type of bearings.

There are different types of bearings with different purposes, so they are rated differently.

Some bearings cost more than others not because of how less significant the other is but because of their technicality.

Below is a chart of the types of bearings for a Samsung Washing Machine and the prices on Amazon.

  • Samsung washing machine bearing ball; $37.73
  • Samsung Washing Machine Assembly Housing Bearing; $46.25
  • Washing Machine Rear Tub with Bearings; $131.33
  • Washing Machine Bush Bearing;$6.70
  • Washing Machine Drum Bearing;$33.20-$43.82
  • Washing Machine Oil Seal Bearing;$15.86

According to a study, these are the prices for different types of Samsung washing machine bearings available on the market.

The bearings vary in their shapes, sizes, and functions, and depending on how technical one is from another, it’ll cost more.

Is It Worth Changing Bearings On a Samsung Front Load Washer?

Absolutely yes, it is worthwhile to replace damaged bearings on your Samsung front load washer whenever you can.

Not just the bearings but other faulty parts of the washer that contribute to its function.

Leaving damaged parts unchecked can sometimes create more problems that will cost more than it would have if you initially considered replacing the faulty parts.

Not to mention that replacing damaged parts is sometimes less expensive than acquiring a new machine entirely.

Even though this may be the ideal thing to do for some people, other people may consider it a total waste of time, energy, and resources.

For example, trying to replace worn-out bearings on the Samsung washing machine can sometimes cost more than the price of a new washing machine. 

The reason is that the overall cost of replacement includes the cost of the bearings and hiring a professional.

If they cannot fix the bearings by themselves, you will have to hire a professional, and this is not the case for everyone as some people can do it to save cost. 

Also, replacing worn-out bearings does not always guarantee that the machine will not develop other issues since some damaged parts are due to overuse.

Therefore, while you may replace old bearings with new ones, other older parts are likely also to develop a fault. 

But if you’re confident that the other parts of the washing machine are in good condition, replacing the worn-out bearings is not a bad idea.

If you’re wondering whether to replace the bearings on your Samsung washing machine or purchase a new one, the best thing to do is compare both costs.

First, calculate the cost of a new Samsung washing machine and compare it to the cost of replacement, including the cost of hiring a professional; this will help you to decide which is cheaper and more realistic. 

The bearings on your Samsung front load washer are part of the essential parts that need to be working for the washer to function correctly.

This is not to invalidate the use of other parts but considering the role bearings play in the washing machine, it is best to always keep it at its best. 

#1. Signs of Bad Bearings, Their Causes, and How to Prevent It

Understanding the work of bearings in your washing machine will help you know if they’re worth replacing when damaged.

And if possible, give hints on identifying when the bearings are wrong, their causes, and how to prevent them. For example, bearings ensure the washer drum is spinning in the right direction.

Bad bearings would mean that the drum of your washer will lose its balance.

Signs of Worn BearingsCauses of Worn BearingsSolutions to Worn Bearings
Loud noise when washing canProlonged usage To avoid such problems, regularly inspect your washing machine to take note of the parts that might have worn out due to prolonged use.
The inner drum moves differently from the fixed drumFriction from lack of lubricationSince bearings rotate, they need to be lubricated regularly to reduce the friction around them.

#2.How to Replace Bearings In a Samsung Front Load Washer

If you consider replacing worn bearings by yourself to cut down the cost of replacement, here are some tips on how to properly replace worn bearings.

#1. Step 1

Please turn off your washer by unplugging it from the power source. Unfortunately, you cannot do much with your machine working while trying to repair it.

This act is to prevent electric shocks in case of any leakages in the power cord. Also, you’ll have to unscrew some parts of the machine to take out the bearings.

And this cannot be done if the washer is still working.

#2. Step 2

Identify where the location of the bearings in the washer. This will reduce the time you spend trying to replace the bearings.

If you have no idea where the bearings are, consult the manual booklet that comes with the washer; many booklets have an instruction label for replacing damaged parts.

#3. Step 3

Replace the worn bearings with the new ones. Before unscrewing the machine, you must have gotten your new bearings ready and close by to avoid losing screws.

Ensure that you replace the bearings as indicated in the manual, or else the drum will not spin properly.

#4. Step 4

Reassemble the washing machine as it was, and your washer is as good as new. This is the final stage of the exercise and the moment of truth, where you get to test your repair skill.

After reassembling the machine, try to use it to see if the loud sound continues and if the drum is spinning correctly.

If you know your way around your washing machine, you won’t need to hire a professional to replace the bearings on the washer for you.

Unfortunately, this is where the considerable replacement cost comes from, discouraging many people.

However, with the steady increase in market price, your best bait will be to replace the bearings instead of buying a new washer.


A Samsung washing machine, just like many frequently used home devices, develops faults in some parts over time.

This is usually because of how often you use it, and for worn bearings, you can avoid dealing with rusted bearings can be avoided if you grease them frequently.

However, they’re not meant to last forever, so you will have to change them at some point.

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