Samsung Refrigerator Compressor Replacement Cost?

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Refrigerators are essential home appliances whose functions can never be overstated.

Samsung Refrigerators are, however, known for their efficiency, which makes them stand out among other refrigerators.

They have unique designs and are equipped with highly efficient motors.  

The compressor is an integral motor part of any refrigerator. Some people call it the “Heart” of the refrigerator, which implies that the refrigerator will die when the compressor fails.

Hence, a faulty compressor can also be bye-bye to your refrigerator as a whole. 

Replacing your refrigerator’s compressor will cost you about $200-$300. However, this includes the labor cost, which might vary depending on the technician, who may charge per hour or have a fixed price. The price range falls widely over different brands and models of refrigerators.

How Much Does A Samsung Refrigerator Compressor Cost?

Samsung Refrigerators are designed with quality parts that don’t crash easily. The refrigerators last about 10-15 years on average and have a 5-10 years warranty.

Thus, if your Samsung refrigerator compressor collapse, you can claim the warranty. 

However, if you’re not eligible for the warranty and need to change the compressor, the refrigerator compressor cost should be $100-$250.

In addition, the average lifespan of a compressor is eight years or more, so you can choose to change your refrigerator or replace the compressor when it fails.

Is It Worth Replacing The Compressor On A Refrigerator?

The compressor is the part of the refrigerator that circulates the refrigerant liquid around the refrigerator coils.

A minor hiccup with the compressor will deem the refrigerator unfit to store foods that perish quickly.

Compressors fail due to several reasons that include lack of oil lubricant, excess refrigerant, dirty coils, unstable voltage, high voltage, etc. 

The issue with the refrigerator compressor will thus, call for a compressor replacement or a new refrigerator.

Usually, a fridge has a lifespan of 8-15 years and can lose its cooling efficiency as it ages. As a result, you will eventually have to replace the compressor in your refrigerator

So, if your compressor fails when your refrigerator is ten years old, would you prefer to change the compressor or change the whole refrigerator?

However, you can never be sure.

It is incredible how long appliances last, even when you think they are about to break down.

So, if you decide to change the compressor, your refrigerator might still serve you a bit more in years to come. 

Your budget comes into place when you don’t have the money to buy a complete refrigerator, but the labor cost for the refrigerator compressor is available.

Can I Replace A Refrigerator Compressor Myself?

As much as the knowledge of an experienced technician is required, the refrigerator repair cost can be expensive.

The technician can charge you an hourly rate since the change takes time or a flat rate that you have no choice but to pay.

In the same vein, you should be able to replace your refrigerator compressor effortlessly if you follow directions and have the right tools. 

First, however, you must ensure it is the compressor of your refrigerator that is at fault.

Faulty refrigerator compressors are characterized by strange humming from the motor, inability to maintain cold, and overheating. 

So, you must ascertain that your compressor is at fault before deciding to replace it. 

Step-By-Step Process On How To Replace A Refrigerator Compressor

  1. Remove everything from the fridge and gain access to the back.
  2. Ensure you have enough space to work when you turn the fridge around and open the guard plate.
  3. The guard plate is the gate to the internal parts of the fridge, so remove it and wait for some minutes to cool.
  4. The next step is to remove the compressor. The compressor is usually found at the bottom of the refrigerator. Locate it and take its pictures.
  5. You must have your new compressor at this point. Take the pictures to guide you while replacing the new compressor.
  6. Also, take pictures of the wires connecting the compressor and detach them all with a socket wrench.
  7. If necessary, use a wire cutter to remove all the wires with the wrench.

How To Install A New Refrigerator Compressor?

  1. Put the compressor in the correct position and attach the wires to it. You can use the pictures as a guide to not make mistakes.
  2. Add the refrigerant, which is responsible for the coolness of your refrigerator. The process of adding the Freon is available on the refrigerant. So, follow the method according to the refrigerant producer.
  3. Connect the disconnected vales to your new compressor. 
  4. After that, test the fridge. Put the guard panel into place and open the refrigerator. Is it still humming? Is the coolness restored? If these answers are negatives, retrace your steps and be sure you did the right thing.
  5. You’ll have to hire a technician if your fridge doesn’t work after your compressor installation.

Precautions While Changing Refrigerator Compressor

It’s advisable to hire an experienced technician to install a new compressor into your refrigerator. But if you decide to do it yourself, below are some precautions you must take.

  • Peruse the refrigerator by doing a visual inspection. Take note of the cautions pasted around the appliance and make sure the power is disconnected before you do anything.
  • Check to see if your refrigerator has a capacitor. Disconnect it if it does to prevent severe shock.
  • Check the refrigerant. If it’s acidic, clean up after installing the new compressor. Doing this will prevent the new compressor from contaminating the acidic refrigerant.
  • Make sure the temperature of the compressor isn’t too high after changing the compressor.
  • Lastly, ensure that there are no system leaks before and after changing your refrigerator compressor.

Advantages Of Replacing Your Refrigerator Compressor Yourself

#1. Affordable

If you decide to install a new compressor rather than buy another refrigerator, you’ll need the refrigerator repair cost.

In addition, the labor costs might hike the price of changing your compressor as a whole.

Thus, changing it yourself is an alternative. When you change the compressor yourself, the labor cost is non-existent, and you can be assured you’re still within your budget.

#2. Opportunity To Learn

Even though there are appliance repair specialists to help with your refrigerator, you can’t call them every time.

Moreover, your constant contact with them will result in more money for them at your expense. 

Hence, changing the refrigerator compressor yourself will allow you to learn more about how the refrigerator works.

You can even learn about other simple hacks you can do when your fridge starts acting up.

#3. More Use

A Samsung refrigerator is said to have a life span of 8-15 years. Therefore, you can use your refrigerator for several years before buying a new one by replacing the compressor.

#4. Motivation

You may know about repairing home appliances, but you might not be sure you can do it.

Changing the compressor yourself can boost your self-esteem and erase self-doubt.

In addition, it’ll serve as the motivation you need to become an experienced appliance repair specialist if you want.

Cons of repairing your refrigerator compressor yourself

#1. It’s Risky

Experienced specialists design the internal parts of a refrigerator. It can contain harmful gases which you shouldn’t go near.

Replacing the compressor yourself can expose you to the gases, and that’s a risk you don’t want to take.

#2. Lack Of Correct Tools And Gears

Technicians use protective gear and tools when repairing home appliances.

However, if you’re not an appliance repair specialist or know someone who is, it might be difficult for you to get the right tools.

#3. Tampering With Other Functions Of The Refrigerator

The icemaker, for example, might not fault before you install a new compressor.

However, after you change the compressor yourself, it suddenly develops a fault, which implies you have changed the settings of the ice maker.

Therefore, you’ll have to repair the ice maker by hiring another appliance repair specialist. 

#4. Loss

Deciding to install the refrigerator compressor yourself, especially if you’re not experienced, can lead to a loss.

This is because you won’t get the consult of an experienced appliance repair specialist who can tell you the right decision to make.

Changing your compressor might not be the best option for you, but you might never know if you don’t consult a technician.

Final Thought

Samsung Refrigerators are one of the best refrigerators you can ever use. They’re, however, not above faults, like other home appliances.

The refrigerator’s compressor is a significant part of the refrigerator, and any fault can lead to replacing the refrigerator compressor or buying another fridge.

The above article thus has all you should know about the cost of a new refrigerator compressor, how to install it, and some precautions you can take, among others. 

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