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3 Reasons Your Samsung TV Won’t Let You Enter Wi-Fi Password!

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Connecting your Samsung TV to a wireless network shouldn’t be a problem. However, some errors could occur during the process. 

When these errors occur, your TV may not allow you to enter any Wi-Fi password. Hence, you won’t be able to connect to the network.

If you are in this situation, it might make you wonder why your fully functional Samsung TV won’t let you enter your Wi-Fi password.

A Samsung TV won’t let you enter a Wi-Fi password for three reasons: dead battery issues, TV malfunction, and TV software issues. Each of these reasons relates to technical issues which you can quickly fix. However, it is best to prevent them before they affect TV functionality.

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Let Me Enter My Wi-Fi Password?

Samsung TV Won't Let Me Enter Wi-Fi Password

Your Samsung TV not letting you enter your Wi-Fi password is usually due to technical issues. There are three possible causes of these issues, though none of them are severe.

The three causes of your Samsung TV not letting you enter your Wi-Fi password include:

#1. Dead Battery Issues

Dead batteries within your Samsung TV would not be able to input your Wi-Fi password. So the first problem you should always check in this case should be the remote’s battery life.

It is common for batteries that have been in use for a long time to become weak. When the batteries die, they can no longer function properly in any device.

New batteries could also be too weak to control your Samsung TV remote. Such situations rarely happen, except if the batteries are fake or not correctly inserted.

#2. Television Malfunction 

A malfunction in the television could let it prevent you from entering your Wi-Fi password. But, unfortunately, the fault would keep letting the TV act on its own or even freeze.

The TV malfunction might cause the operating function not to recognize your password. Also, the TV might be unable to recognize the signal from the remote to let you enter the password.

#3. Television Software Issues

The Smart software on your Samsung TV needs to be up to date for the operating system to be efficient. Therefore, it is best to always check for updates regularly.

In addition, the software could develop errors that would make your TV unable to accept passwords. As a result, the TV will malfunction unless you troubleshoot the software errors.

Furthermore, considering the three causes of your Samsung TV not allowing you to enter your Wi-Fi passwords, it would help to know the solution to fix the issues.

What to Do if Samsung TV Won’t Let You Enter Password?

After diagnosing why your Samsung TV does not allow you to enter the Wi-Fi passwords, you can use the solutions below to fix the situation.

#1. Change Remote Batteries

If the batteries within your Samsung TV remote are dead, replace them. You can detect if the batteries are the issue by testing the remote with another set of batteries.

However, if your batteries are still new, you should try removing them and reinserting them into the TV remote. The remote would become functional after doing this.

#2. Update TV Software

You should check if there is a new update for your Samsung TV software, then perform the update. It would help your TV software to function for you to enter the password.

#3. Factory or Power Reset Samsung TV

The last option is resetting the television. After resetting, the TV will allow you to enter the Wi-Fi passwords.

The reset function would restart all the TV operations and help it to function correctly. You can either factory reset or power reset the TV.

Both reset functions are helpful for different purposes. However, it might help to identify their differences before choosing any reset function.

The differences between factory resetting and power resetting your Samsung TV are below.

Factory ResetPower Reset
It erases all the saved data on the TV.You need to turn off and on the TV.
You don’t need to turn off the TV.It keeps all the saved TV data.
It restores the TV to its default state.It solves frozen screens and other minor issues.
It solves complex TV malfunctions.Not fully adequate for complex malfunctions.

After identifying both reset functions, you can choose the one you want. However, it is best to avoid the factory reset function, except the power reset doesn’t work.

If you intend to factory reset, you should copy some essential data into a paper. That way, you won’t lose data completely.

Follow the steps below to power reset your Samsung TV.

  • First, unplug the TV from the power outlet.
  • Let the TV rest for about ten minutes.
  • Then, plug it back into the power outlet.
  • Begin the booting process again.
  • Your Samsung TV should function properly now.

If your TV still doesn’t allow you to enter the Wi-Fi password after power resetting it, you would need to factory reset the TV.  

Therefore, you should follow the steps below to factory reset your Samsung TV.

  • Open the TV settings menu.
  • Locate the factory reset option on the menu.
  • Select the factory reset options.
  • The Samsung TV would reset automatically.
  • Then, you can enter your Wi-Fi password.

A factory reset is more effective than a power reset in difficult situations because the former resets or reboots the TV software and makes it start afresh.

How Do I Enter My Wi-Fi Password on My Samsung Smart TV?

The first step to entering your Wi-Fi password is ensuring your Samsung Smart TV is powered on, and the TV remote is working perfectly.

Once those requirements are in check, you can follow the steps below to enter the password.

  • Locate the Menu button on your TV remote and press the button.
  • The main menu would appear on the TV screen, then navigate to the settings option.
  • Choose the ‘General’ option under the settings menu that appears.
  • Then, select network on the next screen that appears.
  • Click on Open Network Settings. It will take you to a list of available networks.
  • Search the list and choose your Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, enter your password if the selection prompts it.
  • Use the TV remote to operate the on-screen keyboard to enter the password.
  • Click on Done, then OK.
  • Your Samsung Smart TV will connect successfully to your wireless network.

Why Won’t My Samsung Smart TV Accept My Wi-Fi Password?

Your Samsung Smart TV won’t accept your Wi-Fi password for the following reasons.

#1. Wrong Wi-Fi Network 

Before entering your password, you must select the correct Wi-Fi network on the list. Since the network list can be long, it is possible to choose the wrong Wi-Fi network mistakenly.

If you choose the wrong network, it will keep rejecting your password because they are incompatible. Therefore, it is best to always verify the Wi-Fi network name before selecting it.

#2. Password Sensitivity

A regular Wi-Fi password will be case-sensitive, including a long combination of different alphabet, characters, and numbers.

The purpose of such passwords is to increase the strength and make your Wi-Fi unhackable. However, the combination and length make it easier to forget a character.

Also, you may enter the wrong key unintentionally on the keyboard. Both situations would make your TV reject your password because it is wrong.

It is crucial always to remember your Wi-Fi password or save it somewhere for future purposes. But it would help if you ensured there was no error while entering the password.

How Do I Reset My Wi-Fi on My Samsung Smart Tv?

It is vital to know that resetting your Wi-Fi on your Samsung Smart TV will delete the current network account, and then you will have to reconnect to the same or another network.

The reset process will take about a minute, but your TV will prompt you back to sign in to the network after the resetting is complete.

So, it is best to have a correct Wi-Fi name and password before resetting the Wi-Fi. Then, you can follow the steps below to reset the Wi-Fi on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Firstly, you must locate your remote’s home or menu button.
  • Next, press the button.
  • Then, select settings on the main menu.
  • Click on General on the settings menu.
  • Click on the network, then select ‘Reset Network.’
  • The network would restore to default settings.

Alternatively, you can reset the Wi-Fi network by resetting the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV. To reset the Smart Hub:

  • First, open the Smart Hub on your TV.
  • Next, select ‘Tools’ at the bottom of the screen. It is towards the edge on the right.
  • Choose settings on the subsequent menu.
  • Then, select the reset option. The TV would demand a pin.
  • Enter your Samsung TV pin. You should enter the default pin ‘0000’ if you have no TV pin set up.
  • The network on your TV will automatically reset, and you can reconnect.


In summary, your Samsung TV does not allow you to enter your Wi-Fi password, and it should not be difficult to troubleshoot once you apply the principles in this article.

However, if the problem persists after trying everything, it is best to reset the Wi-Fi or contact a professional to help sort out the situation.

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